10 best weed trimmers

Weed trimmers also known as weed whackers or string trimmers are very important when it comes to cutting the grasses in your yard or garden.

As a landscaper or professional homeowner, whether you have a lawn mower or not, there are certain tasks or projects you can only do with a weed trimmer.

For instance, if your lawn is overgrown, it’s not advisable to use a mower to cut it, because the tall grasses will tangle will the mower blades and you’ll not get a clean cut which will do more harm than good to the grasses. Instead, the first thing you should do is to cut the grasses down to a considerable level with a string trimmer. Only after that, you can use a mower to level it.

String trimmers are also ideal for cutting around obstacles like trees, flowers and other plants without harming them.

It also comes in handy for edging your lawn close to the pavement or sidewalk where your mower blades cannot get to.

Overall, it’s a very useful tool that will allow you trim every inch of your lawn with precision.

Types of Weed Trimmers

types of weed trimmers

Weed eaters or trimmers can be classified according to their source of power, whether it’s gas or electric. They’re also differentiated according to the type of shaft they come with and sometimes, the type of handle they have.

So, the different types include:

  • Gas powered
  • Corded electric
  • Cordless or battery-powered
  • Straight shaft
  • Curved shaft
  • Looped handle and
  • Bike or bicycle handle

Gas Weed Trimmer

From the name, you can tell the gas trimmers are those that are powered by small gas engines. These are the most powerful type you can get for cutting overgrown grasses and brushes.

However, these require more maintenance because any fuel and oil-consuming engine needs to be serviced and maintained on a regular basis.

You also have to buy fuel regularly to power it.

As for the corded electric, they’re also very powerful but not as powerful as the gas models. You just have to plug it to a power outlet, press a button and you can start trimming your grasses.

They don’t require much maintenance like the gas models, but the size or area of grasses you can cut with it is limited by the length of the corded. So they’re more suitable for homeowners with small lawns.

If you have a very large lawn, I don’t think a corded electric trimmer will be the ideal tool you need to get the job done.

Cordless or Battery Powered Weed Eaters

curved shaft weed eater

A cordless or battery powered trimmer is one of the best type you can go for. It does not require much maintenance like a corded unit and is not limited by the wire cord that comes with it.

You just have to charge the battery, plug it into the tool and you can take it anywhere with you. They don’t also produce much noise like the gas powered ones.

Straight Shaft Weed Trimmer

straight shaft weed eater

As the name already tells, they come equipped with straight shafts that connect the engine or motor to the head. This is very suitable if you’re tall, because the straight shift gives you a longer reach advantage so you don’t have to bend to reach the grass.

They are also more powerful because the straight shaft means a straight transmission of power from the engine or motor to the line head.

This also results in less vibration because there’re less moving parts inside it.

A curved shaft trimmer is also very easy to get underneath obstacles, because the shaft is a straight one, so you can just get down and point the cutting head to wherever and underneath whatever you want to make cuts.

They also have a large cutting capacity because they come with a large head with longer lines in them. So, you can cover a large part and work at a faster rate with a straight shaft weed trimmer down with a curved shaft.

The disadvantage of straight shaft string trimmers is that they’re weightier, simply because they’re larger in everything. Large engine, long shaft and large cutting head.

This means they’re also more expensive.

So, the advantages are:

  • Longer reach
  • More power
  • Less vibration
  • Better for getting underneath barriers like decks or lower tree branches
  • Large capacity – longer and larger lines


More weight

More expensive

Curved Shaft

Curved shaft trimmers features a much shorter shaft curved close to the head. These trimmers are usually smaller in size.

Because of their small size, they’re also lighter in weight. So you don’t really need a harness to handle this type.

They’re also cheaper to purchase, because they’re small and mostly comes with smaller engines, so there’s not much that goes into them.

The main disadvantage of curved shaft string trimmers is that you can’t get them underneath barriers because of the curved shaft close to the head.

For instance, you might try to reach some grasses under a deck or under a small tree or flower, and it’s impossible to do so because of the curve at the top of the shaft.

So, here’re the advantages of a curved shaft. They’re:

  • Smaller
  • Lighter – Less weight
  • Cheaper


  • Can’t get underneath barriers

Handle Design

Two type of handles come with weed trimmers, a looped handle and a bike or bicycle handle.

Looped handle

weed trimmer with a looped handle

A looped handle is easy to grab and go, so you can start working immediately. It’s also very easy to maneuver as you work with it.

