Should You Get The Worx Hydroshot Power Cleaner?

worx hydroshot power cleaner review

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Although the Worx Hydroshot cleaner is not as powerful as a pressure washer, it still functions the same way and can be used to carry out a whole lot of cleaning projects both at home and on the road.

They both have the same basic function of collecting water from a source like a garden hose at low pressures and outputting that water at a greater pressures on a surface for the purpose of cleaning that surface.

The difference though is that while a pressure washer machines outputs water at higher pressures usually in the thousands of PSIs, the Worx Hydroshot output water pressure is in the hundreds, usually less than a thousand PSI.

But even that makes a whole lot of difference when it’s directed on a surface, given that the ideal garden hose water pressure ranges between 40 and 60 PSI.

The Worx Hydroshot power cleaner multiplies that several times to pressures ranging between 350 and 750 PSI. Direct that on any surface, and you’ll get a whole lot of cleaning done with ease.

It can be used to wash and knock off dirt from dirty bikes, motorcycle, bicycle, household items, windows and so on.

Just like a power washer, it also features a long wand or lance that allows you to direct and concentrate that pressurized water on the surface you want to clean.

At the end of the lance, there’s a 5-in-1 nozzle that allows the user to vary the pressure and spray pattern of the water coming from the nozzle 0 degrees which is the highest pressure setting to 15 degrees, to 25 and to 40. Plus an additional sprinkler setting to just sprinkle water from the nozzle.

the worx hydroshot

Power Source

The Worx power cleaner is designed and meant to be very portable, so it can be used anywhere whether at home or out there on the road.

That’s why it is battery powered. This also makes it much easier to maintain, just like any other cordless tool.

Talking about power, there’re two main models you can choose from which include the 20 volts units and 40 volts units.

The batteries are either 20 Volts 2.0 Ah or 20 Volts 4.0 Ah batteries. 20 Volts units come with one battery while 40 Volts units come with two 20 Volts batteries.

wash muddy tires with worx hydroshot

Operation and Control

Operating it is quite easy and straightforward. The motor is attached to the lance, and the draw hose is attached to it as well.

The draw hose can then be attached or dropped in any source of water such as your garden hose, a bucket of water or even a clear stream.

Attach the battery, attached the nozzle, then pull the trigger by the handle and start cleaning with it.

Should You Buy One?

If you ask me, I’d say yes. I’d totally buy one. The Worx Hydroshot is a very portable and lightweight cleaning solution that can totally be used for handling many outdoor cleaning tasks at home and on the road.

This works wonders, if you want to wash glass windows, rinse off dirt and mud from your car tires, bicycle tires or motorcycle, or if you want to wash outdoor furniture, lightly-dirty deck or even a dirty grill.

Because it’s so lightweight and portable, it can fit into your car trunk nicely and be used on the road as well. One of the best thing about it is that it can draw water from any fresh water source like a stream, a lake or even a bucket. Not just a garden hose.

Having a pressure washer is nice. It’s more powerful, but it can also be very noisy and heavy, not very portable.

That’s why I’d get the Worx Hydroshot as a supportive piece of cleaning equipment for light-duty tasks around the home that does not require anyone to pull out a heavy pressure washer machine.

However, if you want to wash really dirty driveways that has years or months of grime and dirt embedded in the concrete, I’m pretty sure this will not suffice or will take much more time and effort. This cannot strip off paint from furniture or handle the washing of dirty sidings of story buildings.

It doesn’t have enough pressure to handle those. However, the dirt and mud tracks left on the driveway by your off-road bike or truck will quickly get washed off with it.


The biggest drawback of the Worx Hydroshot power cleaner is it’s battery life. A charged battery lasts between 20 and 25 minutes, which is not very long especially if you’re washing something quite big like an SUV or a boat.

My advice is to get another battery along with it so that you can have a spare to go as soon as the one plugged in runs down.

Apart from the battery life, I believe it works great and it’s definitely a great tool addition for every homeowner.

Reviews and Comparison

The following are 5 different models of Worx Hydroshot power cleaners. Each have different pressure ratings and batteries. So, you can go through them and find a suitable one for your needs.

1. WORX Hydroshot Ultra WG649

WORX Hydroshot Ultra WG649

The 40V Worx Hydroshot Ultra WG649 is the latest model and currently the most powerful of all the washers from Worx.

While earlier 40V models like the Worx WG644 produces a maximum water pressure of 450 PSI, the Worx WG649 sprays out water at a maximum pressure of 725 PSI.

This additional power ensures you’re better able to knock off and wash off ingrained dirt from your bike, car, boat, your driveway, deck and so on.

