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How Tough Is The Dewalt Tough System Tool Organizer?

Dewalt tough system

Last updated on April 20th, 2022 at 02:06 pm

What is the Dewalt Tough system? It’s simply a tool storage solution made by Dewalt, comprising a tool storage rack or organizer and a system of boxes both big and small you can stack on the rack for storing your Dewalt tools and batteries.

Every professional craftsman needs a good storage solution for his tools, and the Dewalt tough system helps you build your own customized storage solution to fit just what you need.

Whether you’re a contractor, an electrician, technician or a handyman, with the tough system you can build your own customized storage option eliminating the need for multiple storage units.

It is unlike any other tool storage solution you already have. It’s built for both workshop and jobsite use, but especially for jobsite use.

man carrying dewalt tough system large box

With it you can transport all your tools and materials in one place from jobsite to jobsite with the peace of mind that your tools are protected and secure inside the tough system storage boxes.

It features a carrier with a pair of tires for easy movement around the jobsite even when stacked full with boxes.

Dewalt Tough System L-Cart Carrier

dewalt tough system l-cart carrier

The purpose of the Dewalt tough system L-Cart carrier is to help you stack the different structural foam boxes together in whatever configuration you like so that you can easily transport your tools from jobsite to jobsite.

It’s tough and obviously heavy-duty. With it, you can move tools and materials up to 260 lbs. in weight without any difficulty.

The tools and accessories can be assessed directly from the carrier without having to detach the toolboxes from it.

Dewalt tough system boxes / case

The Dewalt tough system comes with different sizes of boxes you can use to store your tools. Each of the boxes are different, and they have their own uses.

They can be stacked in the carrier easily when you have to move all of them at once or to stow them away.

The following are each of the boxes and what they’re meant for.

Extra large Case

tough system extra large box

The tough system extra large case is a robust structural foam box you can use to carry large tools easily. It comes with a removable tray for storing hand tools.

There are side latches which makes it possible for you to stack each module on top of each other to form different combinations as it suits you.

It’s equipped with side handles for carrying it, and it’s also water seal for protection of the content from environmental elements like water and rust.

Small case

small case

As the name implies, it’s just a smaller size of the large case. It’s also a structural foam box, water resistant and meant for storing smaller parts.

It also features an inner lead organizer for storing drills and bits.

The durable 4mm thick structural foam box has a robust structure and foam construction which ensures your tools are safe inside the box.

Open tote case

open tote case

This is an open structural foam box which can also be stacked on top of each other like the other tough system boxes.

Its major purpose is for storing bulky items like hammers, cordless drills, chisels and so on. There are internal slots in it where dividers can be inserted to organize the large space for smaller tools.

Dewalt tough system cooler

tough system cooler

With up to 5 days ice retention, the Dewalt tough system cooler is all you need to serve cold beverages and water on the jobsite.

It has 27 quarts of space in it providing extensive storage space for your iced beverages and refreshment.

Just like the tough system boxes, the cooler comes equipped with side latches you can use to stack it with other tough system modules for easy transportation and storage.

Dewalt tough system clear-lid organizer

dewalt tough system clear-lid organizer

The clear-lid organizer is made of polycarbonate for resistance and full visibility inside the case. It consists of 4 mm thick structural foam walls to keep your tools fully secure.

There are 4 larger and 8 removable cups for organizing smaller parts and accessories such as nails, nuts, bolts, screws, screw anchors, washers and so on. An integrated water sill ensures everything stored inside is protected from moisture and rust.

Radio player

dewalt tough system radio player

Equipped with 4 full range tweeters, 1 sub-woofer and 1 assisted bass resonator, this Dewalt tough system radio player is not your regular jobsite radio player.

It’s a tough, top-quality radio that produces the premium sound you need to feel groovy while on the jobsite.

The radio player allows connectivity to any Bluetooth-enable smartphone or music device for up to 100 feet away. You can power it using Dewalt 12V Max or 20V Max battery, or you can just plug it into a wall outlet.

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  1. I own 12 boxes different sizes . I ripped the handle of a two of them, keep breaking the clips, and the weather seals don’t line up half the time

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