It can however get heavy really quick, because you’re supporting the whole weight of the trimmer with both of your hands and nothing else. So, you can’t work with it for a very long time because you’ll get tired of the weight.

Bike or Bicycle Handle

weed trimmer with a bike or bicycle handle

This requires the use of a harness you need to wear on your shoulders to hold it around your waist. The harness takes the whole weight of the machine, so your hands don’t have to bear the weight. That means you can work for a longer period of time with it.

So, if you’re somebody with back pain or something like that, or you have a large area of lawn to trim, then this bike handle will be the ideal choice. You can use it for longer periods at a time compared to the looped handle trimmer.

2 Cycle Engine Gas Trimmer vs 4 Cycle Engine Gas Trimmer

Gas weed trimmers come with either a 2 circle engine or a 4 circle engine. That means, if you’re going to get a gas powered type, you need to know the difference between the two types of engines, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

The major difference between the two types of engines is that 2 circle engines run on mixed fuel. To start the engine, you need to pour in a mixture of fuel and oil.

On the other hand, with a 4 cycle engine, the oil is not mixed with the fuel or gasoline. Instead, it uses motor oil in the crank case, and the gasoline or fuel is turned into the fuel tank. The oil lubricates the engine from the crank case so there’s no mixture of fuel and oil.

2 Cycle Engine4 Cycle Engine4 Mixed Engine
LightweightHeavyCan be heavy
High RPMHigh torqueHigh torque
Really noisy due to high RPMLow soundLow sound
Dirty – Lots of fumesOperates very clean – Less fumeCleaner than 2 stroke
Hard to pull the start cordEasy to pullEasy to pull
Consumes more fuelConsumes less fuelConsumes less fuel

With that said, here’s our review of the 10 best weed trimmers you can use for your lawn maintenance projects.

1. Husqvarna 324L Gas Weed Trimmer

husqvarna 967055801 324l weed trimmer


  • Type: Gas
  • Engine Type: 4 stroke 25cc
  • Shaft type: Straight
  • Line Diameter: 0.095 inches
  • Cutting Width: 17 inches

When it comes to making weed trimmers, few if any manufacturers makes them better than Husqvarna does. One of their best ones is the Husqvarna 324L.

If you really really want the best, then you’ve got to take this one for a spin because it’s a very powerful weed eater with a 4 stroke engine providing the power that spins the line.

With the 4 stroke engine, you don’t have to worry about mixing fuel or appropriate fuel oil ratios to power the trimmer because it runs on pure gasoline, not gasoline and oil.

The fuel-only 4 stroke engine not only removes the discomfort of having to mix fuel and oil, but also results in a cleaner running engine with less fumes coming from the exhaust as compared to a 2 stroke engines which uses fuel and oil mixtures.

Engine vibration is one common problem with gas trimmers. However, the Husqvarna 324L doesn’t seem to get its fair share of this problem due to engine which runs smoother and quieter than trimmers with 2 stroke engines..

Starting small engines like this can sometimes be problematic due to air buildup in the carburettor. To tackle this, the Husqvarna 324L comes equipped with an air purge system to release air from the carburettor, making it easy to start the engine.

Feeding more line from the head is very easy because it’s equipped with a Tap ‘N Go head which only requires you to tap it to the ground in order to release fresh line when the previous line is worn out.

As for weight, the Husqvarna 324L weed trimmer weighs only 11.24 lbs which is quite light from my point of view. So, you’ll definitely be able to manoeuvre and use it for a long time without getting tired out.

These features makes the Husqvarna 324L one of the best weed trimmers you can ever get your hands on.

What we like about it:

The Husqvarna 324L has many desirable features all stemming from the fact that a 4 stroke engine provides the power for its operation.

I like the fact that it works with gasoline only. You don’t have to mix fuel and oil for it to work, which eliminates any worry of wrong fuel mixture that can kill the engine or the worry of having to buy expensive premixed fuel.

The tap n’ go head also makes line feeding a breeze. This is a feature which really makes using the Husqvarna 324L weed trimmer easy and comfortable for the user – a feature I like.

Where it can be improved:

The trimmer throws a lot of grass and debris on the user. A larger grass shield would definitely prevent this from happening, at least to some extent.

