15 Best Welding Tools And Equipment For Welders

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Last updated on August 31st, 2020 at 04:25 pm

If you are a professional welder or even a beginner, you need the best welding tools to enhance the quality of your work, and to also make your welding projects easier to handle.

Welding is a delicate craft that require quality welding tools.

Without working with the right tools, you’d produce junk craftwork that nobody wants, and you’ll not get the best jobs because no one would want to hire you once they’ve seen how bad your work is.

Even if you’re not working professionally for others, handling your own DIY welding projects without the right or best tools will probably not result in your best work.

High quality welding tools will allow you to work efficiently and will also ensure that you’re able to achieve the result you desire.

So, here in this article, we’re going to show you 15 of these welding tools for both professional and beginner welders.

Here are 15 of the best welding tools for your welding projects

1. A welding machine

welding machine

One thing’s for sure. You can’t carry out a material weld without a welding machine. As a professional welder, a welding machine is one of the first welding tools that should grace your personal garage.

Although there are different types of welding machines, you can always choose the one that’s more suitable for the type of job you handle.

There are MIG welder machines like the powerful Hobart Handler welder shown in the image above, TIG welders, resistance welding machines, laser welding machines etc.

Your choice of welding machine should always be guided by the type of project you want to handle and the reliability or quality of the welding machine.

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2. Welding table

Just like you need a workbench for your woodworking projects, you need a welding table for your welding projects.

It provides you a platform for you to place and weld your workpiece. Talking about welding tables, this Kastforce KF3002 portable wedding table is one of the best ones you can get for your projects.

Along with the welding table, the Kastforce comes equipped with a storage tray below the table top where you can store other tools and items.

Before going any further, here’s what Johnny Brooke from Crafted Workshop got to say about the best welding tools for beginners.

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3. Welding helmet

A good welding helmet will protect everything in your face, including your eyes, nose and ears. Welding a piece of metal can produce a very bright light, very harmful gases and a very loud sound or noise that is harmful to your eyes, respiratory system and your hearing.

With a good welding helmet, you can protect yourself from the harmful light, gases and sound produced while making a weld.

4. Grasshopper welding finger

With this Strong Hand Tools grasshopper welding finger, you can hold, steady and weld very small parts such as nuts, bolts and thin plates even at odd angles with full welding clearance.

It’s a very nifty tool that every welder needs in his toolbox.

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5. Angle grinder

angle grinder

An angle grinder like this Dewalt is a necessary welding tool that should be present in every welding workshop. It’s the best tool you can use to cut and grind metal or welded joints easily.

Apart from cutting and grinding, you can also attach a sanding pad to sand metal or other materials in the workshop.

6. Steel cube welding kit

steel cube welding kit

This is not actually a tool, but it’s a training kit consisting of 6 perfectly cut squares you can weld together to form different shapes while testing and honing your welding skills.

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7. Welding positioner turntable

welding postioner turntable

With the aid of a chuck, you can clamp your workpiece to this welding positioner turntable so you can weld at various angles.

The turntable can be turned steplessly from 0 to 90 degrees and can also be fixed with the aid of tilt lock wrenches at any of these angles.

8. Welding fume extractor

welding fumes extractor

Get rid of the dangerous fumes created while welding with this Baoshishan welding fume extractor. The suction strength of the fume extractor can be adjusted according to the amount of fumes produced using a simple fan switch.

The extractor draws in the smoke or fumes generated during welding or soldering and discharges them away from the area of operation where they’re no longer harm anyone.

It comes equipped with a LED lamp which illuminates your work area allowing you to see your workpiece clearly.

9. Black Kevlar protective arm sleeves

black kevlar protective arm sleeves

These are 22 inch long protective arm sleeves you can wear during your welding projects. They’ll protect your arm from heat and cut.

It’s essential that you have these with you all the time if you engage in welding or other construction projects where large amounts of heat is created and dissipated.

10. Rockwell jawhorse sheetmaster

rockwell jawhorse welding tool

The Rockwell Jawhorse is a hands-free clamping solution you can use to clamp any type of material as wide as 49 inches using up to 1 ton of force.

With the Jawhorse, you can clamp materials as heavy as 600 lbs without any hiccups. It’s a must have tool every professional welder should have.

11. Contour wrap-a-round pipe marking tool

contour wrap-a-round pipe marking tool

Measuring 3.88 inches to 4 feet, this contour wrap-a-around marking tool by Jackson Safety is all you need to make straight lines and mark pipes during your welding projects.

It’s made from flexible gasket material which is resistant to heat and cold, and thus will not get damage easily due to heat generated during welding.

12. Roll cage impact resistant welding gloves

impact resistant welding gloves

This glove from Lincoln Electric not only withstands heat from welding applications, but it’s also impact resistant as well, because it’s equipped with high temperature rated silicone hand and finger reinforcements.

The leather exterior plus an internal hand liner made of closely knitted Kevlar fabric and numerous leather reinforced stress points on the hand glove ensures that it is resistant to cut.

When you put it on your hands, they are protected from heat, flames, spatters and sparks generated during welding applications.

13. Adjustable magnetic V-pads

adjustable magnetic v-pads

With these adjustable magnetic v-pads, you can hold and position light workpieces for light duty and tight spot holding welding applications.

These v-pads will ensure are able to position and weld materials together accurately every time.

14. Welder extension cord

welder extension cord

This is a 25 ft. 8 gauge welder extension cord by Southwire. The weire is rated at 40A, 250V and 10,000W.

With this wire, you can offer more portability to your welding machine. Use it father than the normal cord would have allowed.

It’s a high performance wire molded at the ends, offering more safety and usability to your welding machine. It also features lighted receptacles at the ends that indicates when the power is on.

15. Welding apron

welding apron

Made of 100 percent heavy duty genuine leather, this heat and flame-resistant welding and work apron from Qeelink will protect your body from the sparks, flames and heat created during your welding projects.

It’s made of thick spit cowhide and sewn together with strong, heat resitant Kevlar thread for durability and protection during work. 6 tool pockets ensures you can keep your welding hand tools close to you at all time while putting on the apron.

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