The Best Jointer Planer Combo Machines For Woodworking

best jointer planer combo machines

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A jointer planer combo machine is a combination of a wood jointer and a wood planer in one machine. If you’re thinking about getting one for use in your woodworking shop, then you should read this guide.

One of the major challenges faced by hobbyists, DIYer’s and even some professional woodworkers is a limited workshop or working space.

Many professional woodworkers usually have a dedicated workshop space for carrying out their projects.

As a result, they can afford to purchase and bring in as many tools and equipment as they need and can afford. They have all the space for these tools.

The same cannot be said for a simple hobbyist or DIYer who is just looking to make some of those never ending projects he or she discovers on Pinterest and YouTube.

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As an average hobbyist, you normally make use of the leftover space in your garage where you still happen to pack your car.

This is not enough to accommodate the numerous woodworking tools you need to get your projects going. Hence, the need for machines like the jointer planer that houses two tools in one.

With it, you can carry out two tasks which are jointing and planing with just one machine​.

Jointer planers also offer you a wide jointing capacity because the wide planer cutterhead is also acting as the jointer cutterhead. So, you have the ability to joint boards that are wider with it.

In addition, since it’s just one cutterhead in the machine for both operations, it saves you the cost and worries of maintaining two cutterheads on seperate machines.

Here in this article, we’ve reviewed some of the best jointer planer combo machines out there, so you can pick the best one for your projects.

But before you run off to buy one of them, here’s is a question you should consider?

​Is Getting A Jointer Planer Machine Worth It?

From what I’ve said above, the advantages of getting a jointer planer is quite obvious. However, along with these advantages, ​they come with their own drawbacks.

Many users have noticed this and have not been silent concerning it. This you can notice from the seemingly low reviews they have in many of the online market places.

One of the major drawback is that some of them can be a little bit difficult to switch between modes i.e from planing to jointing and vice versa. Thus, increasing downtime.

Changing between modes can also cause parts of the machine to lose alignment. For instance, the jointer fence might lose it’s squareness after changing from the planing mode to the jointing mode. Then you have to adjust it all over again.

This is not to discourage you from ​getting it though. The point is, if you are about to get one, then you must be aware of some of the possible limitations of the machine.

It’s all a matter of personal preference and it’s totally up to you. Personally, I would rather get a separate wood jointer and a separate wood planer machine, because I think they work more effective separately. Plus you don’t have to keep switching whenever you want to plane or joint. It’s kind of not my thing.

Nonetheless, if you are ready for all that switching modes thingy, ​it’s a good power tool that can really help you to optimize your workshop space, effectively helping you to kill two birds with one stone.

Jointer Planer Combo Reviews

Now, with that aside, here are detailed reviews of the best jointer planer machines you can get today.

1. Jet JJP-12HH Jointer Planer Combo

jet jjp-12 jointer planer combo

The JET JJP-12HH will set you back a few thousand bucks, but it’s also prevents you from spending twice that amount on two machines.

Converting it from a jointer to a planer or vise versa is quick and easy, requiring just a few quick steps with the absent of any external tools.

In terms of capacity, the JET JJP-12HH jointer planer offers a 12 inch rip capacity whether you’re jointing or planing boards with it.

As far as these machines go, this is one of the most versatile ones around.

Talking about power, the JJP-12HH comes equipped with a powerful 3 horse power 12.5 amps motor which powers the cutterhead when using both the jointing and planing modes. The same motor also powers the feed roller system when converted to a planer.

A magnetic on a off safety switch protects the motor from damage due to variance or fluctuation in electrical power.

This feature prevents it from restarting on it’s own, in case power goes off and comes back on again, or when switching between modes. This is a very good safety mechanism that protects you and your prized equipment from potential damage.

The three-knife cutterhead is a plus for the JET JJP-12 combo machine. The cutterhead is 2-¾” in diameter and it powers both the jointing and planing operation.

Dust collection is also easy as it comes with a shroud that rotates in both settings to accommodate your dust collection system.

​Planer Features Of The Jet JJP-12

​As a planer, the JET JJP-12 is capable of planing boards up to 12 inches wide and 8 ¾ inches thick. It has a maximum cut depth of 1/8 inches for wide stocks and 5/32” for narrow stocks.

​Jointer Features Of The Jet JJP-12

When being used as a jointer, it is capable of handling the same board sizes as when it is used as a planer, 12 inch wide boards. The maximum cut depth is also 1/8 inches.

It has a 43” long by 6” tall fence for an accurate jointing process. The fences can easily be adjusted to care for material width, and they can be adjusted between 0 and 45 degrees when jointing angled boards.

