10 Super Useful Power Drill Accessories You Should Have

power drill accessories

Last updated on June 3rd, 2020 at 09:51 pm

Your power drill can help you do more with the right drill accessories. With these accessories and a few drilling tips, you can transform and upgrade your power drill, allowing you to do things with it you’ve not been able to do with it before.

You’ll be able to use it everywhere and every day because it just became a tool you can use to do almost anything.

From the kitchen, to the garage, you’ll find use for your drill everywhere. You just got to get the right accessories.

So, what are these drill accessories you need to upgrade your power drill? Well, here are the best ones we found.

1. Universal wrench

universal socket wrench drill accessory

Loosen and tighten any type of nut or both with this universal wrench or socket. Even broken and stripped nuts can be loosened with it.

It conforms to any nut or bolt shape you throw it at. In fact, you can loose anything with it provided it fits into the wrench.

You no longer have to search and switch between different sockets to find a suitable one. Just get one of this universal socket, and you’re gold.

Your DIY projects will go smooth and you’ll carry out projects easily without any frustration of carrying around too many tools.

All you need is a power drill and this universal socket.

It’s made with chrome vanadium steel, hence it’s super strong and will not wear out easily.

2. Double headed sheet metal nibbler / metal cutter

power drill accessories

Cut through any 14 gauge sheet material with the greatest of ease with this sheet metal nibbler. You can cut with precision through sheet metal, powder coated material, stainless steel, pipes, copper, aluminum, fiberglass, plastic and formica with this metal cutting bit.

It doesn’t matter the shape you want to cut. It cuts smoothly and precisely. All you need is a power drill and this metal cutter/nibbler, and you’re ready to make any complex cut with great precision.

It’s one drill accessory you’ll never get tired of using, and you’ll always find many applications for it, whether you’re woodworker, autoworker, DIYer or a handyman.

3. Flip Drive

power drill accessories

This accessories allows you to quickly change between drilling of holes and driving of screws within seconds.

With the time saved, you can do more and complete jobs faster. It’s a must have drill accessory if you really want to do more with your power drill.

4. Dewalt right angle flex shaft

right angle flex shaft

Ever needed to drill a hole or drive a screw in a very awkward position? This Dewalt DWARAFS right angled flex shaft allows you to do that easily.

You can drill holes and drive screws with your drill in tight hard to reach spaced easily. Just attach your drill bit to the flex shaft and attach the flex shaft to your power drill, and get to work.

The head of the flex shaft is magnetic, which helps to hold your fasteners securely and align them perfectly.

If you need something a little bit more straightforward, you can always go for this right cordless right angled drill that will also help you drill holes and drive screws at right angles, allowing you to reach tight awkward spaces that your regular power drill will not allow you to reach.

5. Drill brush

drill brush and scrubber

Do your cleaning and scrubbing in the kitchen in a fraction of the regular time with this drill brush  and scrubber bit.

Just attach this brush and scrubber bit to your cordless drill, and you’ll get everything back to sparkling new in your home with less elbow grease.

It’s one of the best cordless drill accessories every homeowner surely needs for cleaning.

6. Bighorn sanding drum set

Attach these to your drill and you can sand those rough curved edges to maximum smoothness. If you don’t have an oscillating spindle sander, you can just go for this.

It’s a set, so there’re different sizes of sanding drum inside you can use to sand any type of curve you want to sand.

7. Drillmate drilling guide

drilling guide

This drillmate drilling guide will help you align your drill and make straight or angled holes along the edge of your board.

You can make angled cuts from 45 to 90 degrees with this drill guide. It has a built-in angle read out which you can use to read and drill through your board at any angle of your choosing.

This is one milescraft product you definitely need to have if you work with a cordless drill, especially when drill holes on doors for key or door knob installation.

8. Magnetic wristband

magnetic wristband

I believe every craftsman or DIYer can always do with a magnetic wristband like this one made by Hodman Tools.

It’s like a third helping hand which helps you hold screws, drill bits and nails within reach and makes them easily accessible when you need them.

If you’re using more than one drill bit or driver bit, just put the ones you’re not using including screws on the magnetic wristband and you’ll have them right there with you when you need them again.

The magnetic wristband is another important power drill accessory you’d come to love and find it difficult to do without it once you’ve had it.

9. Paint and mud mixer

paint mixer drill accessory

Try mixing a large quantity of paint with just your hand and you’ll never try it again because of the difficulty.

If you can’t afford a paint mixing machine, just get this paint and mud mixing bit and pair it with your cordless drill.

With a drill accessories like this one, you have a power hand mixer you can use at the press of a button without tiring yourself out.

10. Sanding disc pad kit

sanding and polishing disk pad drill accessories

One of the best tool for sanding and polishing is a random orbital sander. But if you don’t have one of those, there’s no need to fret.

This sanding disk pad is best used with a drill grinder but I figured if you have a normal cordless drill, you can make it work as well. Just attach the pad bit to your drill with the appropriate grit sandpaper attached, and you can get your projects sanded and polished until they’re silky smooth.

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