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2. Echo GT-225 Gas Weed Trimmer

echo gt-225 gas weed trimmer


  • Type: Gas
  • Engine Type: 2 stroke 21.2cc
  • Shaft type: Curved
  • Line Diameter: 0.08 inches
  • Cutting Width: 16 inches

Echo is another power tool powerhouse that produces some of the best weed trimmers you can think ever of.

They need no introduction to the scene because they’ve been making these things for years, and have actually crafted a niche in making tools like the powerful GT-225 curved shaft weed trimmer.

The Echo GT-225 makes it into this list not just because it’s made by a tool manufacturer of great renown like Echo, but because it actually merits it in terms of quality and performance.

It comes equipped with a professional grade 21.2cc 2 stroke engine which provides enough power to trim weeds and brushes with ease.

The engine is connected to the head by means of a 48 inch curved shaft which is not only good for lawn edging but also very easy to maneuver around obstacles while trimming with it.

Charged with holding the spinning line is a rapid loader cutting head, which as the name implies can be reloaded quickly by simply inserting precut lengths of cutting line. This eliminates down time and ultimately allows you to spend more time trimming down grasses instead of struggling to load the cutting head.

Getting the engine started is pretty easy because the Echo GT-225 is equipped with the i-30 starting system which reduces the effort needed to get the engine running, and makes it easier to start the trimmer.

Equipped with it also is a good adjustable handle which makes it easy for you to configure the way you hold the trimmer for maximum comfort and maneuverability.

What we like about it:

I think the most likable feature of the Echo GT-225 is that it’s very easy to start, and it doesn’t take much effort to pull the starter.

The i-30 starting system makes it very easy to start. With just 1 or 2 pulls, it’s already up and running.

Power is also something the Echo GT-225 has a lot of. With it you can trim through tough brushes and weeds easily.

Some people don’t like the curved shaft it comes with, but I say it’s a matter of personal preference, plus the curved shaft is really easy to maneuver, especially for edging.

The Echo GT-225 weed trimmer is also very lightweight, which is one feature that will definitely do your hands a lot of good if you’ll be working for a pretty long time with the trimmer.

Where it can be improved:

The curved shaft has its perks, but if you’re really tall, you have to bend down a bit to have a good reach on the grass, which might not be comfortable for some people.

3. Dewalt DCST922P1 Cordless Weed Trimmer

Dewalt DCST922P1 cordless weed trimmer


  • Type: Cordless
  • Voltage: 20 volts
  • Shaft type: Straight
  • Line Diameter: 0.08 inches
  • Cutting Width: 14 inches

The Dewalt DCST922P1 features a very innovative design and comes with all the necessary features needed to cut and trim grasses and lawns with ease.

First of all, the performance is great because it cuts really clean and beautiful through grassy lawns and even thick brush without any difficulty.

It makes use of a Dewalt 0.080 trimmer line and when switched on, it cuts through a 14-inch swat in every pass, which is not the highest cutting width I’ve seen, but still covers a lot of ground in every pass.

The Dewalt DCST922P1 features a variable speed trigger which makes it easy to control the speed and match performance with application.

Unlike a fuel powered weed whacker, the battery powered DCST922P1 is very lightweight and easy to maintain. Yes, your back will thank you when you get a tool like this.

Startup is easy because there’s no engine, just a motor to switch on. Battery life is good and lasts for about an hour before it needs to be recharged.

It features a large guard that prevents grass clippings, little rocks and dirt from flying towards the user.

A peculiar feature of the DCST922P1 is the ability to fold up the shaft after use, reducing its length by 40 percent, which makes it very easy to store away or transport from one place to another.

Once folded up, it can even fit into the trunk of a small car, unlike other trimmers which cannot be folded. Overall, the Dewalt DCST922P1 is one of the best choices for anyone looking for a lightweight, easy to use weed trimmer for yard work.

4. Worx WG184 Cordless Weed Trimmer

Worx WG184 cordless string trimmer


  • Type: Cordless
  • Voltage: 40 volts
  • Shaft type: Straight
  • Line Diameter: 0.065 inches
  • Cutting Width: 13 inches

Among the many battery-powered string trimmers out there, the 40V Worx WG184 is one of my favorites, and it’s surely one I’d recommend to any homeowner looking for a quiet portable unit for carrying out simple yard work.

Apart from being used for cutting grasses, the Worx WG184 also doubles as an edger. It comes with a simple edger wheel which can be attached to the pivoting head, making it to edge along walkways and driveways, by simply rolling it along.

