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10 Cool Time-Saving Kitchen Gadgets You Should Have

time saving kitchen gadgets

Last updated on September 27th, 2021 at 12:01 am

Kitchen gadgets are a must-have in every modern kitchen and they come even more handy during the holiday seasons.

This is because the holiday periods are when we’re most busy in the kitchen. With thanksgiving and Christmas lucking around, there’s a lot of cooking, baking and grilling going on in American kitchens and kitchens everywhere all over the world.

Even though your kitchen activities increase during this holiday period, the days have not gotten longer.

You still have the same 24 hrs in a day you’ve always had to perform that Christmas feast miracle so everyone could eat and get merry.

Time has always been precious, but it’s even more precious now during this holiday season, and saving it is top priority.

So, in this article, we’re going to show you some cool time-saving kitchen gadgets that will help accomplish more in the kitchen this holiday, without running short of time.

1. Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch Automatic Can Opener

automatic can opener kitchen gadgets

Opening food cans can easily turn to a struggle sometimes, and can be risky sometimes especially with cans that have sharp rugged edges.

With kitchen gadgets like this Hamilton automatic can opener, you can save time and avoid the struggle. Open cans in your kitchen like never before this holiday season, save valuable time and maybe avoid nasty cuts from sharp can edges.

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2. Mueller Onion Chopper Pro

the best kitchen gadgets

Do you want to slice onions without the tears and save time while doing so, then this Mueller onion chopper is the best kitchen gadget you can go for.

It’s not just onions, you can slice and dice all your vegetables, including carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers and even cheese with this onion chopper.

3. The Grip Jar Opener

grip jar lid opener

Ever find yourself struggling to open tightly closed jars and looking for someone to help you open it? Well, you can save the strength and all that time wasted by getting this Grip Jar Opener.

You can open any type and size of lid with it. Open child-proof medicine bottles, milk jugs, cacuum sealed jars like spaghetti sauce, baby food, honey jars, peanut butter, water and soda bottles.

Simply place the lid in the V-shape design, twist and it’s open. No effort and time wasted.

4. Cordy Robot Vacuum Cleaner

robotic vacuum kitchen gadgets

This Cordy Robot vacuum cleaner is not exactly a kitchen gadget, but with all the cooking you have to do in the kitchen this holiday season, I doubt you’d have enough time to get your floors clean.

This robotic vacuum cleaner will give you a hands-free way to get your floors clean while you handle other activities, saving you needed time.

You don’t have to monitor it, as you can just program it to clean on schedule, and it has a sensor to navigate around obstacles effortlessly.

5. Dash Rapid Egg Cooker

rapid egg cooker

Want to cut the time it takes to cook eggs? Check out this Dash rapid egg cooker. Cook the egg any way you like it, hard boiled, scrambled, poached, and even omelets.

It’s very compact and lightweight. You can cook up to 6 eggs at once with it. If eggs are a regular part of your diet then this rapid egg cooker made by the folks at Dash is one of the kitchen gadgets you want to have in your kitchen

6. Heavy Duty kitchen shears

multipurpose kitchen shears kitchen gadgets

You can as well stow all your knives away now. This heavy duty kitchen shears is one multipurpose kitchen gadget that will quickly become your favorite kitchen tool.

With it, you can cut down on the time you use to slice veggies, herbs, fish and meat easily.

You don’t even need a cutting board or a knife to start slicing, dicing, cutting with it, and you have more control and precision than ever.

7. Kitchen Gizmo Snap N Strainer

kitchen gizmo snap n strainer

This strainer made by Kitchen Gizmo will help you save some time this holiday. With it, you can strain water from any pot provided it’s round.

8. Etekcity Lasergrip non-contact digital laser

no contact thermometer

Cook grilled steak, tuna, and tender ribs to perfection with this non-contact digital laser temperature reader without every touching the food.

9. Drillbrush

cordless drill brush

All the cooking, grilling and baking this Christmas and holiday season will require a lot of cleaning afterwards.

What better way to do it and save time than to use this drillbrush to get cleaning and scrubbing. Clean kitchen sinks and floors easily.

You need to have a cordless drill though. If you don’t have a cordless drill, you should probably get one. It’s one power tool I think every home should have no matter what. You’d use it for a lot of things, especially for other home improvement or DIY projects you’d like to undertake.

Looking for other ingenious ways to clean around your home? If yes, then find out how this Worx hydroshot power cleaners can make cleaning even more easier for you.

10. Super Z Outlet stainless steel pineapple peeler

pineapple piller

Pilling pineapples is not a task I really love to do. Seriously, I’d help you carry out any task but pill a pineapple.

But with this Super Z Outlet pineapple piller, I don’t resent pilling pineapples anymore. With it you can pill the pineapple easily and save a lot of time.


In this modern age, it’s hard to do without gadgets especially in the kitchen. If you have a large family, you’ll need to prepare meals frequently, and having a few helpful kitchen gadgets at your disposal definitely makes things easier and saves time for you.

The holiday season doesn’t make matters easier. It’s a happy season, and the delicious meals prepare in the kitchens and restaurants all over the word are part of the reason it’s a happy season. With the kitchen gadgets listed on this page, you can make quick work of all the cooking you have to do this holiday.

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