The 7 Best Greenworks Pressure Washer in 2023 [Reviews]

best greenworks pressure washers

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The standout feature of Greenworks pressure washers is that they’re very portable, and you can power them with electricity from your home.
With these pressure washers, you don’t have to worry about buying gas, servicing, or noise from the engine.
They’re purely electric.

You only need to connect it to a suitable power outlet, and you’re up and running. There’s no noise created and no heavy machinery to handle.

In this article, we’ve reviewed and selected 7 of the best Greenworks pressure washers we’ve found to be most effective for cleaning and washing away grime, dirt, and debris.

These machines manufactured by Greenworks tools are especially suited for hardworking homeowners looking for a portable means to power wash years of dirt from their property without breaking the bank and without buying machinery that is both expensive and difficult to maintain.

greenworks pressure washer reviews

What to Consider When Choosing A Greenworks Pressure Washer

If you’ve finally decided to get a Greenworks pressure washer, here’s what you must consider before choosing.

Pressure rating

The first thing you must consider before choosing is the different pressure ratings of Greenwork’s line of pressure washers.

Obviously, the greater the pressure, the easier it is to use it to clean the surfaces you intend to clean. Although pressure alone does not determine the cleaning capacity of a pressure washer, it is crucial.

The pressure rating of Greenworks pressure washers ranges between 1500 PSI to 3000 PSI. More PSI means each water molecule comes out of the nozzle with more speed and force, enabling the water to knock off dirt more efficiently.

However, it’s not only the PSI that matters. If just one drop of water comes out of the spray wand per minute, no matter how forceful or how much PSI that drop of water has, it will still not clean efficiently.

That’s why you need to consider another factor: the Flow Rate.

pressure and water flow rate

Flow rate

The flow rate refers to how much water is pumped through the nozzle per minute. It’s measured in gallons per minute (GPM).

It’s vital that you also consider this when choosing a Greenworks pressure washer because the more water it can pump through the nozzle per minute, the faster it will clean the surfaces. That’s because there’s more water impacting the dirty surface.

The flow rate of the Greenworks pressure washers we’ve reviewed ranges between 1.1 GPM and 2.3 GPM.

This range is okay for electric power washers because they’re less powerful than their gas counterparts. You only have to make sure you consider the PSI ratings as well. 

Try multiplying the PSI and GPM ratings of a particular machine together. The result will tell you how powerful or efficient that unit is for cleaning.

Size – Portability

size and portability

One of the reasons why people choose electric pressure washers is their size. They’re smaller in size compared to gas-powered units. That makes them easier to handle and carry around if necessary.

Greenworks pressure washers come in different sizes. Some are pretty big, while some are small, like a lunchbox. 

Suppose you need something to clean your house, walkway, driveway, etc. I’d recommend going big because the smaller units usually produce less pressure and water flow and, thus, are less efficient than the larger units with greater pressure and water flow rate.

A smaller unit will still do the cleaning, but not as fast as a bigger Greenworks pressure washer with a higher pressure and GPM rating.

The small ones, however, can be very efficient in washing your car, boat, and other areas of your home where too much pressure can damage the surface.

They’re also very portable because you can easily put one in the back of your car and take it wherever you need it.

If you want something more efficient, go for a bigger unit with a steel frame, higher pressure, and GPM ratings. It will clean faster, have better reach, and simplify your job.

Additional accessories/attachments

additional accessories

Sometimes, additional accessories can make you prefer a particular Greenworks pressure washer over the other.

For instance, some come with more nozzles than others. For instance, the Greenworks GPW1602 and the GPW1502 both come with 2 nozzles each, but the Greenworks GPW3001 and the GPW2300 both have 4 nozzles and a turble nozzle each.

The model GPW2300 even comes with a surface cleaner you can combine with the washer to clean your driveway, sidewalks, decks, and other floor areas around your home.

Another accessory or feature to consider is whether it has an onboard soap or detergent tank for applying soap on the surfaces you’re cleaning with the machine.

Some Greenworks pressure washers have that, while others only come with a siphon that you must insert into a separate detergent container before applying soap with the spray wand.

Both options work well, but having an onboard soap container on the machine is usually more convenient because you don’t have to worry about moving an extra soap container when moving the washer machine. Also, the wand automatically draws detergent from the soap tank whenever you connect the soap nozzle to the spray wand.

Some units also have onboard storage for the high-pressure hose and wand, so you can easily stow the pressure washer away with its accessories when you finish using it.

You also have to consider whether it has wheels to roll around when using it.

These additional accessories/features are what you should look for when choosing a Greenworks pressure washing machine.

1. Greenworks GPW2002 Electric Pressure Washer

greenworks gpw2002

Equipped with a powerful 13 amp induction motor, the Greenworks GPW2002 operates at a pressure of 2000 PSI and pumps up to 1.2 Gallons of water per minute through the pistol grip trigger wand it comes with.

It’s a very budget-friendly pressure washer, so you’ll not spend much on this one. It’s purely electric, so there’s no machine noise and no need for refueling, just plug and play.

The GPW2002 comes with a 25 feet hose and a 35 feet power cord that allows you to operate it far away from the power outlet, increasing your reach and the area you can cover.

It comes equipped with a 120V, 60Hz and 13 Amps universal motor providing the power it needs to operate.

The GPW1602 can produce 1600 PSI of water pressure flowing at a rate of 1.2 GPM. For most homeowners, this is more than enough to wash your car, patio furniture, walkway, driveway, deck and outdoor power equipment.

It comes with 3 nozzles, a 25 degree, 40-degree tip, and a low-pressure soap tip.

