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As a professional, it’s always important to find ways to improve and speed up your work. One of those ways is by upgrading the tools you already have with important accessories.

One of those tools that do require upgrade after they’re bought is the miter saw. There are several accessories you can use to upgrade and improve the working of your miter saw.

Some of these accessories like a gravity rise stand help improve the ergonomics of the saw, while others like the M1 caliber measuring tool listed below help speed up your work.

Here in this article, I’ve listed 10 of these miter saw accessories you can use to upgrade and improve the working of your saw whether you’re using it in the workshop or on the jobsite.

1. Kreg KMS8000 Precision Track & Stop Kit

Kreg KMS8000 Precision Track & Stop Kit

This is one of the most useful miter saw accessory I’ve come across. Using the Kreg precision trak and stop kit, you can abandon your tape measure and pencil, and still make precise cuts every time.

It’s especially helpful when you have to make repetitive cuts. Just place the stop at the length you want to cut, place your board against it and make as many cuts of the same length you need.

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2. Portable Miter Saw Stand

miter saw accessories

Using a miter saw without a stand is like running without shoes. It’s important that you have a stand of some sort to lift and support your miter saw and work piece.

If you have a workbench in your workshop, that would work, but a portable miter saw stand like the Bosch gravity rise stand shown above gives you an advantage a simple workbench won’t provide.

It’s portable and foldable. Which means it has wheels on it and can be folded and moved wherever the job is.

3. Dust Extractor

dust extractor

Most miter saws comes with dust collection ports, allowing the user to attach a suitable dust extractor or shop vacuum to the port, to collect all the dust produced when making cuts.

There’re different types of dust extractors or dust collectors you can go for, but I’d recommend a portable 8, 9 or 14 gallon dust extractor like the Bosch VAC090AH shown above.

Due to its portability, it can be used both in the workshop and on the jobsite. Just connect it to the dust collection port of the miter saw, switch it on, and it’ll do the rest.

Also ensure the one you choose includes a HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filter which is designed to capture 99.97 percent of the dust produced by the saw.

4. Automatic Vacuum Switch

automatic vacuum switch

The Automatic vacuum switch is not only meant for miter saws but also for other power tools that have dust collection systems connected like table saws, routers, sanders and so on.

This switch comes with two ports to which you can connect your power tool and your vacuum. Port A is for the tool and port B is for the vacuum.

When you start your miter saw or any other cutting tool connected to port A, port B delays 1 second before turning on the vacuum to prevent circuit overload by a large current.

It also delays to turn off the vacuum up to 7 seconds after the tool is turned off to ensure the inlet tube and surrounding work area is clean of dust.

Although it’s not specifically meant for miter saws only, it’s a must-have accessory you should have to keep your tool and shop wiring safe.

5. Miter Saw Protractor

miter saw protractor

A good miter saw protractor is an essential accessory you should have if you install any type of mouldings, carry out trim work or other carpentry projects that requires making angled cuts with the miter saw.

With the protractor, angles of both inside and outside corners can be measured accurately with ease and transferred to the miter saw for cutting.

This is not only for woodworking or carpentry projects. There are many applications for this including plumbing and metalworking.

6. M1 Caliber Measuring Tool

M1 caliber measuring tool

If you really want to take measurements on your miter saw to a whole new level, then this M1 Caliber is one important accessory you should grab.

The M1 Caliber takes the linear measurement of any material that’s slid underneath its wheel, and displays that measurement on a large backlid, LCD screen.

All the user needs to do is clamp it on the miter saw fence and release the arm, slide the material under the wheel towards the saw blade so that the edge of the material is just against the blade to zero the measurement. Then slide the material to your desired length and start cutting.

Of course, you can always use a tape measure to take measurements on the material and mark the cutting line before taking it to the saw. But with the M1 caliber, you can speed up that process, reducing downtime and speeding up your work.

