The 10 Best Table Saws For Woodworking Projects

top 10 best table saws

Last updated on August 26th, 2020 at 05:38 am

When starting a woodworking shop, a table saw might not be one of the first tools you need to get things going.

Once you hit the ground running however, the central and most useful power cutting tool you’re going to need and rely on is the table saw.

You may have other saws like circular saws, compound miter saws, band saws and even track saws in your shop, but none of them can replace a good ole table saw. That’s because they’re all or mostly single-purpose saws.

For instance, circular saws are best for making crosscuts, compound miter saws also, band saws for cutting curves and resawing lumber, track saws mainly for rip cuts.

A table saw on the other hand is a multipurpose saw. It’s ideal for making different types of woodworking cuts including crosscuts, rip cuts, miter cuts and even dado cuts.

Provided yours have a long enough arbor and takes a dado blade, you can install one on it which will allow you to cut dados, grooves and slots easily.

In short, with a very good table saw sitting in your woodworking shop or garage, you’ve got a tool that will cover most of the cutting you’ll ever do in that shop.

Apart from its versatility, a table saw is also very important for woodworking due to its high accuracy. Other saws will not give you the degree of accuracy you’ll get easily with a table saw. That’s why finish carpenters and cabinet makers use it for their projects.

That said, if the reason you’re on this page is to look for the best table saw for your woodworking projects, then continue reading because we’ve reviewed 10 of the best ones right here in this article.

Here Are Our Top Picks

Sawstop PCS175-TGP236​

Value Pick

sawstop PCS175-TGP236 cabinet table saw
  • Cabinet Saw
  • 36 Inch Rip Capacity
  • T-Glide Fence

Dewalt DWE7491RS​

Editor’s Pick

Dewalt dwe7491rx portable jobsite table saw
  • Portable Table Saw
  • 32-1/2 Inch Rip Capacity
  • 4800 No Load Speed


Budget Pick

skilsaw spt70wt-01 portable jobsite table saw
  • Portable Table Saw
  • 36 inch Rip Capacity
  • 5300 No Load Speed

Here are the 10 best table saw reviews

1. Dewalt DWE7491RS 10-inch Portable Jobsite Table Saw

Whether you’re a finish carpenter or a simple home owner looking to rip some large wood stock to size for your carpentry or home improvement project, there are few portable jobsite table saws that would do a better job than this Dewalt DWE7491RS table saw.

It’s not a cabinet style table saw, but it’s got rip capacity as large as 32-1/2 inch. Enough to comfortably rip down large boards. It’s an ideal portable table saw for you if you regularly work with large wood stocks on the jobsite or at home handling different woodworking projects.

Even if you don’t work with large wood stocks, I think it’s good to have that peace of mind that you can, and the table saw you have has the capacity to do so if you want to.

Apart from the large rip capacity of the DWE7491RS table saw, it’s got a good 15 amp motor powerful enough to match that large rip capacity.

If you put the table saw to good hard use, throw in some of the hard woods you can find, you’ll find that that it will chop through them smoothly. Trust me, we tried all the hard woods we’ve got. With a good blade in the arbor, the motor is powerful and hungry for work.

Enough about the power, let’s talk about something that’s very important when it comes to table saws. Something you’ll probably use every time you use the table saw. The table saw fence.

The Dewalt DWE7491RS jobsite table makes use of a rack and pinion fence system. If you don’t know about a rack and pinion fence, well, it’s time you get acquainted.

It’s not a cabinet style fence but it’s one of the best table saw fence that’s close to a cabinet styled fence. It’s dead on accurate, easy to read, make measurements and make calibrations when it’s off.

The DWE7491RS is very easy to assemble as a whole when you unbox it. It comes with a good manual with instruction that are easy to follow and clear labeled diagrams that aids you when assembling the machine.

It comes with a 10 inch 24 tooth blade. If you’ve used a table saw or any type of saw that use blades before, then you’d know that you won’t get fine and smooth cuts with this blade.

If you’re ready to tackle some real projects that require precision cuts, then you’d do well to upgrade to a 60 or 80 tooth Freud or Diablo blade to go with the saw.

Dewalt dwe7491rs portable jobsite table saw

The depth of cuts you can make when making a 90 degree cut is 3-1/8 while that of 45 degree cuts is 2-1/4 inch.

Safety is a very important issue when dealing with table saws. With a close examination of the DWE7491RS table saw, you’ll discover that it was designed with safety in mind.

You cannot accidentally touch the power on button because it’s recessed into the body of the saw, while the power off button is very big so it can be easily switched off in case of an emergency.

I could keep on going about this saw, but I got to leave the rest good features for you to discover by yourself.

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What I like about it

When it comes to the business of ripping large wood stock to size, the Dewalt DWE7491RS table saw is the first one I’d recommend for anyone.

Personally, I like the large rip capacity that it has. It’s uncommon for table saws to have that kind of rip capacity, but this one has it. So, it’s a huge plus.

