10 Best Lawn Dethatcher For Quickly Removing Thatch From Your Lawn

10 best lawn dethatchers

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Using a lawn dethatcher to remove thatch from your lawn periodically is a necessary part of maintaining a healthy lawn and beautiful landscape.

If you leave your lawn a couple of years without dethatching it, it will stop growing properly.

The lush green grass that makes it up will stop growing and they’ll start fading and dying.

No matter the amount of water or fertilizer you add, it will still keep withering and losing its lush green look because too much thatch is preventing the lawn from getting the necessary air and other nutrients it needs to grow healthily just like a normal lawn should.

What is thatch?

Thatch is the light brown layer that builds up over time between your lawn grass and the soil. It’s largely made up of decaying organic matter like dead and compressed grass, leaves, stems and runner, leaves and roots.

lawn structure - thatch layer

Moderate amounts of thatch is okay, but when it has built up over a few years without being checked it starts preventing air and the necessary nutrients needed for your grass to grow.

It even harbours insects and pests which further harms and inhibit the growth of your lawn.

Hence, if you notice this, the necessary thing for you to do is to use a lawn dethatcher to dethatch or remove the thick layer of thatch or dead organic matter beneath your lawn grass.

So that your lawn can start breathing fresh air again and receive necessary nutrients essential for it’s growth.

You can either hire a landscaper to help you do this or you can buy a lawn dethatcher and dethatch your lawn by yourself.

So, in this post, we’ll be reviewing the 10 best lawn dethatchers you can use to get rid of the thatch in your lawn, so that fresh green grass can start growing again.

Here Are The 10 Best Lawn Dethatcher Reviews Of 2020

1. Brinly DT-40BH Tow Behind Dethatcher – Best Tow-Behind

Brinly dt-40bh tow behind dethatcher
Tool Specs
Type Tow behind
Dethatching Width 40 Inches
Tines 20

If thatch has taken over your lawn, and you’re looking to take over your lawn back, then one of the best lawn dethatcher you could use for this is the amazing one the folks at Brinly put together.

It’s the Brinly DT-40BH Tow behnd dethatcher. With the Brinly DT-40BH, you get a 40 inch lawn dethatcher with 2 rows of 10 spring steel tines (20 total) that flex independently as they’re dragged through your lawn grass, combing through it and removing the unwanted thatch efficiently.

With the thatch exposed by the dethatcher, you can go ahead to sweep them off using a lawn sweeper, or you can just mulch it down.

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When working with the dethatcher you can set it to work at 3 different modes depending on what you’re trying to do.

First of all, you can place the dethatcher in transport mode when you’re crossing driveways or walkways by simply lowering the no-flat tires it’s equipped with.

Then when you’re over the lawn you can raise the wheels so that the tines gets in contact with the lawn, this way it can work as straight dethatcher, by simply pulling it through the lawn and combing through the grass, removing the thatch along the way.

Finally, you can add weights to the dethatcher so that it penetrates more into the thatch, soil and grass roots, scraping through the thatch and scarifying the soil. This should come in handy when you’re trying to seed your lawn.

The Brinly DT-40BH comes equipped with an engagement lever which makes it possible for you to raise and lower the transport wheels right from the driver’s seat.

As for the part that does the dirty work, the tines. They’re 3/16 inches in diameter, made of spring steel and stay flexible as long as long as you want.

The tines come pre-assembled to the dethatcher plate when you buy the Brinly DT-40BH tow behind dethatcher.

The whole construction is made of quality heavy-duty steel, with the trail having the capacity to hold up to 70 lbs of additional weight for a more aggressive dethatching.

Overall, the Brinly DT-40BH tow behind dethatcher is one of the best dethatchers you can get your hands on, if you’re looking to get rid of the thatch affecting the health of your lawn.

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2. Greenworks 14 Inch 10 Amps Corded Electric Dethatcher – Best Electric

Tool Specs
Type Corded Electric
Dethatching Width 14 inches
Tines 18

At first sight, looking at the size and the price, I thought the Greenworks 14 inch electric dethatcher was just another joke. An electric tool for dethatching? Pfff! What a joke!

However, the incredible reviews it’s garnered made me to check properly, and it turns out, it ain’t no joke to laugh about.

