types of husky tools boxes

Husky Tools is a popular brand owned by Home Depot which specializes in manufacturing and distributing a wide range of hand tools. However, they’re best known for their storage solutions or tool boxes.

These Husky Tool boxes are designed to provide a durable and secure storage for different types of tools and equipment. There are different types you can choose from, and they’re typically constructed using heavy-duty materials like steel and polypropylene.

Steel and polypropylene are very durable materials, and using them ensures whatever tools are stored in the boxes are secure and protected from any form of damage, especially on a rough jobsite.

Husky Tools boxes come in various designs, sizes and configurations. They offer multiple compartments, draws, and trays to help you organize and store your tools efficiently. There are portable toolboxes, chest-styles units and bigger sized rolling units with wheels and a retractable handle, allowing for easy transportation and mobility on the job.

They often feature a secure locking mechanism with a key to prevent unauthorized access to the content of the box, and to prevent theft. It can be a key lock or a combination, depending on the model you choose to get.

Types of Husky Tools Boxes

Like I mentioned earlier, Husky offers a variety of Tool boxes and storage units you can use to organize and secure your tools.

Here are the different types and sizes you can choose from.

Husky Portable Tools Boxes

husky portable tools box

As their name implies, portable Husky Tool boxes are designed for easy transportation and are typically smaller in size.

Their sizes range from a compact 16 inches length to larger units like 22 inches or more. These portable units come equipped with handles on tops for carrying them around and may have single or multiple compartments for storage.

Husky Open Tool Tote

Husky open tote box

The Husky open tool tote is a type of storage solution designed to provide easy access to your tools and equipment. It’s unlike traditional tool boxes because it does not have a lid or a cover on top.

Its main advantage is its easy accessibility. You can quickly reach and grab any of the tools stored in it without having to open or close anything.

It has multiple pockets, compartments and loops, including interior and exterior pockets to accommodate various tools and accessories.

They’re usually made of durable materials like heavy-duty nylon, polyester or canvas, which provide resistance to wear and tear, and thus suitable for every day use.

Husky open tool tote bags by electricians, carpenters, plumbers and even mechanics.

Husky Tool Chests

Husky tool chests offer larger storage spaces with multiple drawers and compartments for your tools. They’re usually made with very sturdy and durable materials like steel or aluminum, and are ideal for craftsmen with a substantial collection of tools.

If you have a garage or a workshop and you have several hand tools and equipment to organize, a tool chest is usually the ideal storage solution to go for, and Husky tools produce several models and sizes, from 25 inch to 40 inch units.

They’re usually placed stationary on the garage floor or can be mounted on a workbench for easy access.

Husky Rolling Tools Box

Husky rolling tool boxes are similar to the stationary tool chest but they come with wheels and handles for easy mobility.

They come equipped with several drawers and compartments in various sizes, and are also suitable for storing a large collection of tools.

Combination Tool Boxes and Cabinets

husky combination tool box and cabinet

Combination tool boxes and cabinets are larger storage solutions that combines and tool chest/box and cabinet in one.

The chest usually sits on top of the cabinet, thus making it easier to access to you frequently use. The cabinet sits under the chest and it offers additional storage space for larger and heavier tools you may not use that often.

Husky combination tool boxes and cabinets also come in different sizes and can be as wide as 52 inches or more.

Drawer Cabinet

Husky drawer cabinet

Husky drawer cabinets are usually available in 26 inch and 27 inch wide sizes, and they provide an organized storage through a simple system of drawers.

They’re usually made of steel, which makes them very durable, and are often used in industrial settings like a mechanic or auto body workshop. There are single row drawer cabinets and multiple row drawer cabinets.

Some cabinets have shallow drawers for storing and organizing  smaller tools like screw drivers and wrenches, while others feature deeper drawer that can accommodate larger tools.

Husky Mobile Workbench

Husky mobile workbench

If you’re in need of a workbench that can double as a storage for your tools, you can just get one of Husky’s mobile workbenches.

They usually consists of a spacious work surface that may be made of solid wood or stainless steel, and provides an ample space for carrying out various tasks in the shop or garage.

Under the work surface includes various storage options like drawers, cabinets, shelves, and even a pegboard at the top.

The drawers and cabinet provide storage for small tools, accessories and other items, while the pegboard offers a convenient way to hang tools for quick and easy access while carrying out a project.

Husky mobile workbenches also come with heavy duty wheels or casters that allow for easy movement around the workshop. The casters may be lockable to prevent them for drifting and provide stability during use.

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