I didn’t talk about the rolling stand earlier, but I’ll talk about it now. It’s very easy to use and manipulate. The rolling stand actually makes the whole table saw very portable, because you can fold it in and roll it to wherever location you want it setup.

It’s got a powerful motor for making cuts, and it’s got the precision to go with the power. It accepts a dado plate for those who use dado blade stacks.

In my humble opinion, it’s a 5 star rated portable table saw.

Where it can be improved

The odd part of the DWE7491RS table saw is the miter gauge that comes with it. There’s really nothing to write home about it.

If you get this table saw, the right thing for you to do instead of using the miter guage is to buy a good standard miter guage to go with the table saw. If you know how to, you can also build a miter sled or buy one to use with the saw.

Apart from that, the DWE7491RS table saw is one of the best portable jobsite table saws you can ever get your hands on. It’s portable with a good rolling stand, it cuts nice and true with a good blade and a good rack and pinion fence, and it will stand the test of time.

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2. Bosch 4100-10 Portable Jobsite Table Saw

When it comes to creating quality woodworking power tools, Bosch has been doing it for years. It’s undeniable that that they have cemented their place in the woodworking tools business.

The Bosch 4100 10 inch portable jobsite table saw is one of the many woodworking tools with the Bosch brand name, which reechoes the statement I wrote above. It’s definitely one of the best portable jobsite table saws you’ll ever have the pleasure of using.

When you order the saw, expect to get the table saw and a gravity rise table saw stand. In fact, both of them comes packaged in a single box.

Although Bosch could certainly do better with the instruction manual that comes with the table saw, setting up the saw is quite straightforward and easy.

Talking about specs, the Bosch 4100-10 table saw got some good specs to keep you pumped. The saw comes equipped with a powerful 15 amps motor that spins the saw blade at a speed of 3650 RPM. Not the highest speed I’ve seen, but it definitely does the job very well.

It performed extremely well in our hard wood test. It shops through any wood thrown at it without experiencing any kind of strain in the motor.

I really like the soft start of the motor. When you start the table saw, the blade does not just start spinning at top speed, rather slowly from rest. Needless to say, the transition from rest to top speed is separated by just a few seconds.

Bosch also incorporated what is called a Constant Response Circuitry to the saw. The Constant Response Circuitry performs a simple but important task of increasing the speed of the saw blade in proportion to the load it is under. This ensures that the speed increases when cutting harder woods and adjusts appropriately when cutting soft wood, ensuring that the saw is not overloaded in any way.

The tabletop has dimension of 29 x 21-1/2 square inch. It has a rip capacity of 25 inch which is just enough to rip large sheet wood up to 4 ft wide to your desired size.

It has a decent arbor size of 5/8 inch, and can accept dado blades up to 13/16 inch. You can bevel the saw blade between angles of -2 degrees to 47 degrees which is pretty impressive.

The Bosch 4100-10 has a maximum cut depth or capacity of 3-1/8 inches when making 90 degree cuts and a maximum cut capacity of 2-1/2 inches when making 45 degree cuts.

As far as weight go, the 4100 weighs about 60 lbs which is a little bit on the heavy side, but with the gravity rise roller stand, transport or movement of the saw is just a piece of cake.

When it comes to table saws, safety is always a concern. As you would expect, Bosch incoperated good safety features and included some safety accessories with the saw such as an anti-kickback paw, a riving knife, a transparent blade guard, push stick and a big power button to switch of the saw.

Bosch 4100-10 portable jobsite table saw

All the accessories that come with the table saw can be removed easily and stored under the table top. Each accessory has a good storage space under the table top specifically designed for it. So, you don’t have to keep your table saw accessories somewhere else and risk misplacing or losing them entirely.

I should round up by talking about the table saw fence. It’s a squarelock rip fence which you can’t compare to a cabinet styled fence in terms of accuracy, but it’s definitely one of the best portable jobsite table saw fences.

It moves freely through the fence tracks, and can be removed and stored away under the table saw when the saw is not in use.

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What I like about it

Many of the features that come with the Bosch 4100 are very desirable features. However, I’d like to outline the ease of setting up the saw and getting it up and running.

You don’t have to be a pro to set it up. It’s very amateur friendly. If you’ve not used a table saw before, you can get it up and running just with the instruction manual that comes with it.

The precision of the saw is also on point. It’s not dead on right from factory, but with some little adjustments, you can get everything working precisely for you.

The gravity rise stand is definitely something you cannot do without when you get used to it. Makes transporting and storing the table saw as easy as eating a pie.

Many features to admire about the Bosch 4100-10 portable jobsite table saw. It’s definitely one of the best saws you should strongly consider when shopping for a portable table saw.

Where it can be improved

Even with a shop vac attached to the dust extraction port, some dust still seem to find their way out, messing up my work station.

It’s not a cabinet style table saw. So, the way it handles dust is not very bad, but it definitely needs some work. Even with a shop vac, it still spills some dust.

Apart from that, it’s a very sturdy saw. You’ll definitely get many years of service from it if you happen to take the plunge on it.

