10 Best Electric Hand Planers Of 2021 [ Reviews And Guide ]

best electric hand planer reviews

Last updated on October 24th, 2021 at 11:34 am

An electric hand planer allows you to plane, level and smoothen the surface of wood or rough lumber that are too large to fit into a standard thickness planing machine.

Remember those wooden hand planes you used in your workshop?

We use them for shaving off some thickness from stubborn doors that won’t close properly, chamfering corners, and even making rabbets.

Well, electric hand planers are more like advanced versions or models of those hand planes.

They use electrical energy to spin a cutterhead with blades fixed to a flat base which when passed through the surface of any rough lumber, removes the rough surface and levels it down until it’s completely flat and smooth.

Although early hand planers were made from wood and iron cutting-blades powered by muscle or elbow grease, electric hand planers come equipped with electric motors powered by electricity from simple power outlets.

Here in this post, we’ve listed some of the best ones from Bosch, Dewalt, Makita and other top power tool brands, so you can choose the one you prefer.

1. Makita KP0810 electric hand planer review

makita kp0810 electric hand planer

If you’re looking for an electric hand planer, then one you should definitely check out is this Makita KP0810.

It comes equipped with a powerful 7.5 amp motor which delivers a 16000 RPM no load speed for increased stock removal.

The blades that come with it are double-edge carbide blades which stay sharp for long periods of working with the planer.

It has the capacity to plane up to 3-1/4 inches in width and 5/32 inches in depth just with a single pass of the planer on your work piece.

Weight-wise, it weighs 7.3 lbs, not too heavy not too light, which makes the power to weight ratio of the planer pretty high.

Ergonomics and ease of use is key when it comes to tools like this, thus the Makita KP0810 is fitted with both front and back rubberized handles to make handling very easy, and it’s well balanced in the center as well.

The planer is also equipped with a conveniently located lock-on button so you can work continuously with it without holding on to the button.

There is a spring loaded stand behind the planer that elevates the base of the planer from the work piece so the blades and the work piece are not damaged from accidental contact with each other.

Adjusting depth is very easy as the KP0810 is equipped with an easy to read depth adjustment dial with click stops at increments of 0.1.

Also, the front base of this Makita features 3 chamfering grooves which are 1.4, 3, and 4 millimeters respectively.

The chip ejection system of the Makita KP0810 can be flipped to either side of the planer to depending on the direction you want the dust to go, which really makes it easy to work with the planer.

Overall, the KP0810 is definitely one of the best electric planers you can get your hands on right now. It’s powerful, it’s ergonomic, easy to operate and the performance is top notch.

What we like about it

First of all, the KP0810 is very powerful. With a 7.5 amps motor producing a no load speed of 16000 RPM, it will chop through any wood without much effort on your part.

Also, the carbide blades it’s equipped with ensures that the blades remain sharp for a very long time while working with it.

Where it can be improved

​Talking about the tool, there’re very few things you can improve. However, it could do with a few more accessories such as a hard box for easy storage and transport of the tool.

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2. Bosch PL1632 electric hand planer

bosch pl1632 electric hand planer

As one of the best power tool producing companies out there, Bosch really put a lot of thought into making this PL1632 electric hand planer.

The Bosch PL1632 features a 6.5 Amps motor which spins the cutter head at a rate of 16500 rpm, which is more than enough to cut and plane any type of wood effectively.

It comes equipped with a dual-mounted fence with a protective shield which combines well to help plane door edges easily.

The part of the fence that comes in contact with the wood/door face is laid with a plastic overshoe which helps protect the door face from getting marred.

Setting depth adjustment is also a very easy, as the planer is equipped with a metric scaled depth adjustment knob which is very easy to read adjust.

To operate any machine effectively, it has to have a very good handle.

That is why the Bosch PL1632 electric planer handle is optimally-angled to ease the forward motion of the tool and reduce fatigue for anyone working with it.

The handle is also equipped with a soft rubber grip, making it very comfortable to hold.

