10 Best Oscillating Spindle Sanders [2022 Reviews and Guide]

10 best oscillating spindle sanders

Last updated on January 4th, 2022 at 10:42 am

There are different types of wood sanders you can use for your woodworking projects. Some of them can be used interchangeably, but the oscillating spindle sander has its own peculiar function.

Which is for sanding detailed or curved wood pieces. For instance, after cutting curves on a wood piece with a bandsaw or a scroll saw, there’re bound to be bandsaw marks on the edges.

With the help of the Oscillating spindle sander (OSS), you can smoothen up the edges when you pass it through the fast rotating and oscillating spindle.

A typical OSS consists of a rotating circular drum covered with a sleeve of sandpaper which also oscillates or moves up and down simultaneously to prevent the rotating action of the drum from burning the material being sanded.

The oscillating action of the drum also ensures that the wear on the sandpaper is spread evenly, ensuring a longer lifespan for the sandpaper.

Here’s a video on how to use an oscillating spindle sander, demonstrated by Nicholas Kosloski.

What To Consider When Making Your Choice

There’re different types and sizes of oscillating spindle sanders you can choose from. Each produced by different manufacturers with different set of features you can choose from, and each suitable for certain types of projects.

Not everyone will be suitable for you depending on the type of project you want to undertake with it.

Here’s how we chose the 10 listed here on this post, and here’s what you should look for when making your choice.


When it comes to size, oscillating spindle sanders comes in three main sizes or models which include floor models, benchtop models and portable or handheld models.

Floor models

As the name implies, floor model oscillating spindle sanders are heavy duty units that are meant to be positioned on the workshop floor.

They’re floor-standing units that are very heavy with most weighing over 300 pounds, so it even makes no sense to place them on top of anything, except a rolling stand.

As you can tell, they’re also the most expensive. They come equipped with more powerful motors, over 1 HP and a larger table top to accommodate large workpieces.

You should get this if you’re professional woodworker who will be using it daily in the workshop. If you’re just a weekend warrior who just needs it for weekend projects, you should probably get something smaller and less costly.

Benchtop Models

A benchtop oscillating spindle sander is designed to be used on top of a workbench or any flat table top. These are much smaller and lighter than floor standing models and are very useful for both workshop and jobsite projects.

They’re ideal for jobsite projects because you can pick it up by yourself, put it in your truck and take it to the jobsite. Most weigh just over 30 pounds, so carrying it yourself is usually not a big deal.

You can get a benchtop model spindle sander whether you’re a professional woodworker, a simple DIYer or weekend warrior.

They have smaller work tables but are usually large enough for most of the jobs you’ll ever do on a machine like this.

Portable or Handheld Models

A portable oscillating spindle sander is a simple handheld oscillating sanding tool you can use to sand curves on really large work pieces.

These are often ideal when the workpiece is too big to be handled on top of a floor-standing or portable model. For instance, when working on large assembled furniture.

Work Table

The work table is the part of the oscillating spindle sander where you place the work piece for sanding. The spindle protrudes through the middle of the work table, allowing you to sand the material placed on top of the table.

There’re two main types of tables that come with OSS. It can either be a stationary work table or a tilting work table.

With a stationary table, the table does not move or bevel in any direction. With a tilting table on the other hand, you can move or bevel the table if you’re sanding beveled edges.

A tilting table allows you to work on more complex profiles and curves that will not be possible or more difficult on a stationary table.

Oscillating spindle sanders with tilting tables are usually more expensive than ones with a stationary table.

For instance, this JET JBOS-5 with a tilting table is over $500 while this WEN 6510T that has a stationary table is just over $100. You can guess, the tilting table functionality of the JET JBOS-5 has a lot to do with that price difference.

Motor Horsepower and Spindle Speed

When shopping for an oscillating spindle sander, you’ll see that each comes with a different motor specifications, from ¼ Horsepower to 1 Horsepower and above.

The higher the horsepower, the more powerful the sander is, making it much easier to sand harder materials with it.