7. Kreg KMA2800 Crown-Pro Crown Molding Tool

Kreg KMA2800 Crown-Pro Crown Molding Tool

This unique miter saw accessory from Kreg will change the way you cut and install crown moldings for the better.

If you really want to cut crown moldings the easy way, then you’ve got to start using this Crown-Pro Crown molding cutting tool.

This is one of those miter saw accessories you won’t be able to do without once you start using them. It eliminates the need for any difficult compound-angle cuts on trim.


kreg crown-pro tool

It holds your trim on the miter saw at the exact angle required for it to be hanged or installed, allowing you to cut it exactly at that angle.

So, there’s no more need for you to employ any difficult technique, making compound angle cuts on your trim. This Crown-Pro crown molding cutting tool makes sure of that.

The curved design of the tool allows you to compensate for a variety of crown spring angles, and it features an extension arm that allows you to cut crowns as wide as 5-1/2 inches with ease.

It also comes with an adjustable angle finder that makes finding angles of inside and outside corners very easy. You can even use it to check the spring angle of your trim.

With this unique miter saw accessory, cutting and fixing crown mouldings will become very easy for you whether you’re an experienced trim carpenter or you’re a newbie just starting out.

8. Miter Saw Laser Marker

miter saw laser accessory

Not that it’s absolutely needed, but a miter saw laser marker will make it easier, especially for new users to use their miter saws.

The laser marker projects a straight line across the wood you’re trying to cut showing exactly where the blade will go through.

So, if your miter saw does not come with a laser marker, you can just get one of these and attach it to your miter saw blade, and guest what. You’ve got a laser marker.

9. Rousseau 5000 Dust Solution for Miter Saws

Rousseau 5000 dust solution miter saw accessory

A lot of dust is produced when making cuts with a miter saw, and the dust bag that comes with it don’t really collect 100 percent of the dust produced during these cuts.

This leaves the escaping dust in the air and all over your working space which is not safe. But with a dust solution like this Rousseau 5000, you get to trap all the dust that is produced as you work with your miter saw.

The Rousseau 5000 is ideal for outdoor jobsite conditions because it still will not trap all the dust produced.

For a more efficient dust collection or when working indoors in the workshop, you should consider hooking a dust extractor or shop vac to the miter saw.

10. Dewalt Miter Saw Crown Stops

miter saw crown stops

If you regularly install crown moldings, and you work with Dewalt miter saws, then you’ll love the Dewalt DW7084 crown stops.

These crown stops helps you position the crown moldings you’re cutting accurately against your miter saw fence.

The stops comes in pairs made of tough steel, and you can position each one at each side of the fence when cutting moldings.

11. 100 Tooth Diablo Ultra Fine Blade

100 tooth Diablo blade for miter saw

Any saw is only as good as the blade you use with it. If you’re still using the standard 10 inch or 12 inch stock blade that came with your miter saw, then you definitely don’t know what’s up.

Replace the stock blade that came with it with a fine tooth blade like any Diablo’s 100 tooth blade, and you’ll notice a huge difference in the cuts made with it. The cuts will be easier, the sound produced during cuts will be reduced and the finishing will look as if the wood was sanded with a fine grit sand paper.

12. Miter Saw Roller Material Support

ToughBuit 3-in-1 miter saw roller material support

Cutting short workpieces on a miter saw is quite easy and straightforward. The issue comes when you have to cut longer workpieces, because of the other end dangling over the short miter saw table.

That is where this roller material support comes in handy. It helps keep longer workpieces like wood and pipes stable and level with the table for an easier cut.

The height is adjustable, so there’s no worry about the height from the saw stand. It’s also very compact or portable, making it very ideal for use in jobsite conditions.

It’s built with heavy duty steel, both roller and frame, so it can be able to support heavy workpieces without any issue.

Whether you’re working in the workshop or on the jobsite, this roller support is a very important accessory you can pair with not only the miter saw, but with other benchtop tools like thickness planers.

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