10 Best Right Angle Drill Reviews Of 2020

right angle drill reviews

Last updated on May 25th, 2020 at 03:20 pm

A right angle drill also known as a 90 degree is not a drill you’re likely to see quite often among DIYers. They’re a special type of drill that are used when there’s barely enough space to accommodate a regular power drill.

With a right angle drill, the head of the drill is at right angles or 90 degrees to the grip, with the back of the head not rising above the grip line like regular or standard power drills.

This design allows you to use the drill in confined spaces where there’s very little or limited room for movement or for a larger drill.

Although you can use it for your average DIY projects at home, it’s ideal for plumbers, construction workers, handymen and home remodelers who often come find themselves in situations where there’s very little room to use a normal power drill.

For instance, drilling or screwing between studs and joist can be quite difficult or impossible for a typical power drill. But with the right angle drill, you can drill whatever holes or drive screws in between joists and studs.

As a cabinet maker, you also find yourself in situations where using a standard power drill is impossible like drilling or screwing inside tight cabinets.

A right angle drill can make those situations pretty easy to handle.

In this article, we’ll be reviewing the 10 best right angle drills you can get today and use for your projects.

Here are the 10 best right angle drill reviews

1. Makita XAD03PT Cordless Right Angle Drill

Every electrician and plumber will appreciate this Makita right angle drill. It’s an absolute beast that very few drills will stand up to on the jobsite.

Whether you’re drilling 1-1/4 inch holes for your electrical projects or you’re plumber drilling larger holes like 4-1/4 inch holes, you’d definitely find this drill super useful.

In fact, you can drill holes up to 6-1/4 inch holes with holes saws or you can use self-feed bits to drill holes up to 4-5/8 inches without any difficulty.

It’s powered by two 18V LXT lithium-Ion batteries to deliver power like that from a corded drill. When fully charged, you can drill 160 2-9/1 inch holes using a self-feed bit before the batteries will run down.

The drill comes equipped with Makita brushless motors which delivers variable speeds of 0-350 rpm and 0 to 1,400 rpm, making it very versatile and easy to use for a wide range of projects.

It features an automatic speed technology that adjusts the speed and torque of the drill automatically while drilling to improve the performance and usability of the drill.

In general, the Makita XAD03PT right angle drill is the exact drill you need if you’re a plumber, electrician, building framer or construction worker looking for a powerful drill to tackle difficult drilling and screw driving tasks on the jobsite.

It’s the one stop solution you need for difficult drilling projects on the jobsite.

2. Dewalt DCD740B Cordless Right Angle Drill

Dewalt DCD740B Cordless Right Angle drill

One of the best and most compact right angle drill you can get today is the Dewalt DCD740B 20V Max cordless right angle drill.

To be precise, the front to back length of the DCD740B is just 4 inches, which allows the user to fit it into really tight or hard to reach spaces like inside cabinets.

The drill features a dual speed range of 0 to 650 rpm and 0 to 2000 rpm making it very flexible and useful for a wide range applications or projects.

It comes equipped with a 3/8 inch chuck with a deep hex pocket. This allows you to fully insert 2 inch hex bits for use in hard to reach spaces or areas.

Overall, if you want a really compact and tough 90 degree drill you can use for your projects, the DCD740B by Dewalt is going to be one of our first recommendations.

3. Bosch PS11-102 Cordless Right Angle Drill

Bosch PS11-102 Cordless Right Angle

Talking about right angle drills, Bosch offers something quite special with their Bosch PS11-102.

The PS11-102 features a 5 position pivoting head that allows you to pivot the head from the 90 degrees position to 180 degrees.

This means, if you want, you can have a totally straight power drill you can use even in the tightest of spaces by just straightening the drill head.

For power, it comes equipped with a 12V motor that produces up to 1300 rpm of speed and a maximum torque of 115 in-lbs, making it a very versatile tool you can use in different drilling and screw-driving applications.

A large variable speed trigger allows you to vary the speed of the motor easily just by varying the amount of force you exact on the trigger.

Equipped with a keyless chuck, changing bits is never a hassle.

The Bosch PS11-102 also comes equipped with a motor break, so that when you release the trigger, the break is applied, and you don’t screw or drive screws any further.

Overall, the design and the functionality of this PS11-102 cordless drill by Bosch power tools makes it one of the best when it comes to right angle drills.

4. Milwaukee 1680-21 Super Hawg Right Angle Drill

Milwaukee 1680-21 Right Angle Drill

There’re only a few right angle drills that can go head-to-head with this Milwaukee 1680-21 drill.

This is not just any right angle drill. This is the Milwaukee ½ inch Super Hawg. It’s a tool for the pros.

Professional electricians, plumbers and construction workers who drill hundreds of holes in studs and joist at different jobsites week-in week-out.

Equipped with a 13 Amp motor, the drill spins at a speed range of 450 rpm to 1750 rpm, allowing you to use it on a whole range of drilling applications.

The drill features a soft-grip Roto-Lok handle which allows you to rotate the handle left to right at 90 degrees, allowing you to hold and operate the drill at the position you’re most comfortable with it.

There’s also a secondary t-bar handle which you can screw to the top of the drill for more control while working with it.

It comes with a ½ inch chuck, total length of the drill is 22 inches and it weighs 14.7 lbs.

