2 Porter Cable Planers Reviewed

porter cable planer review

Last updated on August 26th, 2020 at 05:25 am

There are two types of porter cable planers currently available today. One (the Porter-Cable PC60THP) is an electric hand planer, while the other (Porter-Cable PC305TP) is a portable thickness planer.

As a woodworker, it’s important to have both of these types of planers in your workshop as each of them have different uses.

The Porter-Cable PC305TP, which is the thickness planer is ideal for thicknessing or reducing the thickness of dimensional or reclaimed lumber. It’s also used for smoothening and removing the rough surface of lumber.

Now, you can’t use a thickness planer when the project or workpiece you’re working on is already assembled. For instance, you can’t shove an assembled door inside a thickness planer because it’s too big. The planer can’t accommodate it.

That is where you need a hand planer. The Porter-Cable PC60THP is the electric hand planer, and it’s used when the lumber or wood to be planed is too wide to go through the thickness planer. It’s ideal for projects or workpieces that are already assembled such as doors, wooden frames and other furniture pieces.

We’ve reviewed both of them in this article, going through all the features each of them has, so as to help you decide if they’re worth buying or not.

Porter Cable PC305TP 15 Amp 12 Inch Thickness Planer

The 15 amp 12-inch porter cable planer is basically a refined and rebranded version of the Delta planer.

It’s is a very good, valuable and yet affordable asset for any small woodworking shop. It is portable and works extremely well in reclaiming old boards as well surface planing new ones.

The planer comes with a powerful 15 amp motor that cuts quick and smooth through hard boards. It does not make a lot of noise when working, therefore will not disturb your neighbourhood when in use.

It comes with easily replaceable blades. The blades have indexing holes unlike earlier benchtop planer blades that require blade replacement jigs to replace them.

The blades that come with this portal cable planer are also double sided. That means when one side gets blunts, you can just take them off the cutter head and flip them over to the other sharp end and they will just work like new blades.

Making height or depth adjustments is very easy using the crank on top of the planer.

The only downside of using this PC305TP porter cable planer is that it produces snipes in both ends of the boards if you leave it unsupported when going in and coming out.

porter cable PC305TP 15 amp thickness planer

To address the issue of snipe, you have to support the board when feeding it into the machine, and support it when it’s coming out on the other side. With proper support, you can be sure that there’ll be no snipe.

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Porter Cable PC60THP 6 Amp Electric Hand Planer

The PC60THP portal cable planer is an electric hand planer which comes with a heavy-duty 6 amp motor with a maximum no load speed of 16,500 rpm.

Thus, it can cut through any type of wood, both hard and soft efficiently without bogging. 

The PC60THP consists of two dust extraction units, one at each side of the planer. This means you can place the dust extraction hose on whichever side that’s suitable for you, making it more flexible for use in the workshop.

The depth adjustment knob is overmolded for easy handling, and there are 10 positive stops, allowing you to control the planer and make easy depth adjustments.

It also features 3 edge chamfering grooves which you’ll find very handy for carrying out edge chamfering on doors and other furniture or wooden pieces.

It features an 11.5 inch cast aluminium shoe, a max depth of cut of 5/64 inches and 0.47 inch rabbet depth, allowing you to remove more materials in less time.

porter cable PC60THP 6 Amp electric hand planer

Here is what comes with the package when you get the PC60THP.

  1. PC60THP hand planer
  2. 2 Carbide cutting blades
  3. 1 Wrench
  4. 1 dust bag
  5. 1 Edge guide
  6. 1 Kit bag

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The 2 models of Porter Cable planers reviewed above will definitely prove to be very useful and cost-effective additions to any woodworking shop.

If you’re looking for an electric hand planer, then you can’t go wrong with the Porter-Cable PC60THP. If not, then you can really get a lot done with the 15 amp benchtop model.

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