Turns out, it’s a topnotch lawn dethatcher you can rely on to get rid of the thatch in your lawn. It’s a corded electric dethatcher, so you don’t have to buy fuel to get it work. It’s efficient, and does the job of removing thatch from your lawn effectively.

All, you have to do is plug it in to an electric power outlet, push the start button, and push the dethatcher. It’s even self-propelling so you don’t have to exact too much force to get it going.

Even more surprising is the relatively low price it retails for. Just a little over the price for renting a lawn dethatcher at your local hardware store.

Greenworks 14 inch 10 Amps Corded Dethatcher

At the heart of the Greenworks lawn dethatcher is a powerful 10 amp motor which provides the power that spins 18 sharp tines which spread over a part of 14 inches in width, working unanimously to remove the thatch from your lawn as you push it through.

The tines can be moved or adjusted in 3 different position or depth depending on how much thatch your lawn has accumulated over the years.

Also included when you purchase the Greenworks corded electric lawn dethatcher is a full set of replacement tines for the 18 tines which the dethatcher uses.

Take care not to stay in one position when the machine is working as it can damage the grass when left running in one position.

For optimum performance it is recommended and advised that you make use of a heavy duty extension cord for connecting the Greenworks dethatcher to a power outlet.

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To be specific, for an extension cord that is 50 feet or less in length, the wire gauge size (A.W.S) needs to be 14. Anything less than that can result in volatage drop and loss of power, which can cause the motor to overheat, and possibly breakdown.

Overall, the Greenworks 14 inch corded electric lawn dethatcher is definitely the best lawn dethatcher you can afford if you’re looking for something effective but inexpensive to get rid of the thatch inhibiting the growth of your lawn.

Of course everything is not rosy when it comes to the Greenworks electric dethatcher. You’re limited by the length of power cord you use for the dethatcher, and the position of your power outlet.

You can only go as far as your extension cord will allow. Though this is one limitation that cannot be avoided when it comes to corded electric tools.

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3. ​Agri Fab 45-0295 48 Inch Tow Behind Lawn Dethatcher

Agri Fab 45-0295 48 inch tow behind lawn dethatcher
Tool Specs
Type Tow Behind
Dethatching Width 48 inches
Tines 24

If you’re looking for a good tow behind lawn dethatcher which you can hook to your tractor to dethatch your lawn with, then I’d advice that you consider the Agri Fab 48 inch tine tow behind lawn dethatcher.

It equipped with a 48 inch tray capable of holding up to 70 lbs of extra weight for more efficient penetration of the tines below it, and a more aggressive and effective dislodging of the bedded grass, highly packed roots that make up the thatch.

The 24 spring tines below the weight carrying tray are heat-treated to protect them against rust and keep them working in good condition for years.

You can be rest assured that the Agri Fab tow behind lawn dethatcher will be compatible with the tractor you have as it’s equipped with a universal hitch that attaches to any brand and type of tractor.

Also included are 10 inch semi-pneumatic wheels which comes in handy for transporting the dethatcher especially when driving over driveways and walkways with it.

Right from the driver’s seat, you can use a cantilever transport handle it’s equipped with to raise and lower the trail and tines on and off the lawn. This also comes in handy for raising the detacher and riding on the wheels when you have to drive over a hard surface like your driveway.

Rest assured, the Agri Fab 40-0295 45 inch tow behind lawn dethatcher will stand the test of time as it’s made with heavy-gauge steel material.

Overall, it’s tough, efficient, and it will definitely take years to put it out of work.

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4. Sun Joe AJ801E

Sun Joe AJ801E Lawn Dethatcher
Tool Specs
Type Corded Electric
Dethatching Width 12.6 inches
Tines 18

Another fine electric lawn dethatcher you can use to dethatch your lawn and promote healthy grass growth is the Sun Joe AJ801E 12.6 inch lawn dethatcher.

It’s the ideal lawn dethatcher you need if you have an average/midsized lawn that needs some dethatching.

The dethatcher covers a path 12.6 inches in width, which means you get to rake through and dethatch a 12.6 inches wide path in one pass of the dethatcher. This is definitely not the widest lawn dethatcher you’ll find out there though, but with this you can cover some ground quickly if you lawn is not one of the biggest lawns as well.

