10 Simple Woodworking Tools That Will Change How You Work With Wood

simple woodworking tools that will change thw way you work with wood

Last updated on June 3rd, 2020 at 07:49 pm

In the early times, the work of a woodworker is mostly associated with men. It’s so because it’s tedious and hard, and there were not enough or adequate tools that make the work easier.

Hence, it requires a good amount of strength and elbow grease. At least that’s how people saw woodworking and other construction work.

That has been true for some time. These days however, even women engage in woodworking projects because there are so many tools now that makes the job much easier.

From woodworking power tools like miter saws, framing nailers to simple woodworking tools or accessories like a Kreg Jig, there are so many tools now that makes woodworking more newbie friendly.

These tools have changed the way people perceive woodworking. It has change the way people work with wood, and today, I’m going to introduce you to more of these tools, and I’m sure you’re going to find one or two that will catch your attention, and actually change the way you handle your woodworking projects.

Using these tools will make your job as a woodworker easier, faster and safer, saving you more time to work on more projects.

Find The 10 Simple Woodworking Tools Below

1. Magnetic Digital Level and Angle Finder

Do you have a digital angle gauge like the Gemrad 82412 in your tool arsenal? Have you ever used one? No? Then you’re surely missing out on this time-saving tool.

time saving woodworking tools, magnetic digital level and angle finder, simple woodworking tools

Just as shown in the picture, it’s just a little square box that allows you to read or know the angle of anything you place it on.

You want to set the bevel angle of your table saw, miter saw, circular saw easily? Good, just place the base of the digital angle gauge on the blade. There are magnets built into the base which will secure the angle gauge to any metal surface you place it on.

Once on the surface, the LCD display will show the angle of that surface to an accuracy of 0.2 degrees. There are many applications for the wonderful and time saving tool. Not just for woodworking.

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2. Kreg K5 Pocket-Hole Jig

Kreg Tools has had some awesome pocket hole jigs made before just like the Kreg R3 Junior pocket hole jig which works pretty well. But the Kreg K5 pocket hole jig is just pure awesomeness.

kreg k5 pocket hole jig, time saving woodworking tools

What I like most about the K5 is just the ease of mounting the workpiece which is the wood to the jig. The K5 comes equipped with a front-mounted clamping handle which is very easy to access, and it’s connected to a ratchet clamp mechanism that does not require any tools to get the workpiece clamp.

All you have to do is place the workpiece between, close the ratchet clamp in, and raise and lower, the clamping handle and you’re done.

With the Kreg K5 pocket-hole jig, drilling pocket holes for making strong joints just became very easy and time saving.

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3. Rockwell RK9003 JawHorse

This is one of the woodworking tools that I actually believe will make you send me a thank you letter for recommending it to you.

Having the Rockwell Jawhorse is just like having a whole workshop with you anywhere anytime. It’s a very versatile tool that can be used for many things.

You can use vice, a miter saw stand, tile saw stand, clamp a piece of plywood to it and you have a workbench in place. It provides hands free support for you to work on your workpiece.

The jaws of the Jawhorse which provides up to 1 ton of clamping force also extends up to 37 inches, which allows you to clamp very wide materials such as doors on it safely and comfortably.

If you want to read more about the Rockwell Jawhorse, you can do so here. The Jawhorse is one of my favorite tools, and I’m sure you’ll feel the same way too when you get your hands on it.

4. Work Sharp WS3000 Wood Tool Sharpener

Sharp tools means you work easier and faster, something you cannot say when the tools you’re using such as your chisels, lathe tools, spoke shaves are all blunt.

time saving woodworking tools

Whether your tools are sharp or not, the reality is sharp tools will definitely become blunt again, and that is where the Work Sharp WS3000 wood sharpening tool comes in.

It’s an air-cooled dry sharpening system that keeps your tools cool while sharpening them to prevent damage due to heat build-up.

If you use tools that get blunt often and requires sharpening, then the Work Sharp WS3000 is definitely one tool that should be on your buy-list.

5. Dremel 220-01 Rotary Tool Workstation

Ever want a portable drill press or workstation to carry out your drilling, sanding, polishing and other related tasks? This 12 inch high Dremel 230-01 rotary tool workstation is the all in one tool you need.

