Milwaukee Hole Hawg And Super Hawg Right Angle Drill Reviews

milwaukee hole hawg and super hawg review

Last updated on December 24th, 2020 at 09:36 am

The Milwaukee hole hawg and super hawg are two special and similar type of right angle drill produced ideally for wood frame construction purposes.

While Dewalt have their stud and joist drill, Milwaukee have their hole hawg and super hawg drills.

Both set of drills are right angle or 90 degree drills which serve the same purpose of drilling holes efficiently in studs and joists.

As a framer, plumber, electrician, handyman or construction worker, you’ll find the Milwaukee hole hawg and super hawg indispensable once you’ve tested their power and effectiveness on the jobsite.

These drills are HEAVY duty drills.

Notice I capitalized the heavy because they’re really no joke.

It will easily eat through any size and type of wood in the construction yard without binding or any type of kickbacks occurring.

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What’s the difference between the Milwaukee hole hawg and the super hawg

Both are basically the same right angle drills that perform the same function of drilling through studs and joists exceptionally well.

However, the super hawg is like the juiced version of the hole hawg. It’s more powerful and brute. While the hole hawg produces speeds up to 1200 rpm, the super hawg clocks up to 1750 in the corded model.

Thus, the amount of power produced is the major difference between the two.

Both comes in corded and cordless models so you can choose based on your preference, whether corded or cordless.

With that said, here are the main features and specs of each drill.

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Features of the Milwaukee Super Hawg

milwaukee super hawg

As mentioned earlier, the Milwaukee super hawg comes in both corded and cordless models, with no major difference between the two in terms of power and size, apart from the fact that one is cordless and the other is not.

Equipped with the cordless super hawg, you can drill up to 100 2-9/16 inch holes through beams as thick as 6 inches, per one battery charge on the M18 REDLITHIUM high output 6.0AH battery.

The drill comes equipped with Milwaukee’s POWERSTATE brushless motors that are design to ensure a longer tool life while delivering more speed, torque and durability than other motors in it’s class.

It also comes optimized with their REDLINK PLUS electronics which is a very advanced system that helps communicate and sync battery, tool and charger together, protecting the tool from overloads, heating and over-discharging and ensuring maximum performance while working with it.

For a craftsman working with these tools, being able to quickly insert drill bits, and hole saws in the drill chuck is very important, because it reduces downtime and makes your work quicker.

That’s why the Milwaukee Super Hawg comes equipped with an all-metal chuck which allows you to easily install and replace attachments with one hand.

Apart from the main handle, the Super Hawg also features an all-metal side handle that grants you complete control of the tool during operation.

Milwaukee also equipped it with a bright LED light to help illuminate the work area, affording you accurate vision of what you’re drilling.

Overall, the Milwaukee Super Hawg is really super in all aspects, including power, durability and ease of handling.

It’s one tool every pro contractor, electrician or framer should have in his toolbox.

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Features of the Milwaukee Hole Hawg

milwaukee hole hawg

Just like the Super Hawg, the Milwaukee Hole Hawg is designed for professionals looking for drills that deliver game-changing productivity on the jobsite..

It’s capable of using augers up to 1-1/4 inch and self-feed bits up to 2 inches.

There’s a corded Milwaukee hole hawg, but it turns out that the cordless one drills faster than it. With it, you can drill up to 150 7/8 inch holes on a single charge.

Surprisingly, it’s even 30 percent lighter than the corded model.

The hole hawg comes equipped with Milwaukee’s M18 REDLITHIUM XC5.0 batteries which runs cooler and provides 2.5 times more run time and recharges than the standard lithium batteries.

Additionally, the drill features a battery fuel gauge that displays the remaining charge on the battery, alerting you on when to recharge.

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All in All

The Milwaukee Super Hawg and Hole Hawg are kind of the top of the line right angle drills by Milwaukee.

If you ask me, I’d say they’re for professional craftsmen who drill holes in heavy duty lumber day-in-day-out on the jobsite.

Even if you’re just a serious DIY looking to engage in some serious project by yourself, you can still get it. But before you do, you should ask yourself, how many times are you going to be using it.

Is it a one-time thing, or you have other things you’re going to be using it for along the way. So, you should think about that.

Apart from that, if you’re a professional electrician, framer or plumber looking to do some serious drilling through some large dense lumber, then you should seriously consider getting the Milwaukee Super Hawg or Hole Hawg or alternatives like the Dewalt stud and joist drill.

You should because other less powerful drills are just going to bind with the wood, have kickbacks and ultimately waste your time.

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