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3. Skilsaw SPT70WT-01 Portable Jobsite Table Saw

If you are not familiar or have not experience the use of power tools that use worm gear drives, then the Skilsaw SPT70WT-01 will certainly give you a good taste of how they work.

Less speed more torque. That’s what it is. Worm gear drives makes it possible for you to achieve more power, more torque at a reduced speed. In terms of size, they tend to be small, but they pack a greater punch.

When I learned that the Skilsaw SPT70WT-01 is powered with a worm gear drive, I knew there was something special about this one, trust me. Call me crazy, but I love circular saws that use worm gears, so I thought I’d definitely love this one.

The saw houses a 15 amp dual field motor which runs the worm gear which in turn spins the blade that does the cutting. This setup results in a powerful efficient portable table saw that rips through sheet wood gracefully like a skilled ice skater slices through ice.

One important thing about the Skilsaws dual field motor is that it makes the saw run smoothly and at the same time cools the saw in order for you to get more run time out of your saw.

In terms of rip capacity, the Skilsaw SPT70WT-01 offers a 25 inch rip capacity which is not as much as the Dewalt, but it’s definitely enough to rip large sheet woods in half. It offers a cutting depth of 3-1/2 inch when making 90 degree cuts.

Along with the saw comes with the basic table saw accessories such as a miter gauge, an insert plate or splitter, a transparent blade guard, a push stick and of course, a table saw blade. The blade is a 24 tooth 10 inch blade which is just enough for making basic cuts. If you desire more precise neat cuts, a blade upgrade will definitely do the trick.

Skilsaw made using the saw very convenient by providing an onboard tool storage underneath the saw table, so that you can have your table saw accessories safe and available in the saw whenever you need them.

The saw is equipped with a self-aligning fence which is very easy to use. It’s easy to adjust and stays in place when making cuts.

skilsaw spt70wt-01 portable jobsite table saw

With a weight of only 49 lbs, the Skilsaw SPT70WT-01 can be said to be lightweight. The roll cage body beneath the table is made of steel, while the table is made of aluminum. This combination of steel and aluminum reduces the weight and makes it very easy to carry or transport it from one jobsite to the other.

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What I like about it

Here’s the special thing about the Skilsaw SPT70WT-01, the worm gear drive used for power transmission. If you’ve ever used other portable jobsite table saws before, you’ll notice that most of them are loud, noisy and vibrate a lot.

That is why introducing the worm gear drive into the SPT70WT-01 was brilliant on the part of Skil. It reduces speed as well as vibration to a loud extent, while not compromising on power.

The result is a powerful portable jobsite table saw, with less vibration, less noise and ultimately a better user experience. With less vibration in the table saw, you can make better precision cuts with it.

So, I really like this about the table saw. It’s powerful, less noisy, got good precision, good cut/rip capacity and will certainly stand the test of time due to its rugged nature.

Where it can be improved

I discovered that the zero insert plate that came with the saw does not level well with the top of the table. I don’t know if it’s common to all of them, but this one certainly does not level well.

So, in case you get one of these, watch out for the insert plate. If it does not level, your best bet is to make one by yourself or buy a new one that levels perfectly.

Apart from that, I think the saw performs well all round. I have noticed some people complaining about the fence needing adjustment. But come to think of it, this is not a cabinet table saw, so you definitely need to adjust the fence sometimes to keep it square.

Have it in mind that when you’re getting a portable jobsite table saw, that you’re going to have to make some adjustments at some point. Just keep your manual handy, and set up the table saw accordingly, and you can be sure that you’ll get it ripping those boards precisely in no time.

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4. Wen 3720 Portable Jobsite Table Saw

wen 3720

Among the many power tool manufacturing powerhouses out there, Wen has definitely cemented their place among the best. There are many contractors and power tool users who prefer wen products to any other ones out there.

It’s a mystery no more. The reason is simple. Wen produces quality tools. The Wen 3720 portable jobsite table saw is one of those Wen power tools you can use to put the above statements to the test. It is one of the best ones I’ll recommend if what you’re looking for is a good quality portable table saw.

We got the chance to take this table saw for a spin, and here are some of the things I learned. In terms of rip capacity, it’s not so different from the other table saws I’ve mentioned before. It’s got a rip capacity of 26 inches, which is like the market standard right now for jobsite table saws.

It can cut boards as deep as 3- 9/16 inches when cutting at 90 degrees, and can bevel seamlessly from 0 to 45 degrees to make any kind of bevel cuts you desire.

Here is where it different from other jobsite tables saws, it got table extensions in either directions of the saw. Which is a really useful feature that creates a lot of support for the board you’re ripping and creates a lot of working space for you.

Now, as for the thing that does the cutting, which is the blade, the Wen 3720 comes with a pretty all-purpose 10 inch 40 carbide toothed blade for ripping, which is spinned at a speed of 4400 RPM by a powerful 15 amp motor.