Also unlike previous 40V units which come equipped with two 2.0Ah batteries, the Worx WG649 comes with two 4.0Ah batteries, which means far longer run time for the user.

It also features a faster dual-battery charger which can get both batteries fully charged within 2 hours.

Although it produces a maximum pressure of 725 PSI, it can be set to a second pressure setting of 435 PSI for cleaning more delicate items.

It features a 4-in-1 spray nozzle which produces spray patterns of 0, 15, 25 and 40 degrees respectively, which makes it a very versatile cleaning tool suitable for different sorts of cleaning tasks.

2. Worx WG644 40V Power Share Hydroshot Portable Cleaner

Worx WG644

Of all the Worx Hydroshot power cleaners, you can rightly say this WG644 is the most powerful one, with the best or longest run time. Unlike the other ones, it makes use of not just one but two 20V batteries. Making it a total of 40V, which means added run time.

With this Hydroshot cleaner, you have a unit capable of producing 450 PSI of pressure at a flow rate of 0.9 GPM. This provides all the power you need to clean whether you’re at home, on the road, campsite, by the pool or lake.

Provided you have access to fresh water.

The WG644 has two speed settings you can use for cleaning. A low speed setting of 290 PSI for easy stains and delicate materials, and a high speed or pressure setting of 450 PSI for tough stain or dirt or stuffs like your truck or boat.

With this Worx Hydroshot, you have a nozzle you can adjust to produce varying degrees of water stream intensity.

Overall, the WG644 is an upgraded version of the WG625.4 which gives you more water pressure and intensity to handle tougher stains and dirt, and an improved run time with two 20V batteries so you can cover more ground in one charge.

3. Worx WG630 Hydroshot Power Cleaner

Worx WG630 hydroshot cleaner

Equipped with a powerful and more efficient brushless motor, the WG630 Worx Hydroshot power cleaner delivers more pressure for your cleaning needs.

It multiplies your garden hose pressure up to 6 times, producing a max pressure of 375 PSI and water flow rate of 0.88 GPM, to help you take care of all your cleaning needs around the home and on the road.

Just like the WG644 it has a 2 speed option which helps you adjust the water pressure so you can get the right amount of power you need to work with.

The long cleaning lance affords you control and precision to help you direct the water to clean the exact spot you want cleaned.

man cleaning boat with worx hydroshot power cleaner

As for battery life, the WG630 Worx Hydroshot power cleaner comes equipped with a 4.0 Ah 20V battery, which affords you enough run time to get the job done without running down.

You can also use the same battery to power other Worx tools you may have.

Overall, the WG630 still gets the job done even though it produces just 375 PSI of pressure.

4. Worx WG625 Hydroshot Power Cleaner

Worx WG625

This WG625 is one of the best Worx Hydroshot power cleaners, and it’s really powerful and portable. For a device that works on batteries, it’s able to produce up to 320 PSI of pressure at a water flow rate of 0.53 GPM.

The WG625 Worsh Hydroshot cleaner makes use of a 2.0 Ah 20V battery, and the whole unit weighs just 3.7 lbs.

It’s a truly portable gear you can use for most of your cleaning tasks at home or on the road.

Getting it to work is very easy. Just attach it to any water source like your garden hose, a bucket of water, or even a pool or lake.

The Worx WG625 Hydroshot cleaner is very effective but it takes about 5hrs to charge while it only runs for 15 minutes per charge.

It won’t replace a good portable electric pressure washer, but as an on the road power cleaner, there’s nothing like it.

Of course, if you want more run time, you can check out the other Worx WG644 Hydroshot portable cleaner reviewed above.

5. Worx WG625.4 Cordless Portable Cleaner

Worx WG625.4 hydroshot cleaner with washing accessories

The Worx WG625.4 hydroshot portable power cleaner is same as the WG625. The difference between them is that the WG625.4 comes with an accessory kit you can use to clean your car, boat, RV or any other equipment you want to clean.

These accessories include a soap mixture container, a rotary cleaning brush and an auto power scrubber. These accessories allow you to fully scrub and wash whatever surface you want to clean.

It delivers up to 5 times the pressure from your garden hose, helping you conquer dirt anywhere around your home with ease.

Just like the previous models, provided you have access to fresh water, you can get it up and running.

Powered with a 20V battery, the WG625.4 has the capacity to spray water through the nozzle at a maximum pressure of 320 PSI at a flow rate of 0.53 gallons per minute. You can use it wherever you are to clean your car, bicycle, fence and other dirty outdoor gears you may have at home.

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