As common in most electric hand planers, the Bosch PL1632 features a spring loaded stand which you can use to elevate the tool when you need to set it down and prevent damaging your material or the cutterhead blades.

Setting up the tool is quick and easy as well.

For added safety, the Bosch PL1632 not only comes with a lock off button to prevent accidental startup, but also a lock-on which is very useful for prolonged usage.

It comes with a dust collection bag, which (although fills up quickly) works efficiently to help collect the dust/shavings produced while working with it.

A very nice feature of the PL1632 is that the cord swivels at the end to make it very easy to position the power cord and to prevent damage.

What we like about it

The Bosch PL1632 is very sturdy, and thus it will definitely stand the test of time.

It’s very effective as well, because you can use it on any kind of wood material whether hard or soft.

Another great feature I like about the Bosch PL1632 is the ability to control the directions of the shavings. You can switch the dust port from left to right depending on the direction you want the shavings to go through.

Where it can be improved

The Bosch PL1632 planer work perfectly, but the carrying case can definitely use some improvement.

You need to disassemble the edge guide in order to fit the planer into the case, and then assemble it again when you have to use it.

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3. Dewalt DW680K

dewalt dw680k

The DW680K electric planer comes equipped with a powerful 7.0 Amp motor which spins the cutterhead at a rate of 15,000 rpm.

This provides enough power for you to plane very hard lumber with it easy, and produce very smooth and consistent results.

It has a cutting width of 3-1/4 inches and a maximum cutting depth of 3/32 inches, allowing you to take out more materials in one pass.

One thing that electric hand planers are mostly used for is making rabbets for rabbet joints. That is why the DW680K is specially fitted with a precision machined shoe which you can use to produce perfectly squared rabbets for your rabbet joints.

Three precision machined guides at the front of the planer also come very handy for chamfering edges and making beveling channels.

The planer comes equipped with reversible carbide blades which you can easily sharpen when they become dull, or you can reverse the edges to start using the sharp edge.

Making depth adjustments is very easy as the DW680k comes equipped with an innovative and easy to use calibrated depth adjustment knob.

One more important feature of this electric planer is that it doesn’t come with an ordinary v-belt, but with a poly-v drive belt which is more durable than other types of belts.

A sturdy carrying case is included for easy storage and transport of the tool.

What we like about it

The Dewalt DW680k is quite powerful for its size and will chop through any type of wood you have to work with.

It’s also very easy to adjust with the well calibrated depth adjustment knob it comes with.

The hard carrying case is also a huge plus. Very good for storage of the tool, and for moving it from jobsite to jobsite.

Where it can be improved

No dust collection adapter and dust bag. Without the adapter and dust bag, working with it really turns the whole place into a huge mess with dust and wood chips flying all over the place.

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4. Makita 1806B 6-3/4 inch planer

makita 1806b

If you have large timber stocks you can’t straighten with a jointer due to their size, there is one tool that will help you get the job done easily. It’s the Makita 1806B 10.9 Amps 6-3/4 inch electric planer.

In terms of size and capacity, there are few hand planers that can be compared with this ​Makita’s 1806B

Planing really large and rough lumber will require a few more passes if you go for other planers with lower width and depth capacity.

With the Makita however, you’ll require less passes because of its shear size, its width and depth capacity.

Most of the electric hand planers you’ll see when you’re searching or looking for electric planers are equipped with either 6.5 Amps to 7.5 Amps motors, but the Makita 1806B comes equipped with a behemoth 10.9 Amp motor which produces 15000 revolutions per minute.

Enough power to brush through anything placed in its part.

In a single pass, it cuts through 6-3/4 inches of the width and 1/16 inches of what you’re working on. It comes equipped with a very large sole plate that gives it this extra stability, making it very easy to glide it through whatever you’re planing with it.

The blades are high-speed steel blades which complements the powerful motor to ensure it chops through whatever type of wood you ply it through.

