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If the curve or pattern is so intricate and complex that you can’t cut it with a jigsaw, a band saw or a coping saw, the tool that will get the job done perfectly is a scroll saw.

They’re mostly used by hobby woodworkers and creative artists like jewelry box makers and even by carpenters for cutting complex joinery such as dovetails.

It cuts more delicately than the other saws mentioned because the blade that comes with it is very fine and tiny, allowing you to make even the most intricate and complex cuts.

While similar saws such as band saws features a blade that runs in a continuous loop to make cuts, the motion of the delicate blade of the scroll saw is to-and-fro, just like that of a reciprocating saw.

Either the table or the upper arm of the scroll saw can be pivoted to allow you make bevel cuts with it.

King Industrial

If you’re looking to get one for you projects, some of the important features you should be looking for includes the throat size, which affects the size of material you can cut with it, the bevel type (table or arm bevel), table size as well as speed controls.

With that said, we’ve taken our time to review the 10 best scroll saws of you can use for your wood and metal crafts.

Hopefully, you can make your choice as you read on.

1. Dewalt DW788 Variable Speed Scroll Saw Review

Dewalt DW788 scroll saw

Scroll saws are a quite complicated piece of machinery, thus making them right can be quite tricky. Ease of use is very important, because the projects you intend to carry out with them are quite intricate, obviously.

As to that regards, this Dewalt DW788 scroll saw is well made and easy very easy to use.

The saw features a double parallel link arm which pivots from the back of the saw to the front, shortening the distance it needs to move, and as a results reduces the vibration of the saw allowing you to work more accurately.

This feature also allows you to easily thread the blade through materials when making inside cuts as the arm is very easy to lift.

Changing the blades does not require the use of any tools. It instead features a blade clamp you can simply use to change the blade in just seconds.

No matter how delicate your work is, the variable speed feature allows you to adjust the speed of the blade to match the application.

The Dewalt DW788 features an oversized cast iron table that provides excellent material support. It also bevels up to 45 degrees both left and right allowing you to create bevelled edges.

2. Delta Power Tools 40-694

Delta Power Tools 40-684

The Delta Power Tools 40-694 scroll saw comes equipped with every feature you need to make even the most intricate of cuts and designs.

With blade speed that can be varied between 400 and 1750 SPM, the saw can be used for a wide range of projects and applications.

It features a dual parallel link arm which is designed to help reduce vibration, improve accuracy and reduce over and under cutting.

Replacing the blade can be done easily by simply raising the upper arm and locking it in place in the raised position. This gives you free access to remove and replace the scroll saw blade which you simply need to unclamp.

The saw table bevels to 45 degrees both left and right allowing you to make bevel cuts easily.

With a throat size of 20 inches and a thickness capacity of 2-1/8 inches, you can handle large pieces of materials with it.

Overall, the Delta Power Tool 40-694 comes equipped with all the features you need to cut even the most complex of curves.

3. Excalibur 16 Inch Tilting Head Scroll Saw

Excalibur scroll saw

While many other brands of scroll saws enables the tilting of the saw table to make bevel cuts, the 16 inch Excalibur scroll saw allows you to tilt the saw head instead.

This is an outstanding feature which enables you to have a flat, steady and consistent surface even when making bevel cuts.

With this you can tilt the head up to 30 degrees to the left and up to 45 degrees to the right of the table.

It comes equipped with an upper and lower blade guard to prevent any accidental contact with the blade.

For added safety, a switch protection device prevents you or anyone from unintentionally starting the machine.

Changing blades is quite easy with the Excalibur. You simply have to free up and raise the upper arm which will stay up, until you replace (tool-free) the blade and bring it down again to secure it.

To cap it off, an attached dust collection kit beneath the saw table helps suck off any dust produced during operation, keeping your workpiece and tool free of any sawdust.

4. Dremel MS20-01 Moto-Saw

Dremel MS20-01 Moto-Saw

The Dremel Motor Saw. It’s the first of its kind. It looks like a scroll saw. It’s a scroll saw, but it’s kind of more compact and more mobile.

It’s more compact and mobile in the sense that instead of taking the workpiece or material to the saw, you can take the saw to the material you want to cut.

You can easily detach the saw assembly from the table or base and use it to cut the material wherever it is, affording you more freedom in a sense.

It has variable speed control. You can vary the speed of the blade to match the material you’re cutting, and you can cut different types of materials with it, including wood, plastic, engineered lumber and even metal.

In fact, it comes with 1 metal cutting blade, 1 siding blade, 4 wood and plastic blade and 4 fine wood blade, so you can cut a wide range of materials with it.

Equipped with a fast-clamp base, you can attach it wherever seems suitable to you. You can attach it to any table, workbench or surface.

You don’t need a tool to change blades. It features an auto tensioning quick-change mechanism that makes blade changing tool-free.

All in all, although the Dremel Moto-Saw looks slightly different from an ideal scroll saw, it functions exactly like one.

5. Jet 727200k

Jet 727200k Scroll Saw

This scroll saw by JET is a 22 inch scroll saw that comes with a stand to help you get set up as quick as possible.