One of the features which I really cannot do without in a jobsite table saw, is an onboard material storage for the table saw accessories. Well, you can tick that box for the Wen 3720 because it comes with an onboard storage for the table saw accessories, so that they can always be within your reach whenever and wherever you need them.

It’s got a good fence that’s tight and rolls easily along the table. It’s easy to adjust it and make cuts with it.

The Wen 3720 accepts a dado insert plate, and of course a dado stack in case you fancy using your table saw to cut grooves for your joints.

It comes with all the necessary table saw accessories, such as the blade, a tool free blade guard system, fence, a rolling collapsible table saw stand with wheels, miter gauge, push stick and a set of wrenches for making adjustments.

What can I say? The Wen 3720 is with the best when it comes to talking about portable jobsite table saws.

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What I like about it

The dual extension wings that comes with the saw is one of the many features I like about the Wen 3720 table saw.

If you’re not in a shop environment, you’ll really going to find this very useful. For instance, when working from jobsite to jobsite, you might not have the time to create additional support table saw extensions for your table saw. But with the dual extension wings that comes with the saw, you have a lot of support for the material you’re cutting already.

The Wen 3720 is also very accurate. Ones it’s set up, you cuts will be accurate all the time. The fence is great and stays in place one it’s clamped down. The blade that comes with the table saw is decent, but you’ll be doing yourself a lot of good if you get yourself a better stock blade to match with the already powerful motor the table saw has.

Overall, the Wen 3720 is a very good portable jobsite table saw. It’s a very good investment for the money. It’s built to last, and compared to other jobsite table saws out there, it’s very budget-friendly.

Where it can be improved

The manual that came with the table saw is not the best I’ve seen. Though it’s got some good drawings in it that illustrates the table saw setup, but it can certainly use some work.

Setting up the table saw was not that difficult, but it was a bit complicate because the assembly instructions was a bit confusing.

As for the table saw, it cuts nice and true. However, I think a lot more folks will be much happier if the assembly instruction were clearer.

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5. Sawstop CNS175-TGP36 Contractor Table Saw

Sawstop CNS175-TGP36

Sawstop prides their table saws as the safest in the market. This they have demonstrated several times using hotdogs in place of real fingers.

Unlike other table saws which will continue running if your body comes in contact with the blade, Sawstop saws will stop running within milliseconds. An inbuilt saw brake will cause the blade to stop instantly and recede into the body of the saw preventing any injury that might have occurred assuming it were another saw.

This is a really useful feature considering the number of table saw injury that occur every year as a result of inadequate safety features, equipment, instructions and improper handling of the machine.

Talking about the sawstop CNS175-TGP36 table saw, it is unlike any of the saws we mentioned prior to it. It’s not a portable jobsite table saw like the ones above. It’s a contractor saw. A contractor table saw is different from a jobsite table saw as you’ll come to see.

It is quite expensive, but the overall built of the saw is worth the money in all aspects. One of the most disturbing aspect of jobsite table saws is the mediocre fence that comes with many of them. However, the Sawstop CNS175-TGP36 is a contractor saw, hence the fence is nowhere near mediocre.

It features a T-Glide fence system which is one of the best table saw fences out there. The fence is made up of heavy gauge steel, which makes it firm and rigid, and above all enhances its accuracy.

A 36 inch rip capacity gives a testament to how much you can have accomplished with this saw. You can rip wide sheet woods with it without thinking twice.

Without power, any awesome table saw feature will be a waste. That is why the CNS175-TGP36 is equipped with a 4 hp motor that can easily wreak havoc on any wood you feed through it.

Even with all that power, noise is not something you need to worry about with the Sawstop contractor saw. You can easily have a nice conversation with someone even when the table saw is on.

The table saw accessories that come with it are top notch. When you get your hands on the miter gauge, you’ll easily know that it was made with great attention to detail.

Assembling the saw is also very easy, provided there’s someone there with you to help you with some of the heavy lifting. Whoever wrote the assembly instructions for the saw is very thoughtful. Everything is clearly outlined down to a tee.

When all is said and done, the Sawstop CNS175-TGP36 is heads and shoulders above any benchtop or jobsite table saw you have ever used. If you’re thinking of making an upgrade from a jobsite table saw to a higher quality table saw, the Sawstop CNS175-TGP36 is the right baby.

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What I like about it

As someone who’s reviewed several woodworking tools, the Sawstop CNS175-TGP36 contractor table saw got one of the best assembly instructions I’ve ever seen.

I’ve said it before above, and I’m saying it again. It’s very clear and detailed. Even the dumbest person in the word could go through it and get the saw up and running. Maybe, that’s a bit exaggerated, but I guess you get an idea of what I’m trying to say.

The overall built quality of the saw is also profound. You’ll have to part with a good amount of cash when you get the saw, but at the end of the day, you’ll end up with a table saw that’s worth every penny you spent, and one that you’ll be proud of.

Needless to say, you get to keep your fingers in case you make a mistake and there is an accident when using the saw, because when you get the Sawstop contractor saw, you also get peace of mind, knowing that Sawstop got your back with their finger detection safety feature which is inherent in all their saws.

