YouTube channels to learn woodworking

YouTube is one of my favorite online platforms for learning new skills, any type of skill, including woodworking. With up to 2.6 billion active users including content creators, you can find almost anything on it if you just type what you’re looking for and hit “search”. In fact, Alexa ranks it as the second most visited website in the world.

And the coolest thing about it is that it’s all free to watch. You don’t have to pay for any type of subscription to get all these content from creators worldwide (unless you don’t want to see ads, then you can pay for a monthly YouTube subscription).

One thing about woodworking and every other craft I know is that, the more you watch other people do it, the more you know about it, and the more ideas you get. You learn new tricks that you never might have thought about on your own.

People visit YouTube for different reasons. From watching funny cute cat videos, movies to watching tutorial videos teaching different types of skills.

If you really want to learn woodworking online, YouTube is the perfect space to start. Just do a little search about what you want to learn and you’ll find videos that will help you learn new woodworking skills, or hone the ones you already have.

The challenge though is that there’re hundreds of thousands of channels and creators on YouTube, hence, finding the right ones with the best content for learning woodworking can be a little bit time consuming.

That’s why I’ve taken the initiative to do the search and research for you and compile the 12 best YouTube channels you can visit or subscribe to, to learn woodworking.

So, here we go.

1. Steve Ramsey – Woodworking for Mere Mortals

If you want to learn woodworking as a beginner, this channel is one of the first I’d recommend. From the name “Woodworking for Mere Mortals”, you can tell it’s a channel dedicated to teaching beginners.

However, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or you’re already a professional at working with wood, there’re still many things you can learn from the work Steve Ramsey does in his channel.

I’ve personally learnt a lot from his channel from staining wood to some tricks you can with a miter saw.

If you’ve got some tools or thinking about getting some tools and you’re wondering how to use them, you’ll find many tool tutorials in the channel that will help you get acquainted with it.

Steve talks about and clearly demonstrates many woodworking techniques that are very useful when carrying out projects.

If you check his playlist on YouTube, you’ll find different video categories to help you learn the exact skills you want to learn. There’s a playlist for hand tools, table saws, basic skills, sanding, basic projects, wood stains, artistic woodworking and so on.

For example, here’s one of his videos on spindle sanders. When you watch the video, you’ll learn whether you need an oscillating spindle sander or not, and how to use it effectively if you have one or planning to buy one.

2. The Samurai Carpenter

Samurais are known to be focused loyal and dedicated to the skill they wish to master. They value dedication to their art, precision and control as they go about their profession.

The Samurai carpenter is one YouTube Channel you’ll find very educative as the owner of the channel really dedicates himself to making sure the projects he undergoes comes out with samurai precision.

With over 600 hundred thousand subscribers as at the time of writing this article, it goes to show that a lot of people value the work he’s doing.

He’s really a samurai when it comes to woodworking, and you’ll surely learn a lot as you browse through and watch the videos he’s made in his YouTube channel.

Here is one of the Samurai Carpenter’s videos. Enjoy!

3. The Wood Whisperer

I don’t know where that name came from or if Marc J. Spagnoulo can actually whisper to wood, but it’s actually an awesome name that fits the type of content he produces in his YouTube Channel as well as his website,

In his channel The Wood Whisperer, Marc shares a lot of woodworking knowledge with anyone who cares to watch, listen and maybe subscribe to his channel. He shares how to choose the woodworking tools you’ll need for your shop and how to use these tool to make awesome woodworks like cabinets, chairs, tables and even spatulas.

Here is a video from the Wood Whisperer’s YouTube channel. Enjoy!

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4. Essential Craftsman

If you visit this YouTube channel, you’ll discover that it’s not actually a YouTube channel mainly about woodworking, but as you browse through and watch the videos in the channel, you’ll come to realize why I added it here.

Scott Wadsworth covers a wide array of topics in his Essential Craftsman YouTube channel. He talks about tools, woodworking, blacksmithing, safety and productivity.

He’s really a well-grounded craftsman who really knows his stuff. You’ll find that out by yourself when you watch his videos and see how he talks about and demonstrate his projects.

If you really want to learn about woodworking, then you’ll learn a lot from the valuable information in the essential craftsman YouTube channel. Here’s one of his educative videos. Enjoy!

5. FineWoodworking

The FineWoodworking YouTube channel is a channel meant for woodworking enthusiast to really learn what it takes to work with wood and woodworking tools.

It contains series of videos from the editors of the Fine Woodworking magazine, which are meant to guide newbie through the process of becoming a proficient woodworker.

The beauty of the finewoodworking YouTube channel is that unlike other channels which are run by just one person or expert, the channel contain series of videos from different woodworking experts who devote their time to sharing their knowledge and expertise with you.

The channel contain videos from Charlie Durfee, Bob Van Dyke, Kate Swann, Craig Thibodeau and a whole lot of other pros.

So, you’re learning from different professionals what it takes to master the fine art of woodworking. If you go through the channel, you’ll come to have a better understanding of what I’m saying.

Here is just one of the videos you’ll find in the FineWoodworking YouTube channel. Enjoy!

