18 most useful dewalt tools for woodworking

I can say without mincing words that every craftsman prefers a certain brand of tools, just like every teen has his/her favorite football team. Many power tool manufacturing brands are out there, such as Bosch tools, Dewalt tools, Makita, Craftsman, Black & Decker, and so on.

Talking about power tool manufacturers, I don’t know which one is your favorite, but Dewalt is very popular among craftsmen and hobbyists alike.

Visit any construction site, or a woodworking shop, check a plumber’s toolbox, and visit any homeowner’s tool shed; there’s a very high chance that you’ll find a Dewalt tool somewhere.

People who buy Dewalt tools say they’re tough, reliable, and easy to use. I’m confident you think the same if you’re here on this page.

From corded woodworking power tools to cordless ones, you’ll find out that some of the best ones are made by Dewalt.

The work of a craftsman is challenging, and it requires the toughest tools to match. So if you’re looking for tools to carry out your projects, it’s natural that you’ll look for the ones that will last longer and can help you do the job better.

Dewalt promises that their tools are tough, and over the years, that has proved true with the number of old and new craftsmen sticking to these tools.

They make tools for several crafts, including woodworking, plumbing, construction, metalworking, landscaping, and even gardening.

In this article, I’ve listed some of the best Dewalt tools you’ll find very useful and reliable as you carry out your projects and crafts, whether you’re a professional craftsman or DIYer.

1. Dewalt Wet/Dry vacuum

dewalt shop vac

When working with wood in your shop, one of the first things you need is a suitable dust extractor or vacuum to collect the dust produced during your day-to-day projects.
You need clean air to breathe, work and stay healthy in your workshop. You also need a clean and tidy workshop.
If you keep working without a dust extractor or dust vacuum to collect the dust produced, sooner than you know it, your shop is going to turn into a huge mess no one wants to enter.
It will not be good for your health or anyone else around you. So, to get started, you need to get a shop vacuum.
The Dewalt 9 Gallon Poly Wet/Dry vacuum is one Dewalt tool I recommend for this job. It’s a portable shop vac that will suck away any dust produced as you carry out your projects in your shop or anywhere in your home.
It has excellent suction, and it’s very tough and reliable. You can also try the larger Dewalt 10-gallon Stainless Steel Wet Dry Vac if you need something larger.

2. Dewalt Cordless Drill

dewalt cordless drill tool

A cordless drill is a must-have in every toolbox. Whether you’re a beginner woodworker or a seasoned professional, you’re still playing around without a cordless drill.

From drilling holes to driving screws in wood, it’s what you need. It will make all your projects so easy you’d find it difficult to do without it.

The Dewalt DCD777C2 20V Max Compact cordless drill is one of the best cordless drills produced by Dewalt Power Tools. You’ll find it very useful in every woodworking project you undertake.

If you favor a corded electric drill, you can go for the Dewalt DWD210G electric drill.

3. Dewalt Circular Saw

dewalt circular saw

A circular saw is one of the first power tools you’ll need, especially if you’re just a DIYer (not a professional woodworker).

With a circular saw, you can make any type of cut you want to carry out your DIY projects, such as crosscuts, rip cuts, and even bevel cuts.

Dewalt tools also produce some of the finest circular saws you can get your hands on. This Dewalt DCB331B is a good example, perfect for DIY and jobsite projects.

If you’re looking for something with more power to carry out more demanding jobs like framing, try a Dewalt 7-1/4-inch worm drive circular saw.

4. Dewalt Benchtop Planer

dewalt portable planer tool

When you go to the lumber yard to buy wood, most lumber there has rough surfaces unless you ask them to plane it for you.

Even when they plane it for you, the surface may not be as smooth as you want.

Apart from that, when working with reclaimed lumber from pallets or job sites, you will most likely end up with rough lumber.

How do you get them ready for your projects? It’s also by planing them. Having a benchtop thickness planer will make it easier to do this yourself.

Taking rough lumber to the lumber yard each time you need it planed is impossible. However, owning a benchtop planer machine lets you plane your lumber to your desired taste.

An excellent option you can go for is the Dewalt DW735X. It’s one of the best you’ll ever get your hands on.