Where it can be improved

Sawstop boasts that their safety system is able to tell the different between human flesh and wood. That means the safety system will only trigger when the blade comes in contact with your flesh.

Well, it’s not like that 100 percent of the time. When you cut wood that is damp or wet with the Sawstop saw, like barn wood, you can easily trigger the safety mechanism.

The saw is not able to tell the difference between a damp wood and a human finger, hence triggering the safety system. And each time you trigger the safety system, you have to buy a new blade, and a new brake cartridge, which is more expenses on your part.

So, I really think Sawstop should find a way to rectify this, because each time the saw thinks damp wood is your finger and triggers by itself, it’s more bucks leaving your pocket.

Apart from that, the Sawstop CNS175-TGP36 is an excellent contractor table saw. It’s got peak precision, sturdy construction and a safety system that gives you peace of mind as you work.

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6. Powermatic 1791230K Contractor Table Saw

powermatic 1791230K contractor table saw

When it comes to making big top quality power tools, Powermatic is one of the biggest powerhouses that has been around for a very long time. The Powermatic 1791230k contractor table saw is one of their creation announces just how good they are in the business.

The Powermatic 1791230k is one of the best contractor saws you can ever get your hands on today, no questions ask. It comes with cool features that makes working with it not only easy but satisfying in terms of the accuracy of the work.

It’s equipped with one of the best table saw fences, the Accu fence system which is usually found in cabinet table saws. The Accu fence system provides a 50 inch capacity which gives you enough capacity to rip wide sheet goods easily.

The 1.75 horsepower motor can be wired to work at a dual voltage of 115 volts or 230 volts depending on your needs, and provides enough power to rip freely through even the hardest of woods.

It comes equipped with a left tilt arbor which eliminates the need to use a sacrificial fence when working with the saw, and it also prevents your workpiece from binding with the blade.

The Powermatic 1791230k offers a very versatile table top which is made up of two cast iron extension wings and a melamine surface wood extension table, providing a large work area for you.

A quick release blade guard and riving knife provides does not only provide you with safety, but also affords you the ease to remove them easily without using a wrench.

With the Powermatic 1791230k table saw in your workshop or jobsite, you’re equipped with one of the most versatile table saw that you can use to carry out any type of work that can be done on a table saw.

What I like about it

Power and accuracy is what the Powermatic 1791230k table saw really excels at. The 1.75 horsepower motor is really impressive. The blade spins and cuts through even the hardest of woods as if it’s not even there.

Apart from the power, the precision and accuracy that the Accu fence system provides is just what any fine woodworker will smile at. The fence moves flawlessly and there’s no play with the rails when locked down for a cut.

The arbor lock feature makes changing blades very easy and saves a lot of time, and the heavy duty trunnions and cast iron table are features that shows the Powermatic 1791230k will stand the test of time.

Where it can be improved

You’re not really going to encounter any problems with the Powermatic 1791230k table saw.

The only thing is that, it takes some time to assemble it and get it working. But after the whole assembly, you’ll end up with nice working saw.

7. Shop Fox W1819 Cabinet Table Saw

shop fox W1819

If you search for cabinet table saws, you’re definitely going to find many, but very few compare to the Shopfox W1819 cabinet table saw. It is a table saw that incorporates the best features to help you deliver the best work and provide you with the best user experience.

The T-glide fence system has been around for quite a long time, and it is so because it is undoubtedly one of the best table saw fence systems out there that delivers the best results.

With the Shopfox W1819, you have a top quality cabinet table saw equipped with the T-Glide fence system to help you deliver high precision base cuts.

The table saw is equipped with heavy duty trunnions and arbor assembly to give stability to the table saw and to ensure that it holds up over time.

A top of the line blade-guard assembly which consists of a riving knife or spreader to prevent the wood from pinching the blade, two anti-kickback paws on each side of the riving knife to prevent dangerous kickbacks and two transparent polycarbonate shields that raises independently to provide a safe working table saw for the user.

It is also equipped with a miter gauge with flip stops that makes it easy when you have to make repeated cuts. It easily flips out of the way to allow longer pieces to be cut.

Any cabinet table saw like this one requires a lot of power, which the Shopfox W1819 has plenty of. It’s equipped with a 3 horsepower 220 volts motor that spins the blade up to a speed of 4300 rpm, allowing it to ease into any wood like a hot knife eases through butter.

The table and extension wings are made of flat cast iron to provide a flat and balance surface for you to work on. And with a 29-1/2 rip capacity, you can reap large sheet goods easily.

What I like about it

The Shopfox W1819 is a really well made saw that is suitable both for a simple hobbyist and experienced woodworkers.

First of all, it’s very heavy and sturdy, because it’s made with heavy duty cast iron components, which is nice. It’s something that will definitely last more than a lifetime.

