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Edges are very significant wherever they prove to be, especially when it comes to landscaping. The edges of your lawn, garden, walkways and driveway helps define its boundaries and helps it stand out, especially when a lot of work has been done to mow the grass and keep it in good condition.

No matter how often you mow your lawn, no matter how much it’s cared for by removing the weeds and raking off the grass and weeds, without edging it with a good landscape edger, it’s still going to end up looking as if something has not been done right.

Edging the lawn and flowerbeds helps keep the home and surrounding landscape looking crisp, neat and cool.

It involves neatly cropping and trimming the thin strip of grasses surrounding your walkway, driveway, patio, sign posts, mail box, trees, light poles and other stationary objects in your property.

When these areas are well-trimmed and edged, you’ll increase your overall curb appeal and end up with a garden and surrounding landscape that looks appealing not only to you but to everyone else around.

Now, you can hire a professional landscaper to take care of your lawn, which will also involve edging it, but if you want to take the DIY route and do it yourself, then you’ll need the right tools to get the job done.

rough lawn edge

Here, you don’t need a lawn mower. Instead, you need a landscape or flower bed edger.

There are different types you can choose from, which I’ve written about and reviewed here in this article.

Here are the 9 best landscape edgers you can use to shape your lawn and keep your garden and outdoor space in top condition.

1. Earthquake 23275 Walk-Behind Landscape Edger

Earthquake 23275 Walk-Behind Landscape and Lawn Edger

Whether you’re a simple homeowner or a professional landscaper looking for a good edger to give your lawn that world-class finer touch, this walk-behind model by Earthquake is really one you can rely on to get the job done.

The Earthquake 23275 comes equipped with a powerful 79cc Viper Engine that spins a 9 inch spring steel blade up to a Max speed of 3400 rpm, allowing you to cut cleanly and precise straight lines through even the toughest of turfs and grasses.

With it, you can create beautiful and clean-looking borders and edges around your property, lawn, walkways, driveways and around flower beds.

The cutting head can be adjusted into different angles from 70 to 110 degrees, allowing the user to cut and edge the grass effectively at a position he or she’s most comfortable with.

Controlling depth of cut into the turf is very easy. The Earthquake 23275 lawn edger comes with a simple depth control lever which you can engage from the operation handle with one hand, allowing you to set the depth from 0.5 inches to 3.5 inches depending on how deep you want it to be.

It’s well balanced as it comes equipped with 4 wheels, ensuring maximum stability and control as you work with it.

Included is a chain skirt that protects the operator from flying debris during operation, and also a tool holder close to the handles for storing small tools you might need while working with it.

Apart from edging, the Earthquake 23275 also doubles as a lawn trencher, ideal for trenching through the ground such as when installing an electric fence or installing underground cable to your shed or garage.

Overall, if you need a very good and highly efficient landscape edger to keep your lawn in shape, then you should definitely consider this one from Earthquake tools.

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2. Mclane 101-5-5GT Landscape and Lawn Edger

Mclane 101-5-5GT Landscape and Lawn Edger

Equipped with a 2 inch by 9 inched precision machined spring steel blade powered by a 3.5 HP engine, this landscape edger by Mclane have everything you need to deliver that professional clean edges on your lawn, flowerbeds, driveways and walkways.

If features a single lever blade clutch you can also use to control the cutting depth of the blade, allowing you maximum control of the machine to cut the edge just the way you want.

Whether you want to trim vertically or horizontally, this Mclane edger can be adjusted accordingly. You can tilt the cutting blade to any angle allowing you to slice through the turf and shape the edge just the way you want it.

Setting it up is very easy, and once it’s set up, it starts up easily on the first pull, so anyone can use it no matter their age.

It comes equipped with four 7 inch tires for mobility and helps balance the machine as you work with it.

Most importantly, it edges well and will definitely suit any type of lawn edging application you want to use it for.

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3. TrimmerPlus TPE720

TrimmerPlus TPE720 Landscape Edger Attachment

If you have a gas-powered trimmer that takes tool attachments, then this TrimmerPlus TPE720 is the ideal landscape edger you need.

