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The garage is probably one of the most used spaces in any home. It’s a space you can use for storing items not meant for display in other areas of the home such as your tools, equipment, car, bike, sports gear and certain possessions that are rarely used.

Even though it’s often easier to leave things lying around on the floor, a proper storage solution installed will not only make your garage space look nice and tidy, it will also save you the time and frustration of looking for items.

Without proper storage solutions, your garage can quickly become cluttered and turn into a huge mess. If it takes you between 3-5 minutes to look for an item, that’s a good sign that your garage is cluttered and needs to be organized. If there’s no more floor space to walk around, that’s also another sign it needs decluttering.

cluttered garage

Garage storage racks are excellent solutions for getting rid and organizing that clutter. They makes it easy to find your tools, equipment and other stored items.

There are different types of garage storage racks you can use to organize tools and other items, and they’re made with different types of materials.

Although most are made with metal, some are also made out of wood, while some are made out of both materials.

There are overhead ceiling mounted racks, wall mounted racks and shelving racks you use to organize your garage. The overhead ceiling racks are mounted to the ceiling, the wall racks are mounted on the wall, while the shelving storage racks are just like shelves which you can place on the floor close to a corner in your garage.

Some shelving units come with rollers underneath so that it can be easy to rearrange their position or clean underneath, without having to empty the shelf.

Here, I have listed 15 different types of garage storage racks you can install now to declutter and arrange every item in your garage.

1. Fleximounts 4×8 Overhead Garage Storage Rack

fleximount overhead rack

There are many reasons for you to go for a garage storage rack like this one above from Fleximount. First, it will protect your tools and other items from water or moisture damage.

If you’re worried that water might damage any of your items, using a rack like this one mounted to the ceiling is all the solution you need.

Secondly, an overhead ceiling rack frees up space on the floor for you to move around freely whenever you’re in the garage. If you have a small garage, one of the best ways to conserve that space is to use your ceiling as storage by using an overhead storage solution like the one above.

With it, you can store all your items up there, hanging from the ceiling, with the floor space free to use for other activities.

2. Raybee Adjustable Metal Shelving

Raybee Adjustable Metal Shelving

If you need a storage rack capable of holding up to 2000 lbs of weight, then this Raybee adjustable garage shelving unit will work just fine.

Whether it’s for your warehouse, gym, garage, office or kitchen, this metal shelving has what it takes to work.

Each row of the 5-tier shelving is capable of holding up to 400 lbs. of weight, which is quite a lot. It can be used to store heavy gym gear like dumbbells and other weights with ease.

For the workshop, it can be used to store tools, toolboxes, tires for your car, accessories and other items with it.

Installation is very easy with no nuts and bolts to tighten. Assembly can be done withing 10 minutes all with a rubber mallet.

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3. Hyloft Garage Wall Shelf Storage Rack

hyloft wall shelf garage rack

Just install these Hyloft wall shelf rack on your garage walls, and you’ll have a cool place you can use to organize items.

With this, you can lift fragile items from the floor, protecting them from water and moisture, and also frees up space on the floor for you to use.

4. Hyloft Overhead Rack

hyloft overhead garage storage rack

This is another Hyloft storage rack you can use to organize items in your garage. It’s ceiling mounted and it can hold up to 250 lbs. of evenly distributed weight.

Every part of it is made up of quality powder coated and scratch resistant steel. It’s specially suited for storing large items you don’t want taking up space on the floor.

5. 4-Shelf Metal Wire Rack

Amazon basics garage shelf metal wire rack

This is a fully adjustable 4 shelving unit you can use in your garage, office and kitchen. The shelves in it can be adjusted with 1-inch increment to whatever height that is suitable for you.

It’s made of heavy-duty steel and finished with a black-coated chrome to make it look stylish wherever you place it.

6. StoreYourBoard Garage Storage Rack

storeyourboard garage tool rack

If you want to store tools especially those with long handles like spades, shovels, and string trimmers, this StoreYourBoard storage rack is just what you need.