The JET JJP-12 jointer planer is one of the best woodworking machines out there that can function as a jointer as well as a planer. It is powerful, it’s accurate when setup properly, and it has a huge capacity for dimensioning wide boards. It is also fairly priced.

What I like about it

Changing from jointing to planing modes or from planing to jointing modes is very quick and easy with the JET JJP-12 jointer planer. This is something I really like about it.

You don’t have to remove any of the machine components when changing modes. Just with the aid of a pair of locking levers on the side, the JET JJP-12 can easily be switched from a jointer to a planer and vice versa.

I also like the large capacity it has. If you work with wide boards, then I’m sure you’re going to love the JET JJP-12 because of the size of boards it can accommodate.

It is also very powerful.

The 3 HP motor is able to handle any kind of wood thrown at it without bogging down.

I also like the fact that the jointer infeed and outfeed table are easy to adjust and they stay the same way once you’ve adjusted them the first time.

As far as maintenance go, the JET JJP-12 is very easy to maintain because all the parts are easily accessible just by removing a large panel at the rear of the cabinet. It’s very easy to access the cutterhead, and you can easily change the blades if you want to.

Where it can be improved

The jointer fence is made of aluminium, which I think is not as solid as steel.

I think a change from aluminum to steel would provide a more solid support for the work piece during jointing, and it will prove to be a better fit for the JET JJP-12 jointer planer.

​2. Rikon 25-010

Rikon 25-010

This Rikon 25-010 jointer planer comprises a cutter head with a 2-1/2 inch diameter and knives which spin at a speed of 4800 RPM and delivers 14,400 cuts every minute of its spin.

The fence extrusion is made of very strong aluminium which can be tilted to an angle of 45 degrees and it can also be returned to 90 degrees with the aid of a simple adjustable knob.

You can easily remove the outfeed table using flip levers when changing from jointing mode to planing mode while the fence can be removed by simply turning the spring operating lever.

The dimension of the infeed and outfeed tables are both 19-3/4 inch. The Rikon 25-010 jointer planer combo is a very powerful machine and it’s a suitable addition to any wood working workshop.

​3. Jet JJP-10BTOS Benchtop Jointer Planer Combo

jet jjp-10btos jointer planer combo

The Jet JJP-10BTOS 10-inch benchtop jointer planer combo comes packed with features usually found only in big floor models.

It’s designed in a special way to maximize space but not to lack in efficiency.

For instance, the jointing and planing tables can both be locked in order to prevent any form of play when using the machine and guarantee maximum precision when you dimension boards with it.

It has a maximum cutting width of 10 inches and produces up to 18000 cuts per minute ensuring a very smooth finish on the material you’re working on.

The jointer maximum cut depth is 1/8 inches and that of the planer is 0.08 inches.

It comes equipped with a rigid steel stand which allows you to transform it from benchtop to floor configuration quick and easy. This allows you to use the unit in whatever position or configuration you’re most comfortable with.

In terms of power, the JJP-10BTOS jointer planer combo features a 13 amp motor which provides steady performance for different kind of cutting operations. 2 sharp high-speed steel knives provides the edge needed to cut through the toughest lumber you have in stock.

The machine comes with an extruded aluminum fence which can be bevelled up to 45 degree for a more versatile, accurate and stable jointing operation.

Making height or depth adjustments is very easy, thanks to the planer scale which is very easy to read.

Talking about ergonomics and safety, the Jet JJP-10BTOS is properly designed with all control switches, knobs and buttons in the right places and easily accessible.

The knobs are oversized, allowing easy grip and overall control of the machine during operation. This allows you to work safely and efficiently.

You’ll also find the long sheet metal outfeed tables very useful, as they enable handling of longer workpieces and helps reduces snipe as well.

​4. Jet JJP-8BT

Jet jjp-8BTOS

The Jet JJP-8BT 8-Inch benchtop jointer planer combo have same features as the Jet JJP-10BTOS but it’s different in terms of it’s cutting width.

While the later has a cutting width of 10 inches, the JJP-8BT boasts an 8 inch cutting width.

However, like the later, if you’ve got a small workshop with a very limited space and you are looking for a portable combo machine to handle your jointing and planing projects, then the Jet JJP-8BT is a very good choice.

It consists of a powerful 13 amp motor just like the Jet JJP- 10BTOS which ensures it cuts through both hard and softwood, and it also comes with precision adjustment knobs for making fine adjustments during use. This and other useful features makes the Jet JJp-8BT one of the best benchtop jointer planer combos for small workshops today.

Jointer Planer Combo Buyer’s Guide

The video below explains thoroughly what you should look for when shopping for a jointer/planer combo machine. So, watch it if you still have questions that need answering.

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