You’ll find that benchtop models usually come with ¼ horsepower to ½ horsepower motors. Floor-standing models usually come equipped with motors that are 1 HP and above.

If you’re carrying out light-duty projects like simple craftwork, wooden toys and picture frames, then you can choose one with a ¼ HP motor.

For carrying out medium duty projects like sanding hardwoods, you should go with benchtop units that come equipped with ½ horsepower and above motors.

For heavy duty projects, you’ll likely need a floor model OSS with motors that are 1 horsepower and above.

1. WEN 6510T Benchtop Oscillating Spindle Sander

wen 65105 oscillating spindle sander

If you want to buy a very good oscillating spindle sander without churning a lot of cash out of your wallet, then you should strongly consider the WEN 6510T.

Though fairly priced and budget friendly, it comes equipped with features that puts it among the best.

The WEN 6510T comes equipped with a powerful ½ HP 3.5 Amp motor which makes 2000 revolutions per minute and oscillates at 58 oscillations per minute, ensuring smooth and efficient sanding on materials.

Also included in the WEN 6510T package are six 80-grits sanding sleeves of different sizes, and five different sizes of rubber drums which ensures the sander is compatible with any shape, curve or size of material you intend to sand with it.

The sanding sleeves are easy to change to match the material or the type of curve you’re trying to sand with it.

Also featured in the WEN 6510T is a 1.5 inch dust port for removing dust produced while sanding workpieces with it.

You can simply attach a dust collection hose to the dust port to help collect dust produced to keep your work surface clean and minimize cleanup after you’re done.

Sanding curves, arcs or contours requires a steady surface to place your work-piece, which the WEN 6510T provides by means of an oval-shaped 15 by 11.5 inch worktable.

The worktable provides a steady work surface which you can place your work-piece on while sanding it smooth and to shape.

To top it off, the WEN 6510T is equipped with an on-board tool storage made up of side rods and disc slots which provides a safe and convenient storage spot for the sleeves, sanding drums and discs that comes with the tool.

Overall, the WEN 6510T is one very versatile sander which you’ll definitely find a lot of use for in your workshop, and definitely your best bet if you don’t intend on spending much on a spindle sander.

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2. JET 708404 JBOS-5 Benchtop Oscillating Spindle Sander

JET JBOS-5 benchtop oscillating spindle sander

Though a little bit on the pricy end, the JET JBOS-5 benchtop oscillating spindle sander is one feature-rich machine that’s definitely up there with the best.

Just like the WEN 6510T, it’s equipped with a powerful ½ HP motor which provides the needed muscle for the sanding operation. Though for the JET, the 1 inch spindle oscillates at 30 OPM while it spins at 1725 RPM to help sand through your projects easily.

JET makes use of heavy duty worm gear mechanism to provide the oscillating action of the spindle ensuring it runs consistently at the same speed, power and efficiency. The main spindle action though runs on normal ball bearings.

A built-in table insert and a 2 inch dust port ensures efficient management of the dust produced during operation. You can simply connect a dust collector to the JET JBOS-5 and have all the dust extracted as they’re produced.

One distinct feature of the JET JBOS-5 is its ability to tilt for bevel sanding. The worktable can tilt up to 45 degrees easily in case you want to carry out some bevel sanding on your work-piece. This really comes in handy when trying to sand complicated shapes with the spindle sander.

As far as performance go, the one inch spindles it’s equipped with ensures you get scratch-free results on the material you’re sanding with it. Also the spindles that come with it have threaded ends which makes it a breeze to swap them out in case you need to, thus reducing tool downtime.

It comes with a built-in storage racks to help keep the spindles and table inserts handy while working with the sander. Four non-skid rubber fit helps keep the sander stable during operation.

To prevent accidental start-ups the JET JBOS-5 is equipped with a removable on/off switch which is very good for safety.

Overall, the JET JBOS-5 is definitely one of the best spindle sanders you need to consider when shopping for a spindle sander. It’s a little bit pricy, but it makes up for it in quality.

