Power Tools

We use power tools in different areas of our life such as in construction, in the garden, in the workshop, around the house for painting or spray painting, sanding, cutting, drilling, digging and grinding e.t.c

We even use them inside the house for cleaning such as in a vacuum cleaner, washing as in washing machine and cooking such as in blenders and ovens.

Man has always saw the need to use tools right from the beginning. But the tools of the early man such as stones, clubs and sticks can’t cut it our modern word.

The invention of the electric motor introduced the use of sophisticated and highly effective power tools such as milling machines, power drills/drivers, grinders, power saws, paint sprayers and cleaning tools like vacuums.

These tools makes use of an additional power source (the electric motor, compressed air or even an internal combustion engine) apart from the solely manual labour (elbow grease) as used with hand tools.

Continue reading through the articles below to find our comprehensive guides and reviews of the best power tools so you can make the right choice when choosing the one you need to carry out your craft.

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