6 Best Bypass Loppers For Pruning Tree Limbs And Branches

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Last updated on August 3rd, 2021 at 05:13 pm

If you ever need to do some serious pruning of twigs or tree branches in your garden, then you need nothing more than a good bypass lopper to get the job done.

Bypass loppers are very efficient when it comes to pruning tree branches that are 2 inches or less in diameter.

They’re just like scissors, for cutting overgrown tree branches.

A typical bypass lopper usually consist of a scissors like cutting tool with one sharp edge that moves past a rather blunt jaw or hook which is meant for holding the tree branch while the sharp edge cuts through it.

Newer or modern designs of bypass loppers are usually equipped with lever systems or gears that help to increase the force applied to the blade to allow the lopper cut through thicker branches efficiently.

Some bypass loppers are also fitted with telescoping arms which makes it possible to reach tall branches with it.

After much research we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best bypass loppers you can use today for pruning the trees in your garden.

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1. Fiskars Quantum Bypass Lopper

Tool Specs
Length 32 inches
Cut Capacity 2 inches
Weight 3.25 lbs
Blade Type Bypass

If you really want to do some heavy duty cutting in your garden or around your yard, then this 32 inche Fiskers Quantum Lopper is the one tool you need.

It’s more like a bypass lopper, but one with class. Compared with other loppers, it’s not on the cheap end, but it compensates with shear effectiveness and ease of making cuts with it.

With it, you can cut through thick 2 inch limbs and branches as if they’re not even there. All you need to do is apply minimal effort and it chops through branches just the way you want it to.

The premium European steel which the blade is also covered with a rust-resistant coating which helps prevent tree sap from sticking to the blade and also prevent rust from taking over the blade in the long run.

As for the handle, it’s made of durable aluminum alloy with handle pads made from renewable cork which provides a comfortable and steady grip of the tool while making cuts with it.

Fiskars Quantum bypass lopper

The renewable cock padded handle also helps to absorb and prevent shocks that usually occur at the end of every cut, ensuring a smooth cutting operation.

Talking about a smooth cutting action, what really makes that possible with the Fiskers Quantum loppers is the use of their gearing mechanism which ensures that the minimal effort you provide is multiplied through the blade to ensure that smooth low-effort cutting you desire.

With the Fiskers Quantum lopper, you might actually begin to look forward to seeing overgrown or sagging branches in your garden just to get a chance to put the tool in action.

2. Wolf-Garten RR900T Telescoping Bypass Lopper

Tool Specs
Length 26. 5 ” to 35.6″
Cut Capacity 1.97 inches
Weight 3.86 lbs
Lopper Type Bypass

If you’re in need of quality German construction bypass lopper, then the Wolf-Garten RR900T telescoping bypass lopper will fit your mold of expectation.

It’s made with quality german steel blades that will cut through your tree branches and twigs like a hot knife through butter.

Not to make any exaggeration, but if the branches you’re hoping to cut are not more than 1.97 inches in diameter, then the RR900T bypass loppers will do justice to them.

The cutting head is a dual-pivot cutting head, which means it pivots at two joints which help to ensure that the cutting operation is smooth, requiring minimal effort.

Talking about minimal effort, the telescoping handles of the Wolf-Garten Bypass lopper ensures that’s what you get.

Wolf-garten RR900T Bypass Lopper

The handles extends from 25.6 inches in length to 35.5 inches in length, not only ensuring that you use minimal effort when cutting, but also affords you a greater leverage to reach highly positioned branches easily.

It also means that you don’t have to stoop so low when cutting branches or twigs that are way below your reach.

The tool weighs just 3.86 lbs which is fairly lightweight when compared to other loppers in its size range.

When it comes to quality, the Wolf-Garten RR900T is definitely not lacking as it’s a German constructed tool. The blades remain sharp even after heavy use.

It’s a bypass lopper you can definitely pass on to your kids when your time here is up.

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3. TABOR TOOLS GG11 Bypass Lopper

TABOR TOOLS GG11 bypass lopper
Tool Specs
Length 30 inches
Cut Capacity  1 3/4 inches
Weight 3.65 lb
Lopper Type Bypass

The TABOR TOOLS GG11 compound action bypass lopper as the name implies makes use of a compound lever system for making cuts.

The Compound lever system has multiple pivot points which all work in unison to reduce the efforts needed from the operator, by multiplying the little applied force to increase the force applied to the blade.

All this makes it very easy to cut with the GG11 compound action bypass lopper. With it you can cut through ¾ inch thick branch without any trouble.