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3. Triton TSPS450 Oscillating Spindle Sander

triton tsps450 oscillating spindle sander

Equipped with a 3.5A motor with a no load speed of 2000 RPM, the Triton TSPS450 is one powerful oscillating spindle sander you can definitely rely on to sand curved and detailed pieces in your workshop.

The spindle oscillates at a speed of 58 oscillations per minute, which is necessary in order to eliminate or reduce the friction that can cause burning and band marks on your work-piece.

In order to provide stability and support for larger work-pieces, the Trition TSPS450 comes equipped with a large cast iron table. So you can be sure that you work on any size of stock you intend to work on.

When you purchase the Triton TSPS450 Oscillating spindle sander, you also get 6 sanding sleeves together with matching rubber drums, as well as table inserts to help guide the spindle as well as prevent dust from finding its way into the motor.

Also built into the sander are storage racks for storing the sanding sleeves and the other accessories that comes with the sander.

The TSPS450 is equipped with a dust extraction port which you can connect to a dust collector to help remove the dust created during operation.

There are locating holes drilled on it which you can easily use to mount it on your workbench for easy operation.

With these features, it’s easy to say that the Triton TSPS450 is one of the best oscillating spindle sanders you can get your hands on today. Its performance is exceptional, and it’s budget friendly as well.

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4. EJWOX Portable Oscillating Spindle Sander

ejwox portable oscillating spindle sander

A lot has been said about benchtop oscillating sanders, but portable handheld models, not much. That’s where the EJWOX handheld oscillating spindle sander comes into the picture.

It’s a portable model which you can take with you anywhere especially if you need one in the jobsite.

Even in the workshop it also comes very handy as it allows you to work on very large work-pieces by simply keeping the stock stationary and moving the spindle sander over the surface to be sanded.

The EJWOX sander weighs 5 lbs and it’s equipped with a 5 Amps 120 Volts motor which provides the power needed to spin and oscillate the spindle at the same time.

A very important feature of this EJWOX handheld sander is that its speed can be varied from 1800 to 3200 RPM and the oscillations can be varied from 50 to 90 SPM, providing a burn-free sanding operation.

The variable speed also ensures you are able to apply the right speed depending on the type of material you’re sanding or the type of curve or shape you’re trying to sand.

A time-saving and sleek feature of the EJWOX spindle sander is that it’s equipped with a keyless locking bolt which allows you to easily and quickly swap out pre-loaded sanding drums without breaking a sweat.

An adjustable edge guide ensures that you don’t remove too much stock from the material you’re sanding.

Overall, I can aptly conclude that this handheld sander from EJWOX is definitely one you can spend your money on, especially if you’re looking for something portable you can take with you anywhere including a busy jobsite.

5. Grizzly Industrial G0739 Oscillating Spindle Sander

Grizzly G0739

The oscillating spindle sander by Grizzly Industrial Tools labeled G0739 is one of the best we reviewed in this article.

Equipped with a ½ HP 120V single-phase motor and six different diameters of sanding drums, it can handle any shape of curve you throw at it.

It features a cast iron table which adds more weight and helps balance it on the table even when it’s not bolted to it

Talking about its size, the G0739 sander is quite compact, but if you focus on that, you might miss out on a great piece of machinery.

The sander comes equipped with 5 rubber drums of different diameters with 6 sanding sleeves to match them.

There are 6 table inserts, 3 spindle washers and a spindle wrench to help you make minor adjustments if needed.

An onboard storage space allows you to keep each one of these extra accessories organized on the sander so you can use them whenever you need them.

Overall, the Grizzly G0739 is definitely up there among the best oscillating spindle sanders we reviewed.

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6. Shop Fox W1831

Shop Fox W1831

Just like the Grizzly G0739, this Shop Fox W1831 also comes equipped with a ½ HP motor you can use to sand down curves of different configurations.

In fact, in terms of features, the Shop Fox W1831 is almost a replica of the Grizzly G0739.

