dremel ultra saw

The Dremel Ultra saw works just like a reciprocating saw for cutting through different types of materials, although it looks more like a circular saw with circular blades called wheels.

Unlike a reciprocating saw which does not really offer much cut accuracy, the Dremel Ultra saw offers cleaner, more accurate cuts through different types of materials.

You can cut through wood, metal, tile, plastic, masonry, concrete and a whole lot of other materials, hence the name “Ultra“. It comes fitted with a 7.5 Amp motor, powerful enough for tough applications such as in cutting of metal and other hard materials.

With a metal foot and guard, and a long lasting drive train, the Dremel ultra saw features everything you need to tackle the toughest of cuts.

Dremel Ultra saw accessories and attachment

The Dremel Ultra saw comes with a few accessories and attachment which makes it a very versatile tool. These accessories help you handle the saw and increases the number of applications you can use it for.

dremel ultra saw plunge cutting metal

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The attachments or accessories include:

US820 Auxiliary handle which helps you hold it securely during use.

US500 4 inch carbide wood cutting wheel

US510 2.5 inch metal cutting wheel

US600 4 inch carbide wood flush cutting wheel

It also comes with the US410 4 inch diamond surface prep wheel grinding accessory, and a wrench to help you setup or replace the wheels or blades.

Wheels or Blades

the Dremel Ultra saw blades or cutting wheels

The wheels or blades that come with it allows you to cut basically any type of material, whether it’s metal, wood, plastic, drywall, tile and a variety of other materials.

Just as I mentioned above, it comes with 3 wheels. A US500 4 inch carbide wood cutting wheel, a US510 3.5 inch metal cutting wheel and a US600 4 inch carbide wood flush cutting wheel, plus an addition  US410 4 inch diamond surface prep or grinding wheel for surface preparation.

Apart from these wheels, Dremel also sells a separate set of 6 wheels, which is the Dremel US700 set.

The Dremel US700 6 wheel set comprises 1 US540 diamond tile wheel, 2 US500 wood cutting wheel and 3 US510 metal cutting wheels.

So, if the wheels that came with the saw happen to get worn out, you can get the US700 6 wheel set to replace them and continue using your Ultra saw.

How to use the Dremel Ultra saw

There are many ways you can use the Dremel ultra saw. You can use it for different construction applications, whether you’re working with metal, laying bricks or tiles, masonry work or plumbing. It’s a high utility tool that gives you the capacity to cut different types of materials while carrying out your projects.

So, here are some applications for it.

Grind and Shaping Materials

masonry cutting with dremel ultra saw

The dremel ultra saw blade is smaller than a regular circular saw blade. That means you can use it for making very small trims, grinding and shaping of materials.

For instance, when installing tiles, you can use it to cut holes and shapes in the tiles to fit around obstacles in the way like pillars and poles, so the tiles can be set properly without any space. You can also use to grind and cut bricks and masonry to fit right where you want to install them.

Making Cross Cuts

cutting metal pipe with dremel ultra saw

A very good application for the dremel ultra saw is making accurate cross cuts through different materials. You can cross cut steel pipes as shown above, cross cut rods, wood, pvc pipes and so on.

Just install the US510 2.5 inch metal cutting wheel if you want to cut steel pipes or something similar.

The only drawback here is that you can’t really make bevel or miter cuts as with a miter saw or a chop saw.

Rip cutting

rip cutting with dremel ultra saw

The dremel ultra saw is a handheld tool, that means you can hold it in your hand, and use it to rip through materials with ease. You have an added advantage here because it’s not just for cutting through one type of material only.

You can make clean accurate rip cuts through a variety of materials just by using the right blade.

Flush Cutting

cutting tiles with the dremel ultra saw

When it comes to making flush cuts against other materials, it’s the ideal tool you need.

For instance, when cutting baseboards for flooring installation, you need a tool that can help you make flush cuts easily

All you have to do here is to install a US600 flush cut wheel or blade, turn it sideways and use it for any type of flush cuts you want to make.

With it you can make flush cuts into any type of wood, composite materials, plastic, PVC, laminate flooring and drywall.

Plunge cutting

plunge cutting floor board

The depth of the blade can be adjusted, which means you can control the depth of cut and make any type and size of plunge cut you want to make.

If you want to make plunge cuts in the center of a board, such as when making a rectangular hole for a floor vent, this is one of the best tools you can use.

Surface prepping

You can carry out surface preparation operations easily with the Dremel Ultra saw. You can use it to remove rust, thin-set and paint from any surface you want to work on.

All you have to do is to install the right wheel on it, turn it sideways and use it to prep your surface.

All in all, you’ll only come to appreciate it more once you get one for yourself, because you’ll continue to find more uses everyday as you carry out your projects with it.

Drawbacks and Conclusion

From what I’ve seen the Dremel ultra saw have 2 main drawbacks. The first one is that there’s no dust collection. There’s no dust port, so you can’t connect a shop vac or anything to collect the dust produced when making cuts with it, especially when grinding bricks or any other masonry material.

So, when making use of it, you have to be ready to carry out cleanup later, since all the dust produced is going to spread all over your work area or workshop.

The second drawback is that, unlike a circular saw, the blade or wheel cannot be beveled. So, you can only make straight 90 degree cuts with it. To me, this is not a major downside though, since you can always use a circular saw or miter saw to make you bevel cuts if you need to.

Apart from these 2 drawbacks, I believe the Dremel ultra saw is an excellent tool to have, no matter what kind of profession you’re in. You’ll find uses for it whether you’re woodworker, plumber, home remodeler, or even a metal fabricator. It’s a tool that is designed to cut and grind most of the materials we use for everyday construction projects.

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