As for accuracy, the blade that comes with it is completely square with the table and the camlock T-Glide fence works like a dream. With the Shopfox W1819, you’re going to get high precision cuts all the time.

Power is not an issue here. The 3 HP motor ensures that you can cut any kind of wood with it. It cuts through wood like an experience skater skates through ice, effortlessly.

Shopfox may not be a very popular power tool brand, but their Shopfox W1819 table saw definitely makes the cut when talking about the best table saw. When you get the table saw, you get more than your money’s worth in a top quality table saw.

Where it can be improved

There’s not much to be criticized about the Shopfox W1819. The assembly manual could use a little more details with the pictures, but overall it’s ok.

If you decide to get this saw, include the optional mobile base so that you can easily move your saw when you need to.

8. Powermatic PM1000 1791000K Cabinet Saw

powermatic pm1000 1791000K cabinet table saw

When it comes to choosing cabinet styled fence, Powermatic is one of the first ones that people turn to. That is so because they produce really good cabinet saws that perform exceptionally well.

If you’ve been a woodworker for a pretty long time, you should know that is true. The Powermatic PM1000 1791000K is one of their cabinet saws that really shows just how good their saws can be.

The table is made of cast iron that is perfectly flat, allowing you to carry out work that requires high precision with peace of mind.

Without a good accurate fence, any table saw cannot function well, that is why the Powermatic PM1000 1791000K is equipped with the famous Accu fence system, which is one of the best, most accurate table saw fences out there. When locked down, it remains rigidly in the same place, thus ensuring that you achieve the precision you desire.

The table saw comes with a very versatile miter gauge that pivots 60 degrees to both sides, which is really helpful when making complex cuts.

A poly-v belt drive system is used for power transmission, which helps ensure that, even though the table saw is powered with a powerful 1.75 hp motor, it remains vibration-free during operation.

With an arbor lock in place, changing blades is very easy because you don’t have to handle two wrenches with your two hand. You just have to lock the arbore, preventing it from rotation, and you can use one wrench to swap the saw blade.

The whole setup is very heavy which also prevents the saw from vibrating during operation, ensuring that you work with a very stable machine.

The Powermatic PM1000 1791000K is definitely one of the first table saws I’d opt for if I ever need a new table saw. If you’re looking for a powerful high precision table saw that will serve you throughout your lifetime and even your kids, then consider choosing the Powermatic PM1000 1791000K cabinet table saw.

What I like about it

Cabinet saws don’t come cheap. So, if you’re going to spend your money on a cabinet table saw, you’d better spend it on the right one.

The Powermatic PM1000 1791000K is the right one.

It’s got good power and it’s accurate down to a tee. It’s made with heavy duty well machined parts which will definitely make the saw hold up over time.

I forgot to mention the dust collection earlier. Yes, it works very well. Most of the sawdust produced is collected, so you don’t have to worry about a messy work area.

The Powermatic PM1000 1791000K is one of the best table saws out there today. If a well machined, durable, high precision and powerful table saw is what you’re looking for, this is it.

Where it can be improved

If there’s something to improve about the Powermatic PM1000 1791000K, I don’t think I’ve noticed it.

It’s a bit pricey for the average hobbyist/diyer, but you’ll hardly regret spending what it takes to get it once it starts paying for itself in terms of labor and time savings.

9. Sawstop PCS175-TGP236 Cabinet Saw

sawstop PCS175-TGP236

People buy Sawstop saws mostly because of the Sawstop safety feature that stops the blade when it comes in contact with the human body. Sawstop tries to crank the safety in their saws up to 100 percent with that flesh detecting feature alone.

Sawstop saws are not all about safety though. The safety is kind of the icing on the cake. If you happen to get your hands on the Sawstop PCS175-TGP236 cabinet table saw, you’ll find out that it’s a heavy duty saw with highly machined and durable components, and that that its precision is top-notch.

The Sawstop PCS175-TGP236 is equipped with a T-Glide fence system with a 36 inch rip capacity, providing all the precision you desire and the ability to rip wide wood stocks easily.

A cast iron table and extension wings gives you a large surface area to rip through wide workpieces easily without any restriction.

The saw is powered by a 1.75 hp motor which provides supplies the blade with enough rpm to eat through whatever wood you throw at it. One of the most interesting feature of this Sawstop saw and the Powermatic I reviewed above is that both has voltage requirements of 110 volts and 115 volts respectively, thus can be powered with your regular household power outlets.

Though it is advisable that you call a certified electrician to create a dedicated 110 volt circuit for the cabinet saw, for added safety.

Dust collection for the Sawstop PCS175-TGP236 cabinet saw is thorough engineered to ensure that 99 percent of the sawdust created during operation is collected efficiently. This is because dust is collected both above the table and below it.

The Sawstop PCS175-TGP236 is the ideal saw for both serious hobbyist looking to be more creative and for professional craftsmen aiming to upgrade their tools and have a more industrial looking workshop.

It’s got the power to slice through any wood, the precision needed for accurate repeated cuts the Sawstop safety system that will save your fingers if the need arises, giving you peace of mind while you work.