It also comes equipped with 6 sanding sleeves and 5 rubber drums of different diameters to match the task you have at hand.

When switched on, the drum rotates at 2000 RPM and produces 58 oscillations per minute ensuring you get the smoothest of finishes on your work piece.

A built-in 1-1/2 inch dust port ensures dust is properly channelled and collected as you carry out your project.

7. Delta 31-483 Oscillating Spindle Sander

Delta 31-483

Although, not that different from the other benchtop oscillating spindle sanders in terms of feature, the Delta 31-483 sets itself apart in terms of physical appearance.

It’s sturdy and quite heavy, weighing up to 66 lbs.

The sander features a ½ HP motor which spins the sanding drum at a speed of 1725 RPM and oscillates it at a rate of 29 oscillations per minute.

You can tilt the table from 0 to 45 degrees to make accurate bevel sanding of your work pieces, and there are twin locking handles to lock in the table top for accurate bevel sanding.

A positive stop at 90 degrees ensures you can return the table to the 90 degree position easily.

The heavy duty steel frame constructions adds weight and stability to the sander ensuring you can work with it without even screwing or bolting it to the table.

8. Grizzly G1071 Floor-Standing Oscillating Spindle Sander

Grizzly G1071 oscillating spindle sander

The Grizzly Industrial G1071 oscillating spindle sander is a 1 Horsepower floor standing unit you can use for heavy duty sanding projects in the workshop.

It comes equipped with everything you need to smoothen up all the rough curved edges on any type of wood no matter how hard it is.

Equipped with a 1 HP 120V/240V single phase motor, this OSS is really capable of handling the toughest projects.

The G1071 comes with is a large 25 inch by 25 inch tilting table which provides adequate support and maneuverability for large work pieces.

You also get 10 spindle sizes of 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″, 1″,1-1/2″, 2″, 3″ and 4 inches, all tapered, thread and ready for use.

The spindle spins at a speed of 1725 RPM and oscillates at 72 SPM with a stroke length of 1-1/2 inches.

It comes with a removable ON/OFF switch for safety, preventing any accidental start-up. Design and construction-wise, the Grizzly G1071 is has every part made of steel for durability, and on-board storage for all the spindles.

Overall, the Grizzly industrial G1071 OSS is an all in one solution that makes tackling large woodworking projects a breeze.

9. Powertec OS1000

powertec os1000 benchtop oscillating spindle sander

If you get a chance to use the Powertec OS1000 benchtop oscillating spindle sander, you’re going to find a very sturdy and reliable machine you can use for sanding curves of different profiles.

It comes equipped with a 2/5 HP 110V motor oscillates the spindle at a rate of 30 oscillations per minute and spins it at 1725 RPM.

With up to 5 spindle assemblies and the ability to tilt the table up to 45 degrees, you can carry out different types projects on the OS1000 including bevel sanding projects.

There are table inserts at the top to allow flow of dust, and a 2 inch dust port ensures all the dust produced are adequately channelled away from your work and the machine.

This allows you to work with adequate vision of the work piece and also protects and prolongs the tool life of the machine.

A built in storage allows you quick access and easy organization of the accessories that comes with it.

10. WEN HA5935 Portable Variable Speed Oscillating Spindle Sander

WEN HA5935 portable variable speed oscillating spindle sander

This portable variable speed oscillating spindle sander has everything you need to sand all those complicated curves in your woodwork.

You can use it as a handheld unit or you can easily transform it into a benchtop unit by clamping it to your workbench using the mounting hardware included with it.

Equipped with a 5 Amp variable speed motor the WEN HA5935’s spindle spins at a speed range of 1800 to 3000 RPM and it oscillates at a rate between 50 and 90 oscillations per minute.

Included are four drums or spindles of different diameters to help you tackle different types of projects.

Other models require you to bring the work to the machine. But where this portable sander really shines is that it allows you to bring the sander to the work piece.

You can use it in hard-to-reach places where a normal unit cannot be used. Yes, it’s small, but it gets the job done.

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