5. Makita DA3010F Right Angle Drill

Makita DA3010F

The Makita DA3010F right angle drill comes equipped with a 4.0 Am motor producing a maximum speed of 2,400 rpm.

A ball bearing motor construction ensures a longer tool and motor life.

You can vary the speed from 0 to 2400 rpm making it very versatile for a range of applications.

The compact design (10-5/8 inch length) and lightweight structure (3.1 lbs.) allows you to use it even in very tight spaces.

Illuminating your work piece and drilling area is a bright LED light built into the DA3010F Makita drill. The LED bulb never needs replacement so it will remain functional throughout the life of the tool.

Overall, the Makita DA3010F right angle drill is one of the best drills you can go for especially when you’re working between tight framing studs and inside cabinets.

6. Ryobi P241

Ryobi P241

When you’re really in that awkward position such that using a normal cordless power drill is literally impossible, one of your best options is to use the Ryobi P241 right angle drill.

The long neck design allows you a greater reach and leverage in awkward spaces such as when drilling between studs, installing HVAC systems or plumbing applications.

It comes equipped with a motor which spins the chuck at a rate of 1100 rpm and produces up to 130 inch pounds of torque.

Even when you’re working in really awkward positions like when you’re on your back, and holding your bits with your other hand is not just an option, the drills magnetic tray allows you to keep your bits on the tool, freeing up both of your hands to handle the work.

The handle of the tool is designed with hex rubber overmold to allow you maximum grip on the tool even when you’re working in damp conditions (plumbing) that might cause the tool to slip in your hands.

If you’re talking about right angle or 90 degree drills, this Ryobi P241 is definitely one of your best bets.

7. Ingersoll Rand 7807R Right Angle Air Drill

Ingersoll Rand 7807R Right Angle Air Drill

The Ingersoll Rand 7807R is the type of right angle drill you need when you have to drill through different types of materials like sheet metal, wood and composite materials.

It’s an air drill, so you need an air compressor to supply it with air.

Because it’s an air drill, it’s also very light compared to a cordless or electric drill, weighing only 2.42 lbs.

It requires air at 90 PSI of pressure and 4.0 CFM to operate at full load.

The drill comes equipped with a 3/8 inch keyed chuck and has a speed range of 1200 to 2500 rpm, ideal for different applications.

Whether you’re drilling, ramming or honing, you’re going to find this Ingersoll drill very useful. As said earlier, it’s very lightweight being that it’s an air drill, and it’s very compact, allowing you to work even in close quarters.

8. Metabo HPT DN18DSLQ4

Metabo HPT DN18DSLQ4

Previously known as Hitachi, Metabo HPT’s right angle drill delivers enough torque to handle most drilling and screw driving applications in close quarters.

The Metabo HPT DN18DSLQ4 cordless right angle drill comes equipped with a 3/8 inch chuck which spins at a a maximum speed of 1,800 rpm

It features a variable speed paddle switch you can use to control and vary the speed for maximum precision during use.

It’s cordless and compatible with all Metabo HPT 18V Lithium ion slide-type batteries, and there’s a low battery indicator to monitor the battery state of the tool. So, if you already have some battery powered 18V Metabo HPT tools, you can use the same batteries for this drill.

The drill also features a bright LED light to illuminate the work surface if the work area is dark.

A side handle gives you added control and precision while operating the drill. Overall, the Metabo HPT DN18DSLQ is one tool you can definitely count among the best when talking about right angle drills.

9. Dewalt DCD460T2 FLEXVOLT Stud And Joist Drill

Dewalt DCD460T2

The Dewalt DCD460T2 60V Flexvolt stud and joist drill is a very powerful and special type of right angle drill, ideal for drill holes in studs and joists.

Basically, it’s ideal for timber framing and other building construction projects.

The 60V FLEXVOLT battery guarantees maximum power and runtime while working on your projects with it.

As for speed, the drill features 2 variable speed ranges you can choose from, 0 to 300 rpm and 0 to 1250 rpm. This allows you to vary the speed to match the project and to allow maximum control and precision.

Equipped with an E-clutch, the tool can detect reactionary torque in the case of a bind-up or stalling while drilling a hole, and it automatically reduces the speed for safety and ease of operation.

The Dewalt stud and joist drill features 2 handles for operation. An adjustable bail handle and a 2 position side handle for maximum leverage and control during use.

There’s more to the Dewalt stud and joist drill which you can read about in our full review below.

10. Milwaukee 2415-20 Cordless Right Angle Drill

Milwaukee 2415-20

This Milwaukee drill is a 12V cordless right angle drill with a 3/8 inch single-sleeve ratcheting chuck, made to be very portable so you can use it in very miniature spaces.

It’s a sub-compact right angle drill and driver featuring a palm grip handle and a paddle switch that allows you maximum control and use of the drill in multiple positions without giving up precision.

The drill has a no-load speed in the range of 0 to 800 rpm and a max. torque of 100 in. –lb.

An electronic clutch with 11 speed settings, plus an additional drill mode gives you all the control you need to handle precision drills and screw drives.

Equipped with an onboard battery gauge, you’ll always be aware of the status of your battery and limit down time.

The 2415-20 drill by Milwaukee also features a bright LED light to which illuminates your work surface when it’s dark and it also signals when the clutch is out.

All in all, the Milwaukee 2415-20 right angle drill stands up to the competition and its definitely one that will stand the test of use through different projects and of time.

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