A powerful 12 amp motor provides the power required to make everything work. To start working with it, all you have to do is push a button, and push the dethatcher forward, and you’re up and running already.

Sun Joe employs their AirBoost technology which enhances the dethatcher by engaging spring steel tines for maximum thatch remover.

The Sun Joe 12 amp lawn dethatcher comes equipped with a 5 position depth control knob which you can use to control the depth or position of the raking tines. You can raise and lower the tines from -0.4 inches below the soil to 0.4 inches above the soil.

An adjustable handle ensures you can work with the dethatcher at a height you’re comfortable with.

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sun joe aj801e dethather

The Sun Joe AJ801E 12 Amp electric lawn dethatcher is not the biggest one you’re going to find out there, but it’s definitely one of the most effective and ergonomic push lawn dethatchers you can get your hands on today.

Did I mention it comes with a catch bag for catching the thatch removed as you dethatch your lawn with it? Well, now you know. It comes with it.

The catch bag is small though, and you will have to remove and empty it frequently, but that goes to show you just how efficient this little machine is.

As for assembling the tool, it’s very easy as well. Overall, it’s definitely up there as one of the best lawn dethatchers you can use to dethatch your lawn. Feel free to go with Joe on this one.

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5. VonHaus 15 Inch 2 in 1 Lawn Dethatcher And Aerator

This is not just a lawn dethatcher. It’s also a lawn aerator.

The VonHaus 15 inch 2 in 1 lawn dethatcher and aerator allows you to not only rid your lawn of the unhealthy thatch preventing its growth, but also helps the lawn bounce back quickly by also allowing you to aerate the lawn with it as well.

With a working width of just 15 inches, this VonHaus dethatcher allows you to work on small to mid-size lawns and yards comfortably.

The VonHaus yard dethatcher is a push dethatcher, which means you have to push it through the lawn to get it to work.

Although, you won’t have to expel a large amount of energy, as the movement of the dethatcher drums through the lawn self-proppels the dethatcher/aerator as you push it through the lawn.

Hence, you expend a very small amount of energy compared to the work done by the dethatcher.

6. Mantis 7321 Power Tiller Aerator / Dethatcher Combo

mantis 7321 power tiller lawn aerator and dethatcher combo attachment
Tool Specs
Type Mantis Tiller Attachment
Dethatching Width 15 inches
Tines  60

If you have a Mantis Power tiller, then this Mantis aerator/dethatcher combo is definitely the dethatcher you need to get rid of the thatch in your lawn.

Since you already have the same brand of power tiller, why look any further for a dethatcher than one that’s already made for your tiller.

When you get the tool, you get both an aerator and a dethatcher in combo which will come in handy depending on the task you’re hoping to accomplish.

If you’re just trying to remove the thatch and promote healthy growth of your lawn, then you should attach the detacher to your mantis power tiller.

On the other hand if you intend to take it further than just dethatching the lawn by aerating it, then  you can use the aerator.

The lawn dethatcher attachment comes equipped with 60 spring tines or picks which spread over a width of 15 inches. Hence, with it, you get to cover a 15 inch width with every pass of the dethatcher.

Like I said earlier, if you already have a Mantis brand power tiller, and you need a dethatcher for your lawn, then you should consider getting the Mantis 7321 Aerator/Dethatcher combo.

It has the quality to stay working for a long time, and it gets the job of removing your lawn thatch done effectively.

7. Brinly DT-48BH Tow Behind

brinly dt-48dh tow behind scarifier
Tool Specs
Type Mantis Tiller Attachment
Dethatching Width 15 inches
Tines 60

The Brinly DT-48BH tow behind lawn dethatcher is another one of Brinly’s efficient lawn dethatchers which you can attach to your lawn mower to remove the thatch underneath your lawn.

This one however is for use for larger lawns and larger mowers. If you have a very large lawn to dethatch, and you have a bigger lawn mower to go with it, then this Brinly is definitely the one suited for you.

Like the Brinly DT-40BH tow behind dethatcher, it makes uses of flexible spring steel tines attached to the underside of a heavy duty trail which can be pulled through your lawn to remove the thatch in your lawn.