It’s a 3 in 1 tool which acts a s drill press, a rotary tool holder and a flex-shaft tool stand. You can use it to drill perpendicularly as well as angular holes at increments of 15 degrees.

Apart from it being a very versatile tool, the main reason why I like the Dremel workstation so much is it’s portability. It’s just 12 inches in height and weighs just 4.85 lbs. Which means you can take it with you from jobsite to jobsite to jobsite, without any problem.

You can also check out this Dremel Ultra saw if you’re a Dremel tools fan.

6. The Dust Deputy Deluxe Anti-Static Cyclone Separator

If you use a vacuum dust collector in your shop (which you should definitely be using) and you’re not using or not aware of the Dust Deputy Anti-Static Cyclone Separator, then you’re definitely missing out on this wonderful tool.

It’s one tool that will definitely increase the lifespan of your vacuum dust collector tenfold. What it does is that it separates almost all the dust (99% of the dust) from the air before it hit the filters of your vacuum, and empties the dust into an attached bucket as shown in the picture above.

Eliminating the need to open your vacuum all the time and clean out the clogged filters which results from too much dust entering into the vacuum.

Now, you no longer have to open up your vacuum for a very long time. All you need is empty the dust from the bucket attached to the dust deputy.

7. PORTER-CABLE 4216 Dovetail Super Jig

As a woodworker, I’m sure you’re familiar with the familiar dovetail joint which is a very common type of joint with many applications in cabinet making, furniture, timber framing and even log building.

Dovetail joints as seen in the image above can be made without a jig, which is a bit time consuming. However, if you’re equipped with a dovetail jig like the Porter-Cable 4216 Dovetail Super Jig, then you can make as many dovetails as you want in very little time.

With it you can make half-blind dovetails, rabbeted half-blind dovetails and even sliding dovetails with relative ease, saving yourself time and energy.

If you find yourself making use of the dovetail joint a lot, then you should definitely consider getting this Porter-Cable 4216 Dovetail Super Jig.

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8. POWERTEC 71017 Band Clamp

There are many applications for the band clamp, but you’ll find it very useful especially If you make framed workpieces like picture frames, or boxes like jewelry or wine boxes. It’s ideal for square, round or irregular shaped workpieces.

band clamp, simple woodworking tools

The Powertec band clamp consists of a band 1 inches wide and 13 inches long, made of high-strength nylong webbing.

Also, there are quick release levers to easily tighten the band around the work piece or release the band once you’re through with the clamping. It won’t mar your work surface as the clamping jaws that come with it are made of hard plastic.

Whether you’re a professional woodworker or you’re just a diyer looking to get more done, the Powertec band clamp is definitely one woodworking accessory you’ll find very useful.

9. Kreg Cabinet Hardware Jig

If you want a high level of accuracy and ease while installing hardware like knobs and pulls on your cabinet, then you’ve got to get the Kreg Cabinet Hardware Jig.

It comes very handy especially when you’re installing the same knob or pull across many cabinets. You can avoid repeated measurement by simply setting the measurement to be drilled in the hardware jig and use it to drill all the holes needed.

Then you can fix your knobs and pulls easily, saving yourself valuable time and energy to handle other projects.

10. The Tri-Vise Simple Woodworking Tool

If you’re a construction worker, timber framer, handyman, or maybe you just carry out small DIYer construction projects in your backyard, then you’ll surely love this Tri-Vise.

As seen from the image below, it’s kind of a lumber lock woodworking gadget which you can use to safely elevate lumber off the ground to measure, drill, cut or finish.

It locks the lumber in place, preventing it from moving and allows you to work on it easily. It can hold different sizes and shape of lumber easily from 2 inches to 12 inches in size.

If you work with any kind of lumber, then you’ll surely love the Tri-Vise. It can help you get more work done in the smallest possible time.


Having listed the 10 simple woodworking tools I promised, I’d say that there are many more woodworking tools and accessories out there. All of them are made to make the job of working with wood easier.

The 10 above are just some of the best ones that will really change the way you work with wood from now on. I hope you find one or more among them that really makes your job as a woodworker easier.

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