10 best miter saw stands | How to choose a miter saw stand

best miter saw stand

A miter saw stand is one invaluable tool accessory that will make it easier for you to use your compound miter saw.

Miter saws don’t normally come with stands when you purchase them. However, in order to operate a miter saw comfortably, you need to set it on a table or platform.

Hence the need for miter saw stands. Apart from providing a stable platform for you to operate your miter saw, it also helps in terms of mobility.

Quality miter saw stands usually come with wheels which enable you to move the miter saw around freely, especially in a busy jobsite.

With that noted, it is pretty easy to tell that it’s is one of the most important accessory for anyone who owns a miter saw.

That is why, in this article, I’ll be taking you on a ride through the best miter saw stands out there, so that you can choose one suitable for your needs.

A quick search online will return a large selection of different miter saw stands with different features, resulting in a dilemma on which of them to choose, that will be suitable for your needs.

In order to prevent that from happening, we’ve compiled the following list comprising the 10 best stands that will be suitable for any miter saw user.

Most importantly, these stands meet our selection criteria and are chosen based on the features stated in our buyer’s guide below.

Top 10 best miter saw stand list

StandMaterial SupportWeight 
Bosch T4B18 ft76.7 lb
Dewalt DWX7268 ft67 lb
Toughbuilt TB-S60010 ft60.63 lb
Dewalt DWX725Bnon15.4 lb
Bora PM-400010 ft30 lb
Dewalt DWX72410 ft29.8 lb
Bosch GTA380012 ft58 lb
Craftsman YH-MS029A80 inch25 lb
Wen MSA75010 ft38.8 lb
RIDGID AC99469 ft57 lb

How to choose the best miter saw stand

If you’re in the process of choosing a stand for your miter saw, then you’ll find this part of this article very useful, because I’ve highlighted 7 factors you need to consider when buying a stand for your miter saw.


You probably have a wooden stationary workbench in your workshop where you can place your miter saw stand. Most likely, that workbench is stationary, not collapsible, and it’s very stable.

Unlike most workbenches which are made of wooden stationary, stable parts, most miter saw stands are made of movable metal parts which are linked together. Hence, the need for stability.

It is important that the stand is made of quality, strong and durable metal or material, and that it stays in place rigidly once it’s set up. Some miter saws are very heavy, hence the stability of the stand you choose is very important.

If the stand is not stable, it will disrupt or even prevent you from working with it. So, it is very important that you choose a miter saw stand that stays in place once it’s set up.


A very important feature any miter saw stand should have is compatibility. There are many miter saws out there made by different manufacturers.

The miter saw you have is different from other ones out there in terms of weight and size. That is why your stand should be made in such a way that it is compatible with all the different miter saws.

So, when shopping for a miter saw stand, ask or check very well and make sure it is compatible with most or all miter saws, and most importantly, that it is compatible with the one you have.

When choosing the ones in this list, we made sure that we chose only the ones that are compatible with most miter saws.

Material support

Miter saw stands are usually equipped with arm extensions for support when you are cutting long materials like crown moldings.

Most crown moldings usually come in lengths of 16 feet. So, if you’re working alone, it would be nice if yours have supports that can hold the excess length in place while you make the cut.

So, when making your choice, check how long of a material the miter saw stand can support. Some miter saws have 8 ft of material support, some have 10 ft. The more the length of material it can support, the better it is for you.

Weight Capacity

How much weight can your miter saw stand support comfortably? That is the question you need to ask yourself before splurging on any miter saw stand.

The different stands are made with different sizes and types of material with different configuration. Hence, the amount of weight they can hold varies.

For instance, the Dewalt DWX726 can support up to 300lb, the Bora Portamate PM-4000 can support up to 500lb, while the Dewalt DWX725B can support up to 1000lb of material.

Each stand has limitations on how much weight it can carry.

I’m pretty your miter saw is not as heavy as 100lbs, and you won’t be piling a lot of weight on the stand at ones, but it’s good to know that the one you choose can hold its own when considerable weight is applied.

Weight of stand

Trust me, you don’t want a miter saw stand that weighs too much. The miter saw itself has its own weight, which might be a lot depending on the miter saw you have.

Adding that to the weight of a heavy miter saw stand can prove very difficult for you to move or transport, even if it has wheels on it.

So, getting a lighter miter saw stand is the way to go because it means less load for you to handle, when you’re done for the day.

Ease of Setup

The thought of setting up your miter saw stand for use should not cause you to panic. If it does, then it’s pretty obvious that are using the wrong miter saw stand.

A miter saw stand should be very easy to set up in order to reduce down time and focus on the work at hand.

The Bosch T4B and the Dewalt DWX726 are just two of the stand that are equipped with simple yet effective systems that makes it easy to setup the saw for use.

For instance the Bosch T4B stand features a gravity rise system that takes advantage of the weight of the saw to make setup quick and easy. You don’t have to apply your strength when setting up the stand.

The Dewalt DWX726 also features a three position pneumatically assisted raising and lowering system which makes it easy to set up the saw for work.

Check for and choose saws that have features like this, easy to set up so that you can become more efficient in your work.


Simply put, look for a stand with wheels so that you can freely move the saw and stand when you done using it.

A stand with wheels will also help when you’re on the jobsite. It will be easy for you to move the saw and stand to wherever you want it on the job site if it got wheels on it.

Unless you don’t plan to move your saw and stand once, they are set up you should consider getting a miter saw stand that can easily be wheeled around.

Some miter saw stands come with pneumatic wheels while others come with rubber wheels.

Pneumatic wheels are preferable when you have to move the saw on uneven terrain. Rubber wheels are not so good on uneven terrain.

The Bosch T4B portable miter saw stand is equipped with pneumatic wheels while the equally outstanding Dewalt DWX726 got rubber grip wheels on it.

Both saws have wheels on them, hence they’re very portable.

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