Unlike the Brinly DT-40BH however, the DT-48BH is equipped with a larger 48 inch tray compared to the formers 40 inch tray. The Brinly DT-48BH tray has a larger load carrying capacity and has 2 rows of 12 tines underneath the tray that move or flex independently as you pull comb through your lawn with the dethatcher.

The larger width of the dethatcher ensures that you can cover more ground in one motion and work more effectively.

Every part of the Brinly DT-48BH is made of heavy-duty steel including the tines which are made of spring steel and are very flexible, which ensures that they’re last long and are very unlikely to break while working with the dethatcher due to their flexibility.

However, in the unlikely event of a breakage of any of the tines, the dethatcher is also equipped with a long safety rod which is meant to catch a broken tine and prevent it from clashing with the mower blades.

Brinly also equipped the DT-48BH tow behind lawn dethatcher with a universal hitch which makes it very easy to attach the dethatcher to any type of mower or tractor you have.

Transporting the dethatcher is also very easy as it’s equipped with 2 never flat tires 8 inches in size which are located behind the dethatcher tray.

Assembling the dethatcher is also very easy at it comes with an assembly manual that’s very easy to understand, as each of the dethatcher part is matched to each assembly step in the manual.

Overall, if you really need a big badass tow behind lawn dethatcher to get rid of the thatch harming your lawn, then you should seriously consider Brinly’s DT-48BH tow behind lawn dethatcher.

8. Mantis 5222 Power Tiller Lawn Dethatcher Attachment

Mantis 5222 scarifier
Tool Specs
Type Mantis Tiller Attachment
Dethatching Width 15 inches
Tines  60

I already talked about the Mantis Tiller or cultivator aerator/dethatcher attachment when I reviewed the Mantis 7321 Aerator/Dethatcher Combo attachment. However, you should already note that that’s an aerator and dethatcher combo.

Now, if you have a Mantis cultivator or tiller and you just need the Mantis dethatcher attachment to combine with your lawn mower for use on your lawn, then the Mantis 5222 power tiller dethatcher attachment is the one you need.

Provided you tiller is a Mantis tiller, then you can use this Mantis dethatcher attachment on it, to dethatch your lawn.

It made up of a 60 tough and flexible spring-steel picks which pull out the thatch in your lawn as you pull the dethatcher along the lawn.

The 60 spring-steel picks are spread over a width of 15 inches. Hence, you cover a 15 inch width path for each pass of the dethatcher.

It comes equipped with wheels on it for easy mobility.

Overall, if you have a Mantis tiller/cultivator and you need to dethatch your lawn, then feel free to get the Mantis 5222 Dethatcher attachment to get the job done.

9. Earthwise DT71613

Earthwise DT71613

If you’re looking for a corded electric dethatcher that you can use to get your lawn growing healthily again, then one of the best ones you can place your bet on is this Earthwise DT71613 corded electric lawn grass dethatcher shown above.

All you need to get this baby running is electricity from a nearby power outlet close to your lawn and a long enough extension cord so you can reach every corner of your lawn.

With a dethatching width of 16 inches and 45 spring tines made of zinc-plated piano wires spread over the 16 inch width, you have a push dethatcher with the capacity to cover large ground just with one push through the lawn.

The Earthwise DT71613 corded electric push dethatcher comes equipped with a 13 Amp motor which delivers power similar to that of a gas-powered engine, helping you comp through your lawn, removing every harmful, growth-inhibiting thatch from the soil.

A very good feature of this dethatcher from Earthwise is the adjustable working or dethactching depth. You can adjust the dethatching depth or how far the tines plunge into the grass and soil to remove the soil quite easily.

The depth can be adjusted from -0.4 inches to 0.4 inches to either scratch the grass surface or comb through the roots for deep dethatching, depending on the severity or the amount of thatch accumulation in the lawn.

Equipped with a 10 gallon debris catcher at the rear, this Earthwise DT71613 corded electric push dethatcher leaves nothing behind as you comb through the lawn removing the thatch.

The debris catcher/lawn sweeper it comes equipped with catches every thatch removed during the dethatching process, leaving no further task for you to complete.