It comes with two 20V batteries, which makes it a total of 40V increased power and runtime.

Feeding out the line from the spool is done automatically by the push of a button on the handle. So, you don’t have to reach down and feed out the line manually. You don’t even have to bump the head on anything.

It also features a variable speed trigger for matching the speed of the line with the kind of grass you’re cutting.

The cutting head can be pivoted in different directions and adjusted to suit any type of sloped terrain, so the user doesn’t have to bend or assume an uncomfortable posture while working with it.

The width of the swat is 13 inches, which is not very wide, but still covers quite an area in one pass.

5. Milwaukee 2725-21HD

milwaukee 2725-21hd M18 fuel weed trimmer


  • Type: Cordless
  • Voltage: 18 volts
  • Shaft type: Straight
  • Line Diameter: 0.08″ – 0.095″
  • Cutting Width: 14″ – 16″

Milwaukee needs no introduction when it comes to the manufacture of power tools. Their M18 Fuel system, like Dewalts Flexvolt system has drastically changed the way cordless tools are perceived.

The Milwaukee 2725-21HD weed trimmer is one of their many cordless tools that is powered using the revolutionary M18 fuel batteries and their POWERSTATE brushless motor which ensures you get sufficient runtime from the tool.

The good part is, if you already have any of their cordless M18 tools, be it a circular saw, impact driver, sawzall or even their M18 jobsite table saw, you can use the same M18 battery to power everything.

It’s equipped with a bump feed head so you can easily feed out fresh line on the go without pausing.

The metal bump button ensures the trimmer head does not fail due to successive bumping on the ground. Though it’s not advisable to bump it on concrete or pavement even though it’s made of metal.

A 16 inch cutting swath line increases the cutting capacity of the trimmer by ensuring that a wide area of grass or weed is cut in just one pass.

You can run it in two speed modes, which are high and low speed settings. The high speed settings enables you to use the trimmer to cut through thick weed and brushes, but at a reduced run time. The low speed setting allows you to use the trimmer for light duty work like just trimming grass, thus maximizing runtime.

It also has a variable speed trigger which allows you to vary the speed depending on how far you depress the trigger.

The brushless motor is positioned at the back of the trimmer to provide balance for the tool and make it easier to manoeuvre it during use.

Whether you’re a professional landscaper or you’re a home owner looking for an efficient easy to use trimmer to take care of your yard, the Milwaukee 2725-21HD is definitely one I’m sure will exceed your expectations.

What we like about it:

Like every other battery powered string trimmer, the Milwaukee 2725-21HD requires little to no maintenance, and none of the quibbles that goes with using a gas model.

Apart from that, what I really dig about the Milwaukee 2725-21HD is that it was well designed and well made. I think it’s something that’s really going to last for a long time, as long as it’s not abused.

Even though it’s battery powered, you’d discover that it cuts the grasses and brushes efficiently without bugging down, especially in the high speed setting. Even when working with the low speed setting, it still cuts lawn grasses without any resistance.

The battery charges quickly and runtime with a fully charged battery is good, because you can get over 1 hour of heavy trimming from it.

Where it can be improved:

There’s not much to criticize about the Milwaukee 2725-21HD. Though compared to a gas unit, it could use a bit more power.

6. BLACK+DECKER LSTE523 Cordless Weed Trimmer

black+decker lste523


  • Type: Cordless
  • Voltage: 20 volts
  • Shaft type: Straight
  • Line Diameter: 0.065 inches
  • Cutting Width: 12 inches

The Black+Decker LSTE523 is a weed trimmer which can also be converted to a lawn edger just like the Worx WG163 GT mentioned above.

It’s part of the Black+Decker’s POWERCOMMAND line of tools which are powered by their 20 volts max batteries. Hence, if you already have any of the 20 volts max tools, you can use the battery to power this one easily.

The Black+Decker LSTE523 does not just transmit power from the motor to the string or line directly. Instead, Black+Decker employs a power drive transmission which increases the torque, making it easier to deal with tough weeds.

With the Black+Decker LSTE523, you get 2 speeds to choose from, one increases the power or speed so you can cut through tough dense weed and brushes easily, while the second reduced speed allows you to have a longer runtime while working with the tool.

Feeding line from the trimmer head is not done manually, but by means of Black+Deckers EASYFEED feature which enables you to feed line from the head just by pressing a single button.

