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The Rockwell Jawhorse Review – Everything You Need To Know

the rockwell jawhorse review

Last updated on January 4th, 2022 at 10:31 am

The Rockwell Jawhorse sheetmaster is a special form of vice and workbench hybrid which is mainly used for support, an extra pair of hands to assist you through tough jobs in the workshop and on the jobsite.

If you’ve never used it, then I’m sure you’re missing out on one of the most useful multipurpose piece of equipment out there for craftsmen of all kinds.

Whether you’re woodworker, a mechanic who works on cars, you’re into fabrication of any kind, a handyman, a Jawhorse is one of those tools that will definitely make your work far easier than it is right now.

You can think of the Jawhorse as a vise, but not just any vise, a vise that can clamp materials as wide as 49 inches, and the clamping can be done just by flipping a switch, not turning a thread. It’s a multi-purpose piece of equipment that will help you accomplish more in less time.

It consists of a jaw or clamp which has width that can be adjusted just by sliding it in or out to widen or reduce the space needed for clamping, and can be locked in place just by flipping a switch at the corner.

There’s even a foot pedal to increase the intensity of the grip on the object being clamped. Careful with it though, because it has a 1 ton grip force capable of breaking and damaging your workpiece if you apply too much pressure.

rockwell jawhorse review

So, the more you increase the grip using the foot pedal, the more force is exerted on the object being clamped. So, know how much force the object you’re clamping can withstand, so that you don’t break it.

It’s one of the simplest, yet versatile tool you’ll ever use.

Key Functions Of The Rockwell JawHorse

All-purpose clamp/vise

The first use for the jawhorse is to clamp things in place. If you ever need to get something stationary so that you can work on it, the Rockwell jawhorse is a good tool to do that. With a clamping force of about 1 ton, it will hold your workpiece stationary in one place so you can work on it.


If you don’t already have a workbench for handling your projects, the Rockwell Jawhorse can also serve the same purpose. All you have to do is clamp a size of plywood that can act as your work surface on the Jawhorse, and you have a rock solid workbench ready to accommodate your projects.

the rockwell jawhorse

Machine Press

The Jawhorse is an equipment with the pressing power of a one-ton machine press. This comes in handy for different types of metal fabrication projects such as bending or straightening of metal, allowing you to use it for difficult and aggressive jobs.

Tool Stand

If you don’t have a miter saw stand, the Rockwell jawhorse can act as a very solid and steady miter saw stand for your miter saw. You just have to clamp the miter saw on it, and you’ll have your miter saw at the appropriate height for you to work with.

Apart from miter saws, the jawhorse can also act as a stand for several of your other tools that require a stand. Your jobsite table saw, tile saws and several other tools that you need a stand for can definitely be fitted on it as well.

Metal fabrication

If you work on cars or you engage in metal fabrication projects, the jawhorse will prove to be a very useful piece of equipment you’d always want to have around.

Whether you want to bend metal parts, straighten them, or even weld them together, and you need them steady and fixed in order to accomplish this, the jawhorse will act as your perfect work companion.

There are several tasks it can help you accomplish when it comes to metal fabrication. One thing is sure. You’ll see more uses for it every day as you go on with your daily projects.

More about the Rockwell Jawhorse

Stability is not an issue with the Rockwell jawhorse because it’s equipped with tripod legs suited that will stay firm in any surface, plus the fit are fitted with rubber to prevent them from sliding over smooth surfaces.

If you still need extra stability, you can fasten the front legs to the ground through the holes that are incorporated into them.

When you’re done using it for the day, stowing it away is very easy. It has 3 folding legs which folds down easily, and stows away taking very little footprint.

Tools that hold other tools usually takes a lot of beating and abuse. So I usually worry about quality when it comes to tools like this.

I’m happy to say that I have no disappointment as to quality with the Rockwell jawhorse because it is made with rock solid steel. It’s not a flimsy tool that will break easily. It weighs 53 lbs, which is a lot for an equipment of this nature.

With all that said, if you’re thinking of getting one for use during your projects, then you should waste no more time, because it surely bit my expectation. It’s an extra pair of hands that will surely make your projects easier and even fun to carry out.

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