The TrimmerPlus TPE720 is compatible with any attachment-capable gas-powered trimmer from many manufacturers including Craftsman, Troy-Bilt, Snapper, Ryobi, Remington, Greenworks, Bolens, Kobalt, Murray and many other trimmer brands or manufacturers.

It comes equipped with a 7.5 inch hardened steel blade which can be used for edging patio lawns, flowerbed, driveways and walkways etc.

The blade depth can be adjusted up to 2.5 inches, allowing more control and precision during use.

Removing or attaching this TrimmerPlus edger to a string trimmer head is quick and easy, so less time is spent setting up the tool and more time actually working and edging with it.

Overall, it’s the ideal option you need if you already have a trimmer head and you just need an edger attachment to go with it.

4. WORX WG896 7.5 Inch Electric Landscape Edger and Trencher

WORX WG896 Electric Landscape Edger and Trencher

When you get this WORX WG896 electric landscape edger and trencher, you get a powerful motorized lawn edger equipped with a 12 amp motor spinning a sharp 7.5 inch blade at a max speed of 4700 rpm.

At that speed you can cut through and shape the turf surrounding your walkways, driveways, mailboxes and your flowerbeds with ease.

There’re are 3 depth adjustments  of 1 inch, 1-1/4 inch and 1-1/2 inches, allowing it to be used not only as an edger but also for trenching wires and cables to a shed or garage.

This WORX WG896 is design so anyone can use it easily. It comes equipped with an adjustable shaft connecting the handle with the trimmer. No the height of the user, the length of the shaft can be adjusted accordingly for comfortable use.

Apart from the adjustable shaft, the handle also pivots freely and easily affording the user maximum control during use.

All in all, this WORX WG896 is definitely one tool you can absolutely rely on especially as a homeowner who needs it to keep the lawn edge neat and well-kept.

It’s well balanced with 3 tires, 2 behind and 1 guide tire at the front, making it very easy to guide and maneuver along the lawn and flower bed edges.

5. EGO Power+ EA0800 8 Inch Landscape Edger Attachment

EGO Power+ EA0800 8 Inch Edger Attachment

The EGO Power Head System is one landscaping equipment every homeowner can benefit from provided you have all the attachment that really makes it work.

The Power Head System powers different tool attachment which include a pole saw, a string trimmer, a pole extension attachment and a landscape edger.

With the edger attachment, you can use the EGO Power Head system to create that straight line you need between your lawn and your pavement.

The edger attachment consists of a solid 8 inch blade you can attach to the power head system. Once attached, you can use it to cut clean, crisp and precise edges around your driveways, patios and sidewalks.

It features a guide wheel and a depth adjustment knob you can use to customize and shape every edge to your taste.

When you get the EGO Power Head system and the edger attachment, you’re assured of a long tool run-time because it comes equipped with a powerful 56 volts lithium ion battery (sold separately), which does not only delivers the power but the performance you need to tackle the most demanding edging jobs.

6. BLACK+DECKER LE750 Landscape Edger and Trencher

BLACK+DECKER LE750 Landscape Edger and Trencher

If you still aren’t impressed by any of the landscape edgers listed above, then you should check out this one by Black+Decker.

It’s a landscape edger and trencher in one tool. You can swap between both tools by simply pulling the edge guide up or down.

Assemblying it together is tool-free. You don’t need any tools. You can use it to edge your lawn, walkway and driveway, sidewalks and patios. Edge around flowerbeds and mailboxes with ease.

With its 3-position blade depth adjustment, controlling and maneuvering it is very easy. You get to shape the edges just the way you want it.

The 3 tires it comes with makes it easy to maneuver it even through rough terrain. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly landscape edger, this one is one by BLACK+DECKER is one of your best bet.

7. AMES 2917200 Saw-Tooth Border Edger

AMES 2917200 manual edger

If you have a very small lawn and you think an electric or gas powered edger might just be too much for it, then a hand-powered one like this AMES 2917200 saw-tooth edger might just be what you need.