The Black+Decker LSTE523 is a straight shaft weed trimmer, which means you can easily reach the weed without having to bend down, even if you’re tall.

Apart from that, the height or length of the shaft can easily be adjusted by the user in order to make it easier to use. Even the auxiliary handle can be adjusted as well to make it easier to hold.

With all these features, if you get the Black+Decker LSTE523, you can be sure that you’re getting one of the best cordless units out there.

What we like about it:

Every part of the Black+Decker LSTE523 was designed with ease of use in mind. First of all, it’s very lightweight. So you can work with it for a long time before tiring out.

It’s also very adjustable. You can adjust the auxiliary handle and you can even adjust the length of the shaft to whatever length works best for you.

Because it’s cordless, you definitely don’t have a lot of maintenance to do as well.

Where it can be improved:

Getting the battery charged takes a reasonable amount of time. So, you definitely have to consider getting a spare battery and charging both well in advance before starting your project.

7. Poulan Pro PR28SD 17 inch Gas String Trimmer

Poulan Pro PR28SD weed trimmer

Power Source: Gas, Engine: 2 stroke 28cc, Shaft Type: Straight, Cutting Width: 17 inches, Line Diameter: 0.095 inches, Cutting Head Type: Tap’N Go, Weight: 14 Pounds

The major issue with gas weed trimmers is that they’re very noisy compared to battery powered or electric models.

However, the advantage they have over other types of trimmers is that they’re more powerful. This power allows you to use thicker lines and cut thicker grasses and brushes with them.

One of the best I’ll recommend for you is the Poulan Pro PR28SD. It’s a 17 inch weed trimmer which comes equipped with a 28cc 2-cycle engine, designed to start as easily as possible so you can power through grasses in no time.

The engine on it is very easy to start, you don’t have to pull it several times, just prime it, choke and pull the start belt or rope.

It features a spring assisted starter system and  an auto return stop switch which automatically returns to the ON position in case you want to start it again.

The Poulan Pro PR28SD also features a Tap ‘N Go head which you can tap on the ground to automatically feed out a fresh 17 inch line spool to replace a worn out one.

Instead of a curved shaft, the Poulan Pro PRS28SD comes equipped with a straight shaft providing you a longer reach, especially if you’re a tall person.

The Pro-Link feature of the PRS28SD string trimmer means it capable of accepting 6 attachments which allows you to use it for grass trimming, brush cutting, hedge trimming, blowing of grasses, tree pruning and even edging of your lawn.

Overall, it’s an all-round tool with a very good design and the power to help you get the job done.

What I like about it:

  • It’s very powerful
  • You can use several attachments
  • Features a bump head for easy line feeding
  • Easy to assemble
  • Overall good design and solid construction

Where it can be improved:

  • A bit heavy to carry
  • Speed is not adjustable

8. Dewalt DCST970X1 Cordless Weed Trimmer

dewalt dcst970x1 string trimmer


  • Type: Cordless
  • Voltage: 60 volts
  • Shaft type: Straight
  • Line Diameter: 0.080″ to 0.095″
  • Cutting Width: 15 inches

The Dewalt DCST970X1 is another cordless weed trimmer designed and built by Dewalt, which is a very good option for you if you’re looking for a convenient way to trim your lawn without dealing with gas.

When you get the Dewalt DCST970X1, you get a lightweight 60 volt battery unit equipped with a brushless motor and a gear driven head to provide all the power you need to cut through overgrown weeds in your yard.

Battery powered string trimmers are known not to be as powerful as their gas counterparts, but not the Dewalt DCST970X1. With the 60 volts 3 Ah battery that comes with it fully charged and loaded, you have a unit in your hands that can cut through very tough and overgrown weed easily.

Runtime is not a problem as long as the battery is fully charged, you can work for several hours with it before you need to recharge it. It’s really the power of corded in a cordless tool.

It’s equipped with a variable speed trigger with a hi/lo speed control which allows you to run the trimmer at a high speed for really tough weeds and at a low speed to increase run time.

The reality is, you may not even need to run it at the high speed setting because the low setting cuts the weeds very easily.

The cutting head uses a 15 inch cutting swath which is just long enough to cover a wide area of grass in one pass of the trimmer head.

With the Dewalt DCST970X1, you get a weed trimmer which is powerful, light and easy to handle, but without all the quibbles that come with a gas unit.