It also has a turbo quick-connect nozzle for high pressure cleaning applications.

pressure washing a brick wall

2. Greenworks GPW2000 Electric Pressure Washer

Greenworks GPW2000 electric pressure washer

With the Greenworks GPW2000 electric pressure washer, you have a machine producing up to 2000 pounds per square inch of pressure and pumping water at a rate of 1.2 gallons per minute, producing a combined cleaning power enough to remove any dirt and gunk from your outdoor space.

Producing the power is a strong and durable 13A universal motor.

A rugged metal frame holds the whole unit together, and a pair of 8 inch no-flat tires ensures you can roll the unit anywhere in your yard.

It’s the perfect washing machine every homeowner needs for medium-duty outdoor cleaning applications such as washing of cars, windows, siding, fence, decks, and other areas around your house where dirt and gunk have taken over.

The unit comes with four quick connect nozzles. A 25 and 40 degrees nozzle, a soap nozzle and a turbo nozzle.

3. Greenworks PW-1800

Greenworks PW-1800

The Greenworks PW-1800 is another pressure washer within their ranks that you’d want to look into before making your choice.

It’s another homeowner-friendly pressure washer powered by a 13 amp motor, and producing a maximum pressure of 1800 PSI at a water flow rate of 1.1 GPM.

Equipped with four quick connect nozzles: 15, 25, 40 degrees and a soap applicator nozzle, you have everything you need to get your outdoor space and cars clean.

The PW-1800 Greenworks pressure washer comes equipped with a 20 foot high hose which gives you the maximum reach you need to wash a large area before moving the unit if you have to.

With 2 no-flat tires, you can roll the unit wherever you want it in your yard without expending much energy.

4. Greenworks GPW2001 Pressure Washer

GPW2001 Greenworks pressure washer

You can pair the GPW2001 Greenworks pressure washer with a surface cleaner attachment to make your cleaning much easier and produce amazing results.

The GPW2001 is a newer version of the GPW2000 with a new design to help you carry out your cleaning tasks easily.

It’s powered with a 13 amp motor and produces up to 2000 PSI of pressure at a water flow rate of 1.2 GPM, making cleaning and removing stains very easy.

4 quick connect nozzles provides easy means of controlling the water pressure to suit the type of surface you’re cleaning.

With up to 35 ft. of cable and 25 ft. of high-pressure hose, you have enough room to reach all the areas you want to clean in your yard without moving the unit itself.

The long hose and power cord provides all the reach you need.

5. Greenworks GPW2005 Electric Pressure Washer

Greenworks GPW2005

A very neat feature of this GPW2005 pressure washer is its telescoping handle which you can easily adjust to the right height to help you maneuver the machine easily.

The pair of tires it comes with also makes it even easier to maneuver it and get it where you want to work with it.

This Greenworks washing unit comes equipped with a 13A universal motor just like the rest, and it produces up to 2000 units of pressure with a water flow rate of 1.2 GPM.

It comes with quick-connect nozzles for soap and water application, a high pressure hose and a 35 ft. long power cord for maximum reach.

The Greenworks GPW2005 is the ideal unit you need for all your outdoor cleaning applications. Cleaning of sidings, decks, walkway, greasy grills and even your car.

6. Greenworks GPW1951

Greenworks GPW1951 pressure washer

This pressure washer has a hose reel to help you reel the hose back and forth. It also has a pair of tires for easy movement around your yard.

Installed in this unit is a 13 amp motor which provides the power needed to run the pressure washer. It produces up to 1950 PSI of water pressure at a rate of 1.2 gallons per minute.

The Greenworks GPW1951 comes with 2 quick connect nozzles, 25 and 40 degrees for variation of cleaning angles and pressure, and a soap quick-connect nozzle for soap application.

With a 25 ft. high pressure hose reeled up in the unit, you have a good reach to work with the unit without frequent movement of the washer itself.

Overall, this GPW1951 Greenworks pressure washer provides all the features you need as a homeowner to get everything clean in your yard, including your cars, driveway, deck and fence.

7. Greenworks GPW2200

Greenworks GPW2200

This is actually the most powerful of all the Greenworks pressure washers reviewed in this article. Instead of a common universal motor, this one comes equipped with a 14A brushless motor which lasts longer and provides more power.

The GPW2200 is capable of producing up to 2200 PSI of pressure at a water flow rate of 2.3 GPM. With a unit like this in your hands, you can breeze through all the dirt and gunk in your property in one go.

It’s a top of the line machine with a good sturdy and rugged steel frame and big no-flat 8 inch tires for mobility.

The unit comes with the 15, 25, and 40 degrees quick connect nozzles with an additional soap and turbo nozzle.

Overall, if you want a really powerful electric pressure washer to get your car, deck, siding, fence, windows, walkways and driveways sparkling clean in your yard, then this is the unit you need.

It’s more powerful than all the other Greenworks units reviewed in this article, and it’s surely one that will last a long time for you, depending on how well you maintain it.

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    1. All the Greenworks pressure washers are all electric pressure washers, and we believe they’re all of the same quality. What sets one apart from the other is the amount of water pressure it’s capable of producing in PSI and it’s flow rate in GPM.
      So, the more pressure and the more flow rate or GPM anyone of the pressure washer has, the more powerful or higher it’s ability to wash dirt will be.
      As for that GPW2300, the flow rate is 2.3 GPM and it produces a maximum pressure of 2300 PSI. That’s really high compared to most of the other Greenworks pressure washers in this list, making it more powerful than most of them. So, if you want to go for it, you can go for it. As far as electric pressure washers go, the GPW2300 is definitely among the best ones from Greenworks you can get today.

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