Even after heavy use, the blades remain sharp as it is made with hardened carbon still. It’s coated with a non-stick which makes the blade slide through cuts effortlessly.

A 30 inch length handle makes it easy not only for you to reach higher branches and twigs, but also affords you some extra strength as it increases your effort and helps makes cutting a lot more easier.

The tool ergonomics is also on point as the handles are rubberized with soft grip rubbers which makes it easy to hold the tool firmly and steadily.

Overall, the GG11 Compound action bypass lopper is great pruning tool.

In terms of quality it’s well made with hardened carbon still blades, cuts efficiently within the advertised tree branch sizes, and it’s definitely one of the best bypass loppers you can equip yourself with right now.

4. Corona DualLink Telescoping Bypass Lopper

Corona Dualink bypass lopper
Tool Specs
Length 27 1/2″ to 37 1/2″
Cut Capacity 1 3/4″
Weight 4.15 lbs
Blade Type Bypass

The Corona DualLink Bypass Lopper gives you the capacity to cut through limbs as small as 3/4 inch in size and as large as 1 inch in size.

With its extendable or telescoping arms feature, you get to be able to reach far higher branches with the lopper. Just flip open the red thingy on the handles to release the handles and extend them, and flip back to lock down the handles and you can start using the lopper.

Without extending the handles, they are 27 ½ inches in length, but after extending them you get a length of 37 ½ inches. That is an extra 10 inch increase in length, affording you more leverage to reach more limbs and branches from your position.

The Corona DualLink bypass lopper makes use of their PowerSource linkage system which is a kind of lever system that helps reduce how far you open the arms and also multiplies the effort you apply to make cutting with it a lot more easier.

Corona also employs a ShockGuard bumper system which helps reduce the snapping action of the jaws after cutting hence reducing user fatigue.

The Corona DualLInk bypass lopper is definitely one of the best ones you should look to when you need a lopper which can afford you more leverage when pruning with it.

5. Fiskars PowerGear

Fiskars Powergear bypass loppers
Tool Specs
Length 32 inches
Cut Capacity 2 inches
Weight 2.55 lbs
Lopper Type Bypass

What do you get when you put gears on a giant scissors? Well, you get the  fiskers PowerGear Bypass Loppers for pruning through tree limbs and branches.

With the Fiskers PowerGear bypass lopper, you get a premium cutting tool which gives you the ability to cut tree branches up to 2 inches in diameter with slick and smooth cutting action.

Fiskers employs their patented PowerGear technology on this lopper which multiplies your effort 3 times to make cutting through those branches and twigs even easier than you think.

It comes equipped with 32 inch handles which gives you more leverage to reach farther tree branches, and also decreases the effort you need to apply to make the cut.

A fully harded still blade ensures that the blade doesn’t get dull after a few cuts and can withstand heavy use. The blade is also coated as well to reduce friction when making cuts, as well as protect against rusting.

If you’re really in need of a good bypass lopper to do some serious pruning in your garden, then the Fiskers PowerGear2 bypass lopper is definitely one you should consider.

Lest I forget, the handles are rubberized to ensure that you have a good soft grip on the tool while using it.

6. Green Thumb 2060BGT

Green thumb 2060BGT
Tool Specs
Length 15 inches
Cut Capacity 1 1/4 inches
Weight 1.2 lbs
Lopper Type Bypass

Would this review be complete without including the Green Thumb 2060BGT Bypass Lopper? I don’t think so.

The 2060BGT bypass lopper is your best bet if you’re looking for a compact bypass lopper that’s smaller than the big heavier ones but also packs the same punch.

It’s small, it’s lightweight and perfect if you’re working in tight spaces. Power is not lacking, as it employs a gear lever design which doubles the effort you apply through the handles to the blade to help make the cutting as easy as possible, notwithstanding the small size of the tool.

With it you can cut branches as thick as 1 ¼ inches in diameter without breaking a sweat. The blades are made from hardened and tempered still and they’re coated with non-stick material to prevent wood sap from sticking to it and to also prevent friction between the blades.

If you need to carry a lopper along with you for whatever activity you’re hoping to carry out e.g. camping or hunting, then there’s no better option than the 2060BGT bypass lopper.

It can fit into your bag or backpack, and it will come really handy when it’s time to make some quick tree or plant branch cutting. It’s small, it’s lightweight, requires less effort to make cuts, rubberized handles ensures tight grip, and it definitely withstands heavy use.

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