If you’re looking for a very powerful trimmer but you don’t want to deal with the troubles that comes with a gas unit, then by all means get the Dewalt DCST970X1.

What we like about it

Even though it’s battery powered, it still got all the power needed to deal with tough overgrown grasses in the yard. I really like the power this thing boasts.

It also has a very good runtime. You can actually run this thing for hours trimming the grasses in your yards, and the battery will hold up all through. If you’re really working on a very large property or using it commercially, you can opt for a second battery just for backup.

However, if you’re using this on a small property, you don’t need a second battery.

Where it can be improved

Blade guard is very small, so you have to be ready to have grass and dirt all over your shoes and jeans. Just make sure you wear work jeans and shoes to when trimming with it.

Safety glasses are also very necessary to protect your eyes from any particle the trimmer kicks up into the air.

Ear protection is not needed because it’s battery powered, no engine sound to worry about.

9. Makita XRU02Z Cordless Weed Trimmer

dewalt dcst970x1


  • Type: Cordless
  • Voltage: 18 volts
  • Shaft type: Straight
  • Line Diameter: 0.065 inches
  • Cutting Width: 10-1/4 inches

With a motor speed of up to 7800 rpm, Makita’s XRU02Z 18 volts powered cordless weed trimmer offers another battery powered option for you to trim the grasses and weeds off your yard.

It’s equipped with a bump feed trimmer head which is one of the most user friendly way to feed line into the trimmer without sacrificing time. Just a tap of the head on the ground will release a fresh line for improved cutting.

Also, the bump feed button on the trimmer head is reinforced to enable it withstand all the bumping action during use.

Equipped with a straight telescoping shaft, you can easily adjust the length of the shaft from 48-1/2 inches to 52-1/2 inches depending on what’s suitable for you to work with.

The Makita XRU02Z trimmer head can also be rotated through an angle of 180 degrees to convert the trimmer to an edger for edging the corners of your lawn, walkway or driveway.

One thing you’ll really appreciate about the Makita XRU02Z is the relatively short charge time of Makita’s 18 volts batteries. With less than 30 minutes, you can get a full charge on the batteries, so you can quickly get back to trimming instead of waiting for the battery to charge.

The runtime is also pretty decent. You can get close to an hour of runtime out of a 1.5 Ah battery and more than an hour for a 5.0 Ah Makita 18 volts battery.

With a weight of just 6.4 lb, the Makita XRU02Z is definitely one of the most lightweight and compact units you can ever get your hands on, and most definitely one of the best weed trimmers you can get your hands on today.

What we like about it

I really like the fact that the battery charges pretty fast. In 30 minutes or less, you already have a full charge in the batteries, which really reduces downtime.

Though not as powerful as a gas trimmer, power is not also lacking with the Makita XRU02Z, as it can adequately take care of all the grasses in your lawn.

The telescoping shaft and rotating head feature are also very good features which makes the Makita XRU02Z very versatile and easy to use.

Where it can be improved

The trimmer line that comes with it wears down pretty quick. A better quality line would definitely be a good improvement.

10. EGO Power+ ST1521S

EGO Power+ ST1521S


  • Type: Cordless
  • Voltage: 56 volts
  • Shaft type: Straight
  • Line Diameter: 0.095 inches
  • Cutting Width: 15 inches

The EGO Power+ ST1521S weed trimmer is capable of cutting a 15-inch-wide strip of grass in one pass. It’s a cordless 56 volts tool that comes equipped with a 2.5 Ah battery, which is powerful enough to cover a medium sized lawn with one battery charge.

One of the coolest things about the EGO Power+ ST1521S is the ability to automatically load the string line into the head without any manual work.

EGO Power+ calls it their POWERLOAD Technology. With it, replacing the trimmer line is as easy as feeding the line through the head and pressing a button close to the head which automatically winds the line into the head.

Feeding out the line when trimming is also as simple as bumping the head on the grass lawn.

It features a straight carbon fiber shaft which is very strong, and a wide head guide to keep dirt and grass clippings from flying towards the user.

The motor in the trimmer head is brushless, which means less energy wasted, longer run time and low vibrations.

A variable speed trigger ensures the user can either reduce or decrease the cutting speed depending on the condition of the grasses.

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    1. My7 weed eater is not working how can I get one that will work, The model i have has been return to Lowes. I got mind last summer and it stop working before the end of July so I through it was the craftsman batter but it turns out to be the weed eater it self . I hope I can get help with it

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