Adjusting the cutting depth of the Makita electric planer is very easy as it comes equipped with a depth adjustment dial with easy depth settings which are very clear and easy to read.

A good handle is necessary for power tools like this, and Makita did not disappoint in this aspect as the 1806B electric planer comes equipped with an ergonomic handle which is very comfortable to hold and work with.

Another important feature is the lock-on button which you can use to keep the planer running as long as you want to plane with it.

This Makita planer is ideal for you if you carry out professional construction framing, fine woodworking as well as window and door installation.

Above all, what really matters when it comes to electric planers or planers of any kind is how smooth and polished is the resulting work after using the planer? The Makita 1806B electric planer performs exceptionally well in that aspect as well.

It produce smooth and polished finishes that any workman will be proud of.

One thing you should expect though is that 1806B is heavy, and that should not even be a surprise considering the its size and design.

What I like about it

This is not just any electric planer. It’s an electric planer meant for tackling the toughest jobs and tasks you have in hand.

If you’ve got some large stocks to deal with, then this Makita will help you breeze through them easily.

Depth adjustment is very good, and an ergonomic handle makes it easy to operate without getting fatigued even though it’s heavy.

Finishing is very good, and the tool is well-built.

Where it can be improved

​The power cord that comes with it is a bit stiff, and thus inhibits the movement of the planer.

It could really use some flexibility.

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5. Ryobi HPL52K electric hand planer

ryobi hpl52k electric hand planer

This electric hand planer from Ryobi is one ergonomically designed to help you work comfortably even as you tackle difficult projects with it.

The Ryobi HPL52K features a GRIPZONE rubber overmold which allows you to hold the planer even in slippery conditions.

It comes equipped with a 6 amp motor producing up to 16,500 revolutions per minute, allowing you to tackle a wide range of woodworking projects with it.

Making depth adjustments is very easy with the Ryobi HPL52K, letting you make 1/96 inch depth increments from 0 to 1/8 inches.

For convenience and ease of use, the planer features a 6 foot cord which provides you a wide range of space and allows you to cover a large area with the planer without the need for an extension cord.

It also features dual exhaust ports at both sides of the planer which lets you choose the side you want to blow out chips and dust depending on the side of the planer you’re standing while operating it.

For safety, the Ryobi HPL52K also comes equipped with a lock-off button which prevents accidental activation of the machine, and the consequent damage to the workpiece, the planer machine or even yourself.

All in all, this Ryobi electric hand planer comes with every feature you need to handle any kind of hand planing project you have at hand, and it provides excellent results.

6. Skil PL201201 electric hand planer

skil pl201201

When you buy the Skil PL201201 electric hand planer, you get the planer machine, a parallel guide, a rebate fence, dust bag, spanner and adaptor.

With this, you have everything to tackle any wood planing and flattening project in your workshop.

The planer comes equipped with a 6.5 amp motor with a no-load speed of 16000 rpm, producing enough power to chop through even the hardest of construction lumber.

It features a planing width of 3-1/4 inches and a maximum planing or cutting depth of 5/64 inches, allowing you to cover more ground in one pass.

The planer comes equipped with a smooth kickstand that allows you to rest the hand planer on the workpiece without scratching the finished surface.

It also comes with a lock-off switch to prevent any accidental startup of the planer that might ruin the surface you’re working on or cause harm to the operator.

A dual exhaust port allows you to collect dust and chips from any side of the planer, making it very easy to operate.

Overall, this electric hand planer from Skil definitely stands among the best, because it has everything you need to work on projects both on and off the jobsite.

7. Triton TPL180 triple-blade 7 inch electric hand planer

triton tpl180

With an ultra-wide cutting width of 7 inches and a 0 to 3/32 inches of cutting depth capacity, the Triton TPL180 triple-blade planer allows you to tackle even the most demanding jobs and the hardest of woods.

It comes equipped with a 1500 Watts motor with a no load speed of 15,000 RPM and it producing up to 45000 cuts per minute.