All in all, if you really need an electric dethatcher with the power and capacity to get rid of all the thatch inhibiting the growth of the grasses in your lawn, then this Earthwise DT71613 is definitely one you should seriously consider.

10. Agri-Fab 450-0492 Lawn Sweeper Plus Tine Dethatcher Combo

Agri-Fab tow behind dethatcher and lawn sweeper

If you know about Agri-Fab, you’d know they make some of the tow behind dethatchers you can use with your lawn tractor or riding lawn mower.

Apart from making Dethatchers however, they also make lawn sweepers and a rage of other lawn maintenance equipment.

With this Agri-Fab 45-0492, you have a lawn sweeper and a tow behind tine dethatcher you can use to rid your lawn of thatch while at the same time sweeping off all the thatch and debris produce as you drag the dethatcher and sweeper through the lawn.

The lawn sweeper comes with a height adjustment lever you can use to raise and lower it to collect dirt, thatch and debris from your lawn.

It also features a dump lever you can use to dump off the content of the sweeper bag including the grasses, leaves and thatch collected during the sweep, and it features a dump lever you can use to operate it even without leaving the tractor seat.

And when you’re done with it, the entire sweeper can be folded up without using any tools for easy storage of the unit.

The dethatching unit can be attached easily to the lawn sweeper for instant pickup of the thatch removed while combing through the lawn.

Equipped with 14 heat-treated spring tines spread over a 44 inch dethatching width, the Agri-Fab lawn dethatcher and sweeper combo will help you get rid of your lawn thatch while also sweeping them off at the same time, helping you keep a clean and healthy lawn.

Using A Thatching Rake

dethatching rake

A thatching or dethatching rake is another useful tool you can use to dethatch your lawn quite easily, especially if you don’t have the necessary machinery to use a pull-behind dethatcher or if you don’t want to spend much money to buy a push electric dethatcher.

Dethatching rakes works just like normal leaf rakes, but this time, they’re designed so you can use them to pull the thatches underneath your lawn grasses and other foreign debris from your lawn.

Take for instance, the interlocking dethatching rake by Wolf-Garten shown below. You can see the 10 wide spring steel blades spring steel blades spread over the 30 cm raking width.

The curve and hook design of the blades combined with the swivel head it’s attached to allows it to easily pierce and comb through the lawn removing thatches and other foreign debris inhibiting the growth of the grass.

Another well-designed and useful thatching rake you can use for ridding your lawn of thatch is this 15 inch adjustable dethatching rake from Ames True Temper.

thatching rake

The curved, wide and sharp tines are designed so that they can easily pierce through the soil and remove dead grass clippings, also known as thatch from your lawn. Along with removing the thatch, it will also help you aerate the lawn, thus allowing sunshine, water, fertilizers and air to sip through into the roots and help the grasses grow lush and green.

Dethatcher For Lawn Lower

If you have a riding lawn mower, a good tow behind lawn dethatcher attachment will work just fine with it.

Some of the best dethatchers you can use for this include the Agri-Fab, Brinly DT-48BH and Craftsman tow behind lawn dethatchers which we’ve already reviewed above.

As a riding lawn mower owner, all you have to do is to get one of these tow behind or pull behind lawn dethatchers, attach it to your lawn mower with a hitch pin that usually comes with the dethatcher, and ride through your lawn dragging the dethatcher behind.

The tines on the dethatcher will pull out all the thatch in your lawn, and you can finally go through the lawn with a lawn sweeper to sweep off all the thatch that has been removed.

In a few months, you’ll finally see the result of your hard work in the form of fresh green grass finally growing in your yard.

Push Dethatcher

If you don’t have a riding lawn mower which work very well with tow or pull behind dethatchers, then getting a push lawn dethatcher is your best bet.

A push dethatcher allows you to dethatch your lawn by simply pushing the dethatcher machine along the lawn.

These are mostly electric dethatchers, and we’ve reviewed some of the best ones above.

The Greenworks 14 inch corded electric dethatcher, the SUNJOE AJ801E and the Vonhaus 15 inch electric dethatcher are all push lawn dethatchers, and they’re some of the best ones you can and should choose from if you’re in the market for one.

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