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6. WoodWorkWeb

If you’re always looking for woodworking tips and tricks to make your life in the shop easier, then you’ll find Colin Knecht’s YouTube channel WoodWorkWeb very useful and interesting.

I’ve personally subscribed to the WoodWorkWeb YouTube channel because Colin is really an expert at what he does. He immerses himself in these videos and takes his time to make sure he drives home the message in each of his videos.

So, if you’re looking for real videos that contains woodworking hacks, tips and tricks, tool reviews, and project plans to make your own projects, then I’ll implore you to visit the WoodWorkWeb YouTube channel, because you’ll find plenty of those there.

Here is just one of the many videos in the WoodWorkWeb YouTube channel. Enjoy!

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7. WoodWorkers Guide Of America

Just like the FineWoodworking YouTube channel, the WoodWorkers Guide Of America (WWGOA) is a channel where different woodworking experts teach their craft to the public in simple step-by-step videos.

It’s a growing channel with over 120 thousand subscribers as at the time of writing this article, who trust and consume the content and knowledge being dispensed by the skilful instructors on the channel.

If you’re looking to sharpen your woodworking skills or maybe you just want to start your own shop and you need ideas on how to start, then feel free to browse through the many instructional videos you’ll find in the Woodworker’s Guide Of America YouTube channel.

Here is one of the educative videos you’ll find in the channel. Enjoy!

8. Woodworkers Journal

When you browse through the Woodworkers Journal YouTube channel, you’ll find many interesting and educative videos that you’ll learn a lot from whether you’re a beginner woodworker or even a veteran.

This particular one about building a modern coffee table with cross lap joints using a table saw, is one I really found very interesting and educative. The coffee table build in the video came out very nice and modern.

Immediately after watching the video, I had to put it in my list of to-do woodworking projects, because it was just too awesome to ignore.

Just like some of the channels I’ve already featured here, the Woodworkers Journal YouTube channel contain videos from different experts who willingly teach their craft so that anyone can learn and benefit from it.

So, browse through the channel yourself if you want to learn about new woodworking tools, how to use them, and new techniques you can employ in your own shop.

Here is one of the videos you’ll find in the Woodworkers Journal channel. Enjoy!

9. Modern Builds

Modern builds is a YouTube channel by Mike Montgomery, with the sole aim of teaching people about woodworking by carrying out simple and practical DIY projects.

There in the channel, you can find DIY projects of just about anything, from beds, attic, shed, patio, sofa, table, kitchen cabinets and much more.

Each project is very detailed, every tool used is shown and every step is thoroughly explained so you can follow up and recreate the same piece.

Whatever you want to build, if you’re just starting as a woodworker, I’m sure there’s already a video of something like that on the channel.

For instance, if you want to build a bed frame, you can check out this video from the channel, and you can follow along as Mike Montgomery builds it completely out of 2x4s. It’s simple, it’s straightforward, and with the right tools, it’s easy.

10. Carl Jacobson

Do you want to learn how to turn simple logs of wood into beautify objects in your home? There are so many things you can do with wood, as long as you know how to turn wood, and that’s what Carl Jacobson does so well.

He turns ordinary logs of wood into beautiful wooden objects like bear mugs, vases, bathroom sinks and even cute penguins, just to name a few.

If you really love working with wood and you wish to sharpen your woodturning skills, then Carl Jacobson’s YouTube channel is one channel you’ll find very interesting and educative as well.

Below is just one of the interesting videos you’ll find in the Carl Jacobson YouTube channel. Enjoy!

11. This Woodwork

ThisWoodwork is actually a woodworking YouTube channel owned by Alex Harris. A currently 22 year old boy who demonstrates his skill and love for woodworking through his channel.

He’s a very young, but through his channel you’ll come to see that just anyone can get involved in this beautiful art of working with wood called woodworking.

ThisWoodwork contains a lot of how-to and tutorial videos which you can watch and learn from to become a better woodworker.

This particular one where he produces a beautiful wristwatch from 2 pieces of scrap wood is actually very awesome, and there’re plenty of other videos like that in the channel you can learn from.

Here is just one of the interesting videos in the channel. Enjoy!

12. Make Something

One of the reasons why I love woodworking is because, you can make almost anything with wood or combine wood with other materials to make even more unique things.

I’ve mentioned that before, and that’s what the Make Something YouTube channel aims to demonstrate with their never ending videos of awesome things they made with wood.

David Picciuto is the man behind the channel, and I can tell you, he does an amazing job in really making different stuffs with wood and shows how he makes them in his clear and concise videos.

If you really wish to learn woodworking, the Make Something YouTube channel is a good place to start learning right now.

Here is just one of the cool videos you’ll find there. Enjoy!

Those are 10 of the most awesome YouTube channels to learn woodworking right now. Of course there’re a lot more other channels out there, but these are 10 of the best ones I’ve personally gone through myself and learned from.

So feel free to go through them and become that master woodworker you want to be. Happy viewing and learning!

Hey! Do you think I missed an awesome woodworking YouTube channel you’re aware of? Please, use the comment section to let me know about it. If I find it interesting, I might include it when I update the article.

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