Unlike other hand planers, the cutterhead or drum of this Triton planer comes with 3 blades which helps it produce a superior cutting action and finish on any wood you plane with it.

The cutting depth can be reduced or increased with 0.25 inch increments using a convenient 10-position depth control dial, allowing you to remove precisely the amount of material you want to remove.

Both handles of the hand planer are wrapped with non-slip rubber overmoulds to increase friction and comfort, making it very easy to hold and control the planer safely while working with it.

You can adjust the secondary handle for greater support and control of the tool.

The Triton TPL180 comes with a dust connector, a guide fence, three 7 inch tungsten carbide blades and a wrench for changing and adjusting the blades.

8. Porter-Cable PC60THP

porter cable pc60thp

Shaving off and smoothening rough lumber is easy with the Porter-Cable PC60THP electric hand planer. It’s ideal for smooth material removal as it comes equipped with a 6 amp motor producing a no load speed of 16500 revolutions per minute.

Depth control and adjustments is very easy with this planer because it features a 10 position rubber overmold depth knob for making depth settings and better control of the planer.

It comes with 3 chamfering grooves which come handy for chamfering edges such as door edges.

Collecting dust and chips produced during operation is also very easy as the PC60THP features a double or dual dust extraction port which allows you to extract dust on either side of the tool.

9. Dewalt DCP580B 20V cordless hand planer

dewalt dcp580b cordless hand planer

If you want a cordless electric hand planer, one of the best ones you can go for is the Dewalt DCP580B.

The planer comes equipped with a brushless motor for maximum power efficiency and runtime.

With a no-load speed of 15,000 rpm, the planer produces up to 32,000 cuts per minute ensuring the smoothest finish on the material you’re working on.

It comes with a precision finished front and back aluminum shoes for uniform and parallel cuts, and a kickstand to allow you rest the tool on the material you’re planing without ruining it.

A v-groove is machined in the front shoe to make it easy to carry out edge chamfering with the tool.

Equipped with a Poly-V belt, you can be sure to work with the tool for a very long time before you have any belt problems.

It has a planing width of 3-1/4 inches and a maximum cutting depth of 5/64 inches. A calibrated depth adjustment knob with 1/256 inches or 0.01 mm increments allow you to make quick and precise depth adjustments easily.

Overall, the Dewalt DCP580B really comes with every feature needed for planing and reclaiming wood in workshop or on the jobsite.

10. Makita KP312

makita kp312 12 inch electric hand planer

It’s not every day you come across hand planers like this.

With up to 12-1/4 inches of planing width, the Makita KP312 electric hand planer has the width capacity equivalent to many portable benchtop thickness planers.

It also has the capacity to cut up to 1/8 inches of cutting depth in one pass.

It’s a beast of electric hand planers because you’re surely not going to be seeing hand planers with this kind of width capacity very often.

To match that width capacity, the Makita KP312 comes equipped with a 15 amp motor delivering up to 12,000 RPM of speed for the most demanding of planing operations.

makita kp312 electric hand planer

This Makita hand planer is not just for simple DIY home improvement projects. It’s for professional general contractors, framers, carpenters boat fabricators and log home builders looking for the best-in-class 12-1/4 inch hand planer.

The tools overall length is 21-3/4 inches and weighs just shy of 40 lbs. (39.7 to be exact). Even though it’s that heavy, the KP312 features a front roller that allows you to move it easily over rough materials without much effort.

A large ejection shoot provides a high rate of chip discharge and ensures that the planer works efficiently without any clogging from wet or dry wood chips.

Making depth adjustments is very easy using a large conveniently located depth adjustment knob.

With up to 33 ft of cord length, you’ll never run short of cord when planing large or long materials with this planer.

The handle is ergonomically designed to allow the user maximum control of the tool, to reduce user fatigue and for comfort during operation.

All in all, if you’re a professional woodworker looking for a large capacity hand planer to tackle your projects, then you should seriously consider getting this Makita KP312 12-1/4 inch electric hand planer.

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