Welcome to Craftsman Pro Tools.

Here we review tools and equipment and create guides that help craftsmen, tradesmen and even simple homeowners or weekend warriors choose the best tools for carrying out their work.

Every craft or trade has its tools. Woodworkers have their tools, plumbers have theirs, electricians, mechanics, painters and even handymen have tools that are made specifically for their trade.

Here on CraftsmanProTools, we research, review and write about the world’s best collection of professional tools for every trade and for every craftsman like you.

Our motive and goal is to provide honest and helpful reviews that will help both professional craftsmen and simple DIYers or homeowners acquire the right tools for carrying out their projects.

We offer simple home owners and DIYers detailed and helpful guides that help them avoid ambiguity when choosing tools for their home improvement projects, in order to make their projects to be both enjoyable and profitable.

The scope of our reviews covers all the different types of tools used by craftsmen in every industry.

We review and write about woodworking tools such as thickness planers for milling and dimensioning rough lumber, nail guns like framing nailers for driving nails, and compound miter saws for quickly crosscutting lumber.

CraftsmanProTools also cover outdoor power equipment (OPE) such as pressure washers, lawn mowers, string trimmers and chains saws for taking care of your outdoor space.

If you want to find the best tools professionals use in your industry, you’ll find them here. Find our latest posts and reviews below.

Who’s Behind This Website?

Bright O

I’m Ozah Bright,

And I’m the one behind Craftsman Pro Tools. I’ve always loved working with tools and making things with my own hands. Here’s where I share tips about the tools I use throughout my years of breaking and fixing things…

You can contact me here or email hello@craftsmanprotools.com

How Our Review Process Works

We conduct thorouh research on each of the products we review, putting into account real user feedback and information from the power tool brands and manufacturers.

From this data, we create a list of the best from each of the power tools we reviewed, displaying them comprehensively in a comparison table.

While doing this we put into consideration the quality of the tool as well as the price, so we can meet the needs of consumers.

Each tools spec is displayed alongside the tool, so you can easily make your pick based on the specs of the tool you’re looking for.

We show the best of each power tool and budget friendly options to cater for the need of those who’re not looking to spend too much on that particular tool.

Our Buyer’s Guide

We believe in educating our readers about the tools they’re looking to purchase. Our buyer’s guide section of each of the tools reviewed contain comprehensive info about that tool.

Details such as how the tool works, power capacity, ergonomics, portability, safety and ease of use of the tool is shown in this buyer’s guide section so you can learn everything you need to know about the tool.

Final Note

We say a big thanks for taking the time to read our about us page. We hope you find everything you’re looking for on our website. If you need more info from us about any of the information contained on this website, you can always visit our contact page and use any one of the multiple means there to send your message to us.

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