It comes equipped with a fan-assisted dust extraction port, and it has the largest planing capacity of all the benchtop thickness planers currently available.

If you’re a professional woodworker, a portable unit like the Dewalt DW735X might not be enough to help with your planing jobs. Instead, you can opt for a heavy-duty wood planer machine that has more capacity and a more powerful motor to tackle your type of projects.

On the other hand, if you’re just a simple DIYer or homeowner, you’ll do very well with the portable Dewalt DW735X shown above.

5. Dewalt Oscillating Power Tool

dewalt oscillating power tool

With an oscillating power tool, you can perform various tasks such as cutting, sawing, sanding, grinding and polishing. That’s why it’s also known as a multi-tool.
An oscillating power allows you to make cuts where you cannot use a circular saw or any other type of saw. In addition, it allows you to sand areas on your project, like sharp edges or wooden floor corners, where you cannot use other types of sanders.
It’s a handy tool, especially for home remodelers and woodworkers.
Dewalt Power Tools produces one of the best cordless oscillating power tools in the market today, which is the Dewalt DCS355B shown above.

6. Dewalt Miter Saws

dewalt miter saw

If you want to make crosscuts, bevel cuts, and miter cuts, a miter saw is the best tool by far for the job. For example, to make a crosscut, just place the piece you’re trying to cut on the miter saw table, against the fence.

Pull the saw trigger, allow the saw blade to get to full speed, pull it down on the workpiece, and watch it slice through it like a hot knife through butter.

Release the trigger and allow the saw blade to rest before letting it out of the wood. Doing that prevents the blade from catching the wood.

The Dewalts DWS780 is one of the best compound miter saw for professional woodworkers. It’s double bevel, and it has a large 12-inch blade to make any type of precision cut you want to make.

For DIY enthusiasts, the Dewalt DW713 will do just nicely for any project you wish to carry out.

7. Dewalt Table Saw

dewalt table saw

Dewalt makes some of the finest portable table saws for jobsite and home use. Just as miter saws are best for making crosscuts, table saws are best for making long rip cuts. But you can still make any type of cut on a table saw.

A table saw is a very versatile lumber-cutting tool capable of making any type of cut: bevel cuts, miter cuts, rip cuts, and even dado cuts.

Some of the best Dewalt table saws include the Dewalt DWE7491RS with 32-inch rip capacity, the Dewalt DWE7485, and even the Dewalt DCS7485T1 8-1/4 inch FLEXVOLT table saw powered by 60V Max batteries.

8. Dewalt Cordless Framing Nailer

dewalt framing nailer

There’s nothing honorable about using a hammer nowadays. The energy expended swinging a hammer is just too much, especially when you have a whole building to frame.

With a framing nailer, you can sink those nails 10 times faster without spending much energy. Just by pulling the nailer trigger, you get to watch the nail sink into the wood in a blink of an eye.

Within seconds you can sink multiple nails into the wood quickly, especially when using the bump-firing mode of the framing nailer.

Some of Dewalt’s framing nailers you can go for include the model DCN692B and the DCN21PLB.

9. Dewalt Cordless Brad Or Finish Nailer

dewalt brad nailer

If you carry out any fine woodworking or finish carpentry projects requiring you to use finish nails, then a finish nailer will definitely help you a long way.

Finish nails are tiny to hold with your hand, so trying to nail them with a hammer is difficult and time-consuming. Apart from that, you can even damage your workpiece when you miss the nail and hit the workpiece instead.

Using a finish nailer is just perfect for the job. If you’re a fan of Dewalt tools, then you’d be happy to know that Dewalt also produces some tough finish nailers you can use to carry out your projects.

The Dewalt DWFP12231 and the DCN680D1 are two excellent options you can choose from.

10. Dewalt Random Orbital Sander

dewalt random orbital sander

Nobody looks forward to sanding their woodworking projects because it isn’t a fun activity, but with a good random orbital sander, sanding your project will become fun.

Some of the best random orbital sanders from Dewalt tools include the Dewalt DWE6423K and the DCW210B.

11. Dewalt Reciprocating Saw

dewalt reciprocating saw

Reciprocating saws are a jewel in the hands of a home remodeler. With it, you can cut through anything, such as wood, plastic, iron, etc.