Whether you want to cut straight lines or curves around your lawn, walkways or driveway, or even cut trenches to embed cables to your shed or garage, this AMES 2917200 will work just fine.

Sure, it will require some elbow grease and manual work on your part, but the AMES 2917200 surely gets the job done.

It features a long durable steel handle with a steel T-Grip, an arched saw-tooth blade with a strong foot-plate on which the user can step on for easy penetration into the soil.

The steel handle is a plus because you can really apply some leverage on it and it still will be less likely to break compared with a wooden handle.

8. Greenworks 27032

Greenworks 27032 edger

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of starting and maintaining a gas powered edger and the stress of using a manually operated one like the AMES shown above, then this Greenworks corded electric edger could definitely suit your needs.

It’s corded electric, which means the range of operating it is going to be limited by the length of the extension cord, but it also means you don’t have to worry about battery running down on a cordless one.

Equipped with a powerful 12 amp motor, the Greenworks 27032 produces enough power to cut through tough turfs with ease.

A 7.5 inch long double edge blade attached to the motor ensures efficient edging and resistance against wear and degradation.

A spring assisted front wheel provides users the ability to vary the depth of cut by simply applying or reducing pressure on the front wheel to increase or reduce the depth of cut.

The handle length is adjustable, making it suitable and comfortable to use by persons of different heights.

If you want a landscape edger that’s easy to use, easy to carry and requires very little maintenance, the Greenworks 27032 might just be the best option for you.

9. Echo PAS-225VP Landscape Edger and Trimmer Kit

Echo PAS-225VP Landscape Edger and Trimmer Kit

When you get this Echo PAS-225VP landscape/flower bed edger and trimmer kit, you get an Echo power head equipped with a 21.2cc professional-grade 2 stroke engine and two tool attachments that work with the power head.

A grass or weed trimmer attachment for trimming your lawn grasses and a flower bed edger attachment for edging flower beds, sidewalks and driveways.

Swapping between the two attachments is very easy as it makes use of a tool-less coupler for attachment changes.

Both primary and secondary handles of the power head are padded to ensure maximum comfort even when used for long periods at a stretch.

A pretty cool feature I like about the landscape edger attachment is that it comes equipped with a clog-resistant open-faced metal shield.

This ensures the shield does not clog up with debris when edging with it, and you don’t lose any time trying to scrape debris off the shield.

Although it’s a bit pricey, this Echo PAS-225VP edger and trimmer kit works extremely well, not only for edging your lawn but for trimming it as well.

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  1. Which of these would you recommend for a “not terribly physically strong, not mechanically minded at all”, gardening enthusiast? A pick it up and go edger. Please.

    1. Hi Julia,
      If you are edging between paved walkways or a paved driveway and the lawn, the cheaper electric models are a good choice, they are usually lightweight and require little maintenance.
      I would not recommend a small gas powered engine. Too much maintenance.

      If you use the tool far from an electric outlet or you are concerned about cutting the cord, there are some good battery operated options as well.

      If you edge between flower beds and lawn then you really need a “bed redefiner”, but that’s a major expense so a spade is probably the best option, get one with a straight blade. You can’t beat it for low maintenance.
      I edge about 450 feet between flower beds and lawn with a spade, you can even get narrow ones to make it easier to dig in. The key is to go slow so you don’t wear yourself out. I have a plug-in edger for the walkways, gives really crisp look.

      1. Is there a machine to eliminate grass/ expose the soil so that plantings can be made directly into the soil (flower bed maker)?

      2. An excellent answer; one that I would echo. I have found that an edger that works for sidewalks doesn’t dig deep enough for flower beds. I love the way that videos show what bed edgers can do but don’t want a gas engine or the expense. My yard man did a pretty good job with a powerful string trimmer, but I lost him. My grandson is now mowing my lawn OK, but is doing a poor job of edging beds with an electric string trimmer. Will have to find a new yard man. At age 85 with a bad back I just can’t do yard work anymore.

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