7. Fleximounts Wall Shelf Garage Storage Rack

fleximount wall shelf garage rack

Fleximounts also makes wall shelf rack like this one in the picture above. With this rack, you can store up to 400 lbs. of items safely on the wall.

It’s made with heavy gauge steel, making it tough and sturdy. It comes with screws you can use to mount it safely on the wall.

8. Steadyrack Wall Mount Bike Rack


If you have bikes in your garage that are just taking up floor space and making a mess, this Steadyrack garage bike rack will help you hang them on the wall neatly.

9. Orasant Wall Mount Garage Tool Storage Rack

orasant garage tool hanger

This is another garage tool storage rack you can use to store and organize items. The hooks you can see on it are fully adjustable allowing you to store different types of tools and items that can be hanged on the wall.

You can snap them back when they’re not holding anything, and you can fully position them anywhere along the rail that you’re comfortable with.

10. Racor Garage Ceiling Rack/Lift


Now, here’s a garage rack any homeowner would be proud of. It’s a ceiling rack held up by steel cables, and you can raise and lower it using a crank.

You don’t have to carry things up on it, you can just lower it, arrange your items on it and raise it up using the crank.

It’s not just a cool looking, it’s strong also, as it’s made of high strength steel capable of holding up to 250 lbs. of load.

11. KASTFORCE Lumber Storage Rack

kastforce lumber storage rack

If you carry out a lot of DIY woodworking projects at home, and you need a rack to store your lumber, this Kastforce lumber storage rack will get that sorted for you.

You just have to mount it on your garage wall, and you can store all your lumber on it. It’s a 3 level system and each level can hold up to 110 lbs. of weight.

12. Mayyol Wall Mount Rack

Mayyol Wall Mount Rack

Made with high quality steel material, the Mayyol wall mount rack is an easy to install rack capable of bearing up to 450 lbs. of load.

It comprises of a rail and hooks which are mounted on the rail. The hooks are not mounted permanently. That means if you want to change the position of a hook, you can simple remove it and move it to your desired position.

This feature makes it easy for storing different types of items such as bikes, ski boards, hoses, shovels, rakes and other gardening tools.

13. StoreYourBoard Chair Rack

StoreYourBoard Chair Rack

If you make use of folding chairs, even chairs, camping chairs or patio chairs around your home, sometimes you just want them out of the way.

Even though they’re foldable, just leaving them on the floor of your garage lying around can still constitute clutter and take up space.

That’s why this StoreYourBoard chair rack is a very good storage solution to employ in this situation.

It’s made of steel and can be installed on the wall right out of the box. Each rack is capable of holding up to 14 folding chairs. So you can get only one or more depending on how many folding chairs you have.

14. Dewalt 3 Shelf Industrial Rack

Dewalt 3 Shelf Industrial Rack

Most hand power tools like drills, reciprocating saws and so on usually come in square shaped toolboxes. And if you’ve bought several these over the years, storing them becomes a little bit of an issue.

Since it’s not okay to just leave them lying on the floor of your workshop or garage, an industrial storage rack like this one from Dewalt can help keep your toolboxes out of the way and even keep them in good working condition.

15. Kinghouse Sports Equipment Organizer

Kinghouse Sports Equipment Organizer

It’s common to see footballs, basketballs, skateboards, bats, roller skates and other sports equipment in the garage. You can either leave them lying around on the floor forming clutter, or you can get a standard storage solution like this Kinghouse organizer above.

You can store most sports gear on it even tennis balls, helmets, athletic shoes, volleyballs and so on.


In summary, all the racks listed above are very good storage solutions that would work in most garages. If you prefer something that will free up floor space for you, you can go for the ceiling mounted options.

On the other hand, if you’re not concerned about freeing up floor space, you can always go for the shelving units or even the ones that can be mounted right on the wall.

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