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Some woodworking projects can be described as simple and can be carried out by almost anyone with the right tools, while others are quite complex and even with the right tools, they still require much skills to pull them off.

The latter are not the ones I’ve listed here in this article. The woodworking projects here are simple ones anyone can do at home if you have the right tools already.

When I say the right tools, you don’t need some complex piece of machinery. Just the usual like a circular saw, a power drill, a simple handheld router tool, maybe a portable thickness planer, and a few measuring tools like a speed square and a tape measure should get you all set.

The projects I’ve listed here also don’t need a lot of materials to carry them out. A few 2x4s or some scrap wood lying around your workshop should help you get started at least. You really don’t need a huge budget to get started.

So, grab your toolbox, go through the list and see if you can replicate any of the projects listed. If you can, always try to add a twist, maybe a different finish, so that yours can look unique.

Hairpin Console Table

hairpin console table diy woodworking project

This hairpin console table from Chanty-2-chic is one of the easiest DIY woodworking projects you can ever think of trying out.

It’s so simple because the hairpin table legs are already made with pre-drilled holes, and you can get them easily on Amazon. All you need to do is assemble the top and attach the legs. Also, you don’t need a lot of tools to get this done. A circular saw, a cordless drill and a few measuring tools will get this done.

Cloth Rack

cloth rack diy woodworking projects
Cloth Rack By Familyhandyman

USB Modern Desk Lamp Woodworking Project

modern LED desk lamp DIY woodworking projects
Modern LED Desk Lamp From Instructables

This woodworking project was posted by a user named Cyrzee on Instructables. You can find his project here. When I first saw the lamp, I was really impressed. I was like, “why didn’t I think about that?” I was that impressed.

The main reason why I like this project is that it’s a very simple, yet amazing project anyone can do at home. It’s simple, but it’s really going to challenge you especially if you’re new at projects like this.

It’s a project that will challenge you, and really help you hone your woodworking skills if you’re a beginner.

According to Cyrzee, the only tools you need for this project are a miter saw, ¾ inch and 1-3/4 inch hole sawn and forstner drill bit and a belt sander or palm sander.

While the materials you need include the wood, acrylic, LED strip light, ¾ inch dowels, a finish like wipe-on polyurethane from Minwax, and wood glue like Gorilla glue.

And the reason why Gorilla glue is the ideal glue for this project is because it’s very great for gluing up dissimilar or different types of materials together, like wood and acrylic which you’ll be making use of in this project. So, try out this project, and let us know how it turns out.

Cane Media Center

cane mesh media center

If you’re want a simple but cool looking media center in your home, this one made by Woodbrew will certainly grab your interest. I first found the guide on how to make this on Instructables, and after going through the whole guide and watching the video, I can confirm it’s a really simple project to carry out.

You don’t need a lot of tools to get this done. Just a circular saw, power drill, a pocket hole jig, a speed square and a few other tools will get you started.

If you’re really interested in carrying out this project, then watch the full video on their YouTube channel here.

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baseball hat holder by industrydiy compressed 1
Baseball Hat Holder By Industrydiy

Folding Tripod Camping Stool

folding tripod camping stool woodworking project

If you like the outdoors and you go camping a lot, you’re going to love to do this one. It’s a folding tripod camp stool.

I saw this project first at Wood&Faulk and I was mesmerized immediately by the sheer beauty of this simple camping stool.

I agree with the designer, modern folding tripod stools are really kind of ugly, but with a tripod stool like this one, sitting by the camp fire or by the stream fishing will become much more fun.

Once again, this is a simple woodworking project I believe anyone with the right tools can make at home.

Talking about tools, the ones you need for this project include a wood sander, an optional but useful center-finder, a power drill, a screw driver, a small socket wrench to fit acorn nuts, a knife and rags.

The materials you need include three 1-1/8 inch birch hardwood dowels – enough for three 24 inch pieces, one steel 2.75 inch bolt, a 1.5 inch eyehole bolt, 2 brass acorn nuts, 3 brass washers, 3 brass finishing washers, 3 brass 1 inch wood screws, leather or any other heavy material for the seat and a wood finish of your choice. You can find complete instructions to make this stool right here.

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Shoe Organizer

shoe organizer by familyhandyman compressed
Shoe Organizer By Familyhandyman

Wall Key Holder

wall key holder DIY woodworking projects
Wall Key Holder By Sawdustsisters

Rustic Wood Wine Bottle Holder

rustic wood wine bottle holder etsy compressed
Rustic Wood Wine Bottle Holder From Etsy

DIY Outdoor Bench

diy outdoor bench from diycandy compressed
DIY Outdoor Bench From DIYcandy

Simple Cutting Board

cutting board by fixthisbuildthat compressed
Cutting Board By Fixthisbuildthat

How To Make Your Woodworking Projects Easier

No matter how simple a woodworking project is, things can become really hard for you if you don’t have certain things taken care of.

Invest in quality tools

The more woodworking tools you have, the easier your woodworking projects will become. As a beginner DIY woodworker, it’s okay to start with a few tools at first.

For instance, for saws, in the long run you’re going to need several types of saws like a circular saw, a miter saw, a table saw and even a reciprocating saw.

But, you can start with just a circular saw, because with it you can make most of the basic cuts. As time goes on however, and as you tackle more projects, you’re going to see need for other saws like a miter saw and a table saw.

If you have the means, then you should get them as well. Getting them will make your projects way easier than they are before.

One more tip I like to share with people is that they should try to invest in the best tool possible. Of course, there’re budget friendly models you can choose from, but the thing about buying tools and almost every other thing in this world is that you always get your money’s worth.

Cheap tools are cheap. Expensive tools have more quality, and lasts longer. Those 2 statements are correct 99 percent of the time. So, when you go out there to buy a portable benchtop planer, a wood sander or a power drill for your woodworking projects, try to get the best or the second best, but get what you can afford.

Have a dedicated home workshop

Having a dedicated space for your workshop at home is very important if you want to carry out successful woodworking projects.

You shouldn’t just buy tools, and put them anywhere in your house. Have a space for them, your workshop.

I recently contributed to an article posted on the Redfin blog, titled: Tips for Creating The Ultimate Indoor Workshop.

If you have no idea how to build your own workshop at home, you should read that article and learn first-hand from different experts what it takes to build an indoor workshop.

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