The Dewalt Stud And Joist Drill Review

the dewalt stud and joist drill review

Last updated on January 4th, 2022 at 11:01 am

The Dewalt stud and joist drill is not the standard type of power drill you might already be used to.

It’s a very powerful and special right angle drill ideal for framers and professional contractors, which is used for drilling holes in studs and joists on the jobsite or for drilling holes when there’s little space to allow the use of a regular power drill.

If you’re a pro framer looking for a right angle drill to drill holes over and over in joist and studs without overworking the tool, then this is not the power drill you want, it’s the power drill you need.

This is not the average Joe’s power drill for carrying out simple DIY projects around the home. Like I’ve said before, it’s best for you if you’re a pro framer, log home buider or a professional contractor who’s looking for a very powerful and multi-functional power drill that can handle all your drilling needs on the jobsite.

In terms of power and quality of construction, you’ll find that the Dewalt stud and joist drill scores highly in both. Another right angle power drill you can compare with it is Milwaukee’s hole hawg and super hawg which you can read about here.

There are two models of the Dewalt stud and joist drill.

The major difference between the two models is in their physical appearance.

While the first is a bit square-looking and bulky, the second one which Dewalt calls an In-line stud and joist drill offers a slimmer streamline appearance.

Both types come in corded electric models and cordless battery powered models.

Here are either models of the drill.

dewalt dcd460t2 flexvolt stud and joist drill
Dewalt dcd470x1 in-line flexvolt stud and joist drill

Features of the Dewalt stud and joist drill

Dewalt DWD450 stud and joist drill

Dewalt dwd450 electric stud and joist drill

The Dewalt DWD450 stud and joist drill (shown above) comes equipped with a mechanical clutch which prevents the drill bit from locking up while drilling holes.

This ensures a smooth drilling experience and increases the gear life of the bits.

The drill comes equipped with an 11.0 amp motor built by Dewalt for applications that require high power, torque and performance.

It features a metal gear housing along with 100 percent ball-bearing contraction which ensures a longer tool life and reliability of the drill.

The Dewalt DWD450 has 2 variable speed ranges you can work with.

A 0-330 RPM range and a 0-1300 RPM range which allows you to adjust the speed of the drill according to the application or project you’re working on.

In terms of handling and ergonomics of the tool, there’s a lot to desire about the tool.

A front handle and a 2-position side handle which provides you maximum leverage and control of the tool while drilling holes with it.

Talking about applications, there are many uses for it on and off the jobsite.

You can use it for hole saws, spade bit, self-feed bit, auger and twist bit applications in wood.

It comes with a few accessories including a chuck key and holder.

Dewalt DCD470B 60V Max In-Line Stud and Joist Drill

Dewalt dcd470b in-line stud and joist drill

The Dewalt DCD470B 60V Max in-line stud and joist drill offers you the power of a corded tool and the freedom of a cordless tool all in one package.

You can fit it with Dewalt’s 60V Flexvolt batteries, or you can just plug it into a power outlet to start working with it.

The drill features both an integral clutch, and an E-Clutch system which detects the motion of the tool and shuts it down automatically if necessary.

There’s red LED indicator that lights up when the E-Clutch system is engaged or active.

A magnesium gear case ensures the tools is very lightweight while also maintaining toughness and durability of the tool in jobsite conditions.

With the DCD470B, you also have two variable speed ranges of 0-400 and 0-1320 RPM which allows you to match the speed to the job you have at hand.

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