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Which Air Compressor Size Should You Go For?

January 23, 20217 min read

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How To Choose Between An Oil Compressor Vs An Oil-Free One

How To Choose Between An Oil Compressor Vs An Oil-Free One

January 14, 20216 min read

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How To Use A Torque Wrench – Beginner’s Guide

How To Use A Torque Wrench – Beginner’s Guide

January 8, 20215 min read

If you work on cars or any other machinery where you have to tighten nuts and bolts such as those found in car suspensions, the engine, wheels and even breaks,…

How To Prepare And Use Reclaimed Wood For Your Projects

How To Prepare And Use Reclaimed Wood For Your Projects

December 16, 20208 min read

To some extent, wood ages like fine wine. Just like fine wine, you can tell someone where reclaimed wood is from, what it was first used to build, how it…

Router Tool Basics: The Beginners Guide To Using A Router

Router Tool Basics: The Beginners Guide To Using A Router

December 10, 20207 min read

The router tool is one of the most important tools you can find in any woodworkers workshop. If you carry out furniture or cabinet making projects on a regular basis,…

5 Dovetail Jigs To Cut Perfect Dovetail And Box Joinery

5 Dovetail Jigs To Cut Perfect Dovetail And Box Joinery

November 29, 20208 min read

If you’ve ever cut dovetails and box joinery by hand before, you’d definitely see the need for dovetail jigs. A dovetail joint is a very common but difficult-to-make woodworking joint…

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woodworking tools

Wood is one of the oldest construction material people still use today. It has been around for quite some time, and it’s so common that we use it for making a lot of things today.

From making small utensils like spoons, jewelleries like wooden wrings to larger uses like furniture making, and to even larger uses like housing construction.

Woodworking is an activity that so many people carry out today, some as a hobby while others as a job.

When it comes to working with wood, you need to learn the skill either through enrolling in a school program that teaches it, serving as an apprentice to a professional woodworker or simply going through the DIY approach. Browsing and learning through online tutorials.

However, no matter the amount of skills you have, without the right tools, carrying out woodworking projects can be very tough.

Hammers are good, but a good framing nailer can save you much time and energy. A hand saw can get the job done, but having a circular saw in hand can really make a huge difference in your projects.

Finding and using the right tools can really make your woodworking projects go a whole lot smoother. We use these tools every day, so we know what works.

When it comes to saws, we know the right table saws you can use for making rips cuts, we know the best band saws for resawing lumber, we’ve used many brands of miter saws that we know which ones makes better cross cuts and miter cuts.

Furniture making require the use of tools such planers to mill and smoothen the wood, scroll saws for cutting intricate shapes, nailers and staplers for joining the pieces together.

As professional woodworkers, it’s impossible to overstate the importance of having different types of wood planers and a jointer in your workshop.

These tools really add a whole new dimension to what you can do with every wood piece you buy or find. With a thickness planer, you can dimension rough lumber and smoothen the surface to the condition you need it to be.

If you carry out woodworking as a hobby, you don’t need to buy the floor model planers that are large and expensive. You can go for portable benchtop planers instead.

Whether you go for a portable model or a big floor model, every woodworker also needs a good hand planer in his/her tool collection. These hand planers allow you to plane and smoothen already assembled furniture pieces, or lumber that’s too large to fit inside your thickness planer.

To really smoothen the surface of your furniture pieces, you’re going to need different types of sanders as well.

A random orbital sander can help you remove any marks left by your planer with ease. You can attach different grit sizes of sandpapers to the motorized circular sanding pad, allowing you to achieve different levels of smoothness on your furniture piece.

Oscillating spindle sanders on the other hand, are used on irregular surfaces where using a random orbital sander is just not possible. You can use them to sand shapes and patterns in your furniture pieces.

If you’re building a deck or a wooden floor in your home, a good floor sander can really go a long way to help you get every surface level and smooth as quickly as possible.

When it comes joining or assembling the different wood pieces that makes up your furniture or cabinet, there are different joinery techniques you can employ, and there are tools you need to make these joints.

For instance, dovetail joints are excellent and crafty looking joints you can use for joining cabinets and furniture, but making them by hand is quite difficult and time consuming. But with a dovetail jig and a router tool, you can make dovetail joints in a fraction of the time it should have taken you to make with simple hand tools.

Biscuit and pocket hole joinery are two other excellent joinery techniques you can use during your woodworking projects. For these, you need a biscuit joiner and a pocket hole jig. Apart from the ones mentioned here, there’re many other modern woodworking tools that can make your projects a whole lot easier and better.  You can check the blog for more ideas.

Lawn and Outdoor Gear

lawn and outdoor gear

Your lawn and outdoor space is the first sight people encounter when they come to your home. Since first impressions are crucial, it’s very important it’s attractive and in good condition.

In fact, nobody cares about the interior of your home unless it has good curb appeal. If the exteriors are good, then people would want to know how the interior looks.

That’s why you need to boost your curb appeal as a home owner by always cutting the lawn on time, blow of the cut grasses and the leaves from fall, wash the dirty pavement, edge the lawn, paint the walls and so on.

Even if you hire professionals to do this, it’s important you have the right tools so you can do it yourself whenever you need to.

Having a good lawn mower in your shed is important. With it, you can mow your lawn whenever you need to.

Mowing the lawn is not enough. To add that extra curb appeal, you can also stripe it using the mower. Here’s a lawn striping guide you can use to add any stripe pattern to your lawn.

With the lawn mowed and striped, using an edger to shape the edges will make it look even better. Dethatching is another necessary step to keep your lawn grown lush and green.

Apart from the lawn, your siding, walkway and driveway can use a little washing every once in a while. Having a pressure washer available in your tool shed makes the process very easy.

Even if everything else is taken care of, old paint can really reduce the curb appeal of any home. That’s why adding a fresh coat of paint to exterior of your home every year or so, can really do a lot to make that first impression count.

A brush and roller can work pretty well for a small house, but with a larger house, you’d fair better with a paint spraying machine like an airless paint sprayer.



Gardening is one craft that never gets old. It’s a simple process of growing and cultivating greenery around your home.

Planting and growing a garden can be as simple as filling an empty jar with soil, creating a hole in the soil, planting a seed inside, covering it and allowing it to grow.

Or it can be as complex as cultivating acres of land with tomatoes, cereal and a whole lot of other plants.

Whether you’re starting a garden in your small backyard or you’re cultivating acres of land, you’ll agree that one can only do so much with his / her bare hands. Soil can be hard and patchy.

If you really want to grow something significant on it, you need the right tools to do so. You need modern gardening tools that will make planting and taking care of your garden as easy as possible. You can visit our blog to learn more.