You can even cut through nail-embedded wood with it without affecting anything. It’s the saw for the rough job. That’s why it’s used for home remodeling because it cuts through many things.

And Dewalt tools make some of the best reciprocating saws. Check out the Dewalt DWE305 and the DCS367B to see for yourself.

12. Dewalt Jigsaws

dewalt jig saw

Dewalt tools also manufacture jigsaws. With it, you can cut irregular shapes in wood easily. Two of the best jigsaws you’ll ever find include the Dewalt DW331K and the DCS334B.

13. Dewalt Fixed/Plunge Base Router

dewalt router tool

You can do without a router if you’re just a simple DIYer, even though it will make a massive difference in your projects if you have it.

But as a professional woodworker, having a router tool is a must. With a router tool, you can cut dadoes, patterns, rabbets, and neat fancy edges on any wood or plastic material.

It’s a handy tool you need to know how to use if you’re a beginner woodworker, as it will make your job much easier.

One of the best router tool you can get your hands on today is the Dewalt DWP611PK fixed/plunge base router with 1.25 HP Max torque corded electric router.

You can go for the Dewalt DCW600B 20V Max cordless router if you need a cordless one.

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14. Dewalt Scroll Saws

dewalt scroll saw

If you have to make intricate cuts in wood, dish your Jigsaw or bandsaw and get a good scroll saw. Your Jigsaw or bandsaw will go a long way but can never be compared to a scroll saw when it’s about making intricate cuts.
It will help you make more complicated curved cuts that a jigsaw can’t handle.
Check out the Dewalt DW788 if you want to add a scroll saw to your tool arsenal.

15. Dewalt Hole Saw Kit

dewalt hole saw kit

This one is not a power tool by itself, but you can use it with a drill to make perfect holes in materials like wood, plastic, and metal.
It’s perfect for installing doors and cutting nice, neat holes during woodworking projects.
If you need one, you can check out this Dewalt 14-piece hole saw kit for your cordless or corded electric drill.

16. Dewalt Tracksaw

dewalt track saw

The yellow and black brand also produces track saws which you can use for making long rip cuts.
It’s just like a circular saw with a guide rail or long track that helps guide the saw to help you make long, accurate cuts easily.
The Dewalt DWS520K is an excellent option you can get your hands on today if you’re looking to get a track saw.

17. Dewalt Power Hand Planers

dewalt power hand planer

Hand planers are necessary additions to any woodwork shop. You can use a good hand planer to flatten and plane rough lumber you get from the lumber yard.
You can also use it to plane reclaimed wood for new projects. Dewalts power hand planers are some of the best ones you’re ever going to find.
An excellent option you can go for is the Dewalt DW680K. It’s sturdy and performs exceptionally well.
Try the Dewalt DCP580B 20V Max cordless electric planer if you want a cordless or battery-powered unit.

18. LED Work Light

dewalt work light

Sometimes, your projects linger into the night, and you might need a work light to complete a few things before retiring for the day.
Dewalt tools also make good LED work lights to light up your workshop and project. The Dewalt DCL050, the DCL074 work light, and the DWHT81424 headlamp are a few examples of LED work lights and headlamps you can choose from. And if you need a tripod stand to hold your work light, try this Dewalt DCL079B tripod stand.

19. Dewalt Impact ready metal shears attachment

dewalt metal shears attachment

With the Dewalt impact-ready metal shears attachment, you have a tool or drill accessory to cut up to 18 gauge of material easily.
You can use it to cut up to 18 gauge of sheet metal, asphalt shingles, duct, corrugated metal, vinyl siding, rubber, and cardboard, among many other materials.

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  1. I’ve been in the trades 20 years and have tried most of the top 10 list of manufacturers. The past 6 years I’ve purchased only DeWalt product and don’t see myself ever changing again. The tools are built well and extremely powerful. I recently purchased a 7 tool kit after my truck and tools were stolen and couldn’t be happier on the price to value ratio. Needless to say you have this tradesmen for life.

    1. Thanks for stopping and sharing your experience. These tools are very reliable, that’s why we use and recommend them to our readers and fellow craftsmen. I’m glad you feel the same way about them as well. Sorry about your stolen truck and tools, and keep up the good work.

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