What I like about it

The Sawstop PCS175-TGP236 cabinet saw is a premium cabinet saw that is a little bit pricey, but you’ll quickly forget the price once it’s setup and up and running in your workshop.

Like I said earlier, the safety feature is the primary selling point of this saw. However, the safety feature alone does not sell the saw, but the design, quality and performance of the saw all put in a strong scent that endears all woodworkers to it.

Where it can be improved

As with most top-quality table saws, including the ones I’ve reviewed above, the saw is not a cheap saw.

It’s going to affect the size of your wallet a bit, but you’ll be glad you did make the purchase at the end.

10. Jet 708675PK XACTA Cabinet Table Saw

jet 708675PK XACTA table saw

Power, precision and good dust collection are some of the most important features of a good cabinet table saws. The Jet 708675PK XACTA cabinet table saw is an exhibition of those features.

It comes equipped with a 230 volts 3 hp motor which provides the needed power to drive the poly-V belt drive system that spins the blade at a speed of 4300 rpm. This rips through hardwoods easily and effortlessly.

The Poly-V belt drive system ensures that the saw remains not only vibration-free but also very quiet during operation.

A commercial grade highly adjustable 50 inch T-square fence provides the precision for making accurate repeated cuts as often as you wish.

The wide cast iron table and extension wings provides plenty of work area for very large jobs to be carried out on the saw.

A left tilt blade ensures that cut offs fall freely on the table away from the blade and to prevent the blade from burning the work piece.

The blade is also well shrouded to ensure a very efficient dust collection which is essential for a clean workshop and a healthy work environment.

Heavy duty cast iron trunnions adds to the weight of the saw to improve performance and stability of the saw during operation.

It features a push button arbor lock which makes it easy to swap out blades easily and safely.

Overall, the Jet 708675PK XACTA cabinet table saw is definitely one of the best table saws you can ever get your hands on today. It’s equipped with top-notch features that not only improves it performance but also the level of safety while using the saw.

What I like about it

The saw weighs just over 500 lbs, this is due to the heavy duty cast iron components it’s made with. This reflects in a very quiet, stable and vibration free machine during operation.

It’s got the power from a 3 hp motor for making quick smooth cuts through the hardest of woods easily, and top notch precision to achieve a high quality work in your workshop.

The Jet 708675PK XACTA 3 hp cabinet table saw definitely makes the cut comfortably when talking about the best cabinet table saws.

Where it can be improved

The extension wings seem to need a little adjusting to get level with the main saw table, but as soon as you get it level, the saw works like a dream.

How to choose the best table saw

Shopping and picking the right table saw is not the easiest of tasks. However, it’s not an impossible one too. Whether you’re a hobbyist, a weekend warrior, a contractor or professional woodworker, with the right approach and knowledge, you can definitely get the right table saw sitting in your garage or workshop in no time.

But first, in order for you to make the right decision, you need to ask yourself sincerely. What kind of use do you hope to get out of the table saw? Answering this question correctly will help you determine the type of table saw you need.

The type of table saw suitable for a hobbyist who just needs it to make basic cuts for small home improvement projects will not be suitable for a professional finish carpenter or cabinet maker.

So, you need to know about the different types of table saws out there. Then, you will be in a better position to decide the one you want.

Basically, there are 4 types of table saws which include:

  • Portable
  • Contractor
  • Cabinet
  • Hybrid

Portable table saws

Obviously, the name says it all. The greatest or standout feature of a portable table saw is the portability. They are very lightweight and easy to move around even by one person.

They are probably the first one people consider when they’ve got the hunch that they need a table saw. Why? Because they are the least expensive ones.

You don’t have to break the bank for you to afford one of these, and you won’t have much explanation to give your wife either, if you happen to get one without her consent.

Apart from that, they take up far less space in the workshop and are easy to store away when they are not in use.

They are also very good options for contractors who move from job site to jobsite handling one project after another because they can easily be loaded into the truck, offloaded and setup quickly even by one person. That is why they are also called jobsite table saws.

Generally, they function the same way as their larger counterparts, but on a smaller scale. There’s also a difference in size and quality in their parts.

For instance, a portable table saw comes with a direct drive universal motor which is less expensive compared to the heavy induction motor found in larger models of table saw.

The universal motors have a shorter life span compared to induction motors. So, unlike cabinet table saws which will stay and last even to see your great grand kids, a portable table saw may not even last your life time.

The direct drive means the motor is directly connected to the blade. That is why they are also very loud compared to cabinet table saws that make use of belt drives.

Also the table of benchtop or portable table saws are made with aluminum instead of cast iron, in order to sacrifice weight for lightness and portability. Sacrificing weight will also mean that the saw will be less stable, thereby producing more vibrations during operation.

Conclusively, for portable or jobsite table saws, portability is the desired feature. The price for portability however, is to sacrifice some quality.

That is not to say that portable table saws are not good. In fact for a hobbyist or even a contractor, they are indispensable.