The 22 inch throat capacity coupled with a large 12-7/8 inch by 23 inches allows you to handle large materials pretty easily with it.

Changing blades on it is pretty easy as the saw is designed to make the process as simple as possible without the use of any tools.

The upper arm clamps and tensions the blade automatically, while a removable lower blade holder snaps quickly and securely to hold the blade in place.

It has a variable speed range between 400 and 1550 SPM which allows you to match speed with the material or application.

Bevel cuts are quite easy to make with the ability to tilt the saw head 45 degrees to the right and 40 degrees to the left.

Just like the Excalibur, this feature keeps the work table flat and steady, allowing you to carry out more accurate works with it.

6. WEN 3921 Scroll Saw

WEN 3921 Scroll Saw

The WEN 3921 is a 16 inch scroll saw that features a two direction blade design which increases the ripping capacity of the saw.

With this design, you can set the blade in the standard position where the blade is parallel to the throat and cuts are made towards the back of the saw with a 16 inch width capacity.

Or you can simply set it at 90 degrees to the standard direction which allows you to make cuts across the width of the table where your rip capacity is technically unlimited.

It comes equipped with a variable speed dial which you can use to vary the speed of the saw from 400 strokes per minute to 1600 strokes per minute.

This allows you to tackle different types of applications with the saw.

The saw table can be beveled up to 45 degrees on the left side of the table for angled cuts and it has a width capacity of 2 inches at 90 degrees.

Changing blades is fast and requires no use of tools as it comes equipped with a thumb screw blade adaptor you can use to change it.

The WEN 3921 comes equipped with a dust port, an air pump, a flex light and an on-board storage with 3 extra blades.

7. BUCKTOOL 16 Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw

BUCKTOOL scroll saw

The pedal switch design of the BUCKTOOL 16 inch scroll saw allows you a hands-free way of operating the saw and controlling it in any situation.

Whether you want to change the blade or drill a new hole on the material you’re working on, you can easily use the pedal switch to start and stop the machine at will.

The 16 inch throat and 9 by 16 cast iron table affords you a large area to work on.

You can vary the speed of the blade from 550 to 1600 to work at your own pace or to suit the material you’re working on.

With the BUCKTOOL, you have the capacity to cut up to 2 inches of materials on the saw, and also the capacity to make bevel cuts up to 45 degrees to the left of the saw.

Changing blades requires a single tool, but it’s very easy and requires very little downtime.

In terms of performance and quality of the tool, the 16 inch BUCKTOOL is definitely among the top 10 best scroll saws you can get your hands on today.

8. Shop Fox W1713

Shop Fox W1713

Equipped with a 1/8 HP 1.2 Amps motor driving the blade at speeds ranging from 550 to 1700 strokes per minute, the Shop Fox W1713 produces enough power to slice cleanly through even the hardest of lumber.

You can use either plain or pin blades depending on your choice or what you’re comfortable with.

The decent 16 inch throat size allows you to handle quite large materials comfortably with it.

You can cut up to 2 inches thick materials easily as well as make bevel cuts comfortably. The saw is quite easy to use with an adjustable hold-down shoe keeping your material against the table as you work on it.

A dust blower coupled with a 1-1/4 inch dust port ensures you have accurate vision of your project as well as keeping the work area and machine clean.

9. King Industrial Scroll Saw

King Industrial Scroll Saw

This right here is the King Industrial 16 inch scroll saw which comes equipped with a large 12 inch by 18-1/2 inch table.

Enough space to work on your material.

It features a variable speed dial which allows you to vary the speed of the saw from 400 to 1,400 strokes minute.

The saw makes use of 5 inch pinless blades and changing them introduces no downtime as it features a tool free blade change system.

It has a maximum thickness capacity of 2 inches and you can make bevel cuts up to 30 degrees to the left and 45 degrees to the right.

To make bevel cuts, you don’t have to tilt the table, you only tilt the head holding the blade so you can have your workpiece on a steady table all the time.

This allows you to work more efficiently and accurately.

10. ShopSeries RK7315 Scroll Saw

ShopSeries RK7315 Scroll Saw

With a throat depth of 16 inches, this ShopSeries RK7315 makes it into our top 10 list of the best scroll saws you can use for your crafts and project.

It comes equipped with a 1.2 amp motor with a variable speed dial you can use to vary the speed from 500 to 1700 strokes per minute.

The cutting capacity is 2 inches in thickness at 90 degrees and 1-3/16 inches at 45 degrees.

Equipped with two 5 inch carbide blades, making cuts is very easy and clean, plus you have a replacement blade you can rely on in case one gets bad or worn-out.

The die aluminum table is wide enough and provides a flat and steady surface to handle the workpiece.

Equipped with a built-in dust blower and dust collection port, dust is not something you have to worry about as you use this ShopSeries scroll saw.

Overall, this ShopSeries RK7315 stacks up there among the best scroll saws you can use for cutting intricate curves, patterns and even joints.

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