However, they are not the best table saw for finish cabinetry work. But they are very good for basic cuts need in a small workshop, home improvement project, and particularly when a table saw is needed on the job site.

Contractor table saws

The contractor table saw can be seen as an upgrade to the benchtop table saw. It comes with an open base with a cast iron table and with the motor hanging from under the cast iron table.

They are lightweight but far heavier than the portable table saws, with their weight ranging from 250 lbs to 350 lbs.

Contractor table saws are portable enough to be moved from jobsite to jobsite, but these are not table saws you want to be lifting by yourself just like the benchtop or portable models which I talked about earlier.

Also, this is not something you can take to and fro to the jobsite every day. For instance, if your project is going to take up to a month, you can just take it there once, and leave it there until you finish that project. Then you can take it from that jobsite to another one or back to your workshop as the case may be.

Contractor table saws are ideal for small shops, because although they occupy a larger footprint than the benchtop models, they are more portable than cabinet table saws that are much larger and heavier. Like I said earlier, they are also jobsite saws. Even the name tells the whole story.

Unlike benchtop models, contractor table saws are equipped with brushless motors which are more powerful and quieter than universal motors.

The motor itself hangs off the back of the saw, with the trunnions attached to the underside of the table.

Contractor saw tables are made of cast iron. However, that cannot be said of the extension wings, because they are made of different and much lighter materials such as stamped metal, open webbed cast iron and even manufactured laminate wood because this materials are less expensive compared to cast iron. This aids in reducing the price of the table saw, making it more affordable.

As regards the fence, contractor saws are fitted with higher quality fence than portable or benchtop models. Examples of such quality fence in contractor saws is the Accu fence system in the Powermatic 1791227k contractor saw, the T-Glide fence system in the Sawstop CNS175-TGP52 contractor saw and the Biesemeyer style fence in the Delta 36-5000 contractor saw.

Unlike portable table saws, you can decide to upgrade your contractor table saw fence with an aftermarket fence to increase the accuracy of the saw, if you are not satisfied with the quality of the fence that came with it. However, most of the time, the fences that come with them are top quality.

Though contractor table saws are mainly meant for small shop owners and hobbyists, a good contractor table saw will serve anyone, even a professional woodworker for a lifetime.

It can be used for different types of woodworking projects such as furniture, trim work, carpentry and cabinetry work.

In general, a contractor table saw has more capacity than a benchtop model and you will achieve more accuracy with it due to the higher quality fences that come with them.

Cabinet table Saws

As far as table saws go, the cabinet table saw is at the pinnacle. If table saws have a king, then the cabinet table saw is the king of table saws. In fact, one of the central tool of any established or professional woodworker is a quality cabinet table saw.

With a cabinet saw, you can cut the thickest of stocks and the hardest of woods easily. These bad boys come equipped with raw muscle from powerful 3 HP to 5 HP motors, so they slice through the hardest of woods as if it’s not even there.

They are called cabinet table saws because the major working parts of the table saw including the trunnions, the arbor assembly and the motor are all enclosed and concealed in a cabinet style based which extends from the table down to the base or floor.

This fully enclosed cabinet style base enclosing the motor and other working part dampens the noise produced during operation, making the saw a lot quieter.

The cabinet style base also makes dust collection very easy. In fact, it is much easier to collect dust and keep a cleaner workshop when using a cabinet saw.

As a hobbyist, you may not want to go for this one, because these boys are pretty expensive. Apart from that, the table is very large, therefore it requires a lot of space which you may likely not have.

The cabinet table saw is a massive saw in every way. The trunnion are made of heavy and massive cast irons, and you can say the same about the arbor assembly as well. Hence, the cabinet table saw is one of the heaviest piece of machinery that will ever grace your workshop if you ever get one of these.

These are not meant to be moved once they are setup. The good thing about a cabinet table saw is, it retains whatever settings or any adjustment you make on it, partly because of the weight of the parts and the professionalism with which they are made. It does not come out of alignment once it’s setup.

The enormous weight of the cabinet saw helps to absorb vibrations produced during operation, which in turn helps make sure that a smooth operation is maintain and accuracy is at its peak.

Another interesting thing to note about cabinet table saws is that, the trunnions holding the motor and arbor assembly which in turn holds the saw blade is bolted to the base of the saw, and not to the underside of the table unlike the contractor table saw.

This setup is very good because, with the trunnions mounted to the base, it is very easy to adjust and align the blade with the miter slot and fence respectively.

A cabinet table saw is not a must have for every woodworker especially hobbyists. As I’ve mentioned earlier, they are pretty expensive and not everyone have the space for them.

However, for a professional craftman, it’s what you need. The freedom and accuracy you will experience on a cabinet saw cannot be duplicate with the other portable saws.

Apart from that, they last for several lifetimes. A cabinet saw you buy today is going to outlive you, your kids, your grand-kids and maybe their grand-kids.

So, if you want to pass something really valuable on to your kids, a good cabinet saw might just be the right thing.

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