battery powered tools for craftsmen

Cordless or battery-powered tools are tools without cords because they make use of rechargeable batteries. These are becoming more and more popular among craftsmen and DIY enthusiasts because of the advantages they offer over corded ones.

First of all, the absence of cords means they’re more portable, allowing the user to take them anywhere, including remote jobsites without power supply.

They’re also more convenient to use, as the lack of cords attached to the tool allows easier handling and free movement of the tool, because there’s nothing holding it back to the ground.

For instance, a corded electric string trimmer can only do so much depending on the length of your extension cord or the number of power outlets within your yard.

On the other hand, a battery powered one can be taken anywhere within the yard, or even out of the yard because the user is not dragging a limited length cord along with him. As long as the batteries are charged, it can be taken anywhere.

Having said that, here in this article, we’ve listed some of the best cordless tools you should consider adding to your toolbox as a craftsman or DIY enthusiast.

Battery Powered Oscillating Multi-Tool

battery powered oscillating multitool

A good battery powered oscillating multi-tool will set you back a few bucks, but will greatly improve how much you can do on the jobsite or during handyman projects when direct power from an outlet is not available.

An oscillating multi-tool is especially suited for carrying out tasks like cutting scraping, grinding, sanding and much more in tight quarters, like in the roof, under the sink, inside cabinets and so on.

It’s even more useful when it’s battery powered, because it’s more portable, allowing you to take it with you without worrying about the stress of extension cords.

Cordless Rotary Tool

cordless rotary tool

A rotary tool has so much potential in the hands of a good craftsman. With its large array of attachments, it can be used for tasks such as grinding, polishing, drilling and so much more.

Most rotary tools are corded, but with a cordless one like the one shown above from Milwaukee, it’s much easier to handle.

Battery Powered Ratchet Wrench

cordless ratchet wrench

Ratchet wrenches are especially suited for tightening or loosening nuts and bolts especially in tight spaces where there’s little space for any movement or lever action.

With a battery powered one like the one above, it’s easier to use it even in tighter spaces because no lever action is needed on the part of the user. Just attach the appropriate socket, connect it with the nut or bolt, and flip a simple switch to loose the nut or bolt.

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Battery Powered Impact Driver

cordless impact wrench

Impact drivers or wrenches are usually meant for loosing stuck nuts and bolts, and maybe tightening them as the case may be.

A battery powered one comes very handy when you’re not in the workshop and even when you’re in it. For instance, changing a flat tire along the highway with no power outlet available is much easier if you have a cordless impact wrench/driver to loosen the nuts.

Cordless Router Tool

router tool

The router is one of the most important power tools in any woodworking shop. It’s basically an electric or pneumatic motor with different types of drill bits attached to a flat base, used for routing through materials like wood or plastic.

Whether you’re working in the workshop or on the jobsite, it’ll always feel better to work with a battery powered router. That’s because if you’re a professional woodworker, chances are you have several types and sizes of routers available in your workshop.

With several of these routers and other corded tools available in your worktable, there’s always the possibility of the cords tangling up, which you really don’t want.

It’s very easy to see and feel the difference whenever you work with one of these cordless compact ones. They’re very portable, which means you can just put them in your toolbox or in your truck and pull them out on the job whenever you need them.

Battery Powered Polisher


If you carry out car detailing on a daily basis, you’ll understand the frustration of dragging around the cord of a corded polisher with you around the car.

Sometimes you have to drag the cord, yank it when it gets stuck on the car tires, and sometimes you yank it too much and accidentally unplug it. Then you have to walk back and plug it in again, before repositioning the cord, so that you can resume polishing.

With a battery powered polisher like this Milwaukee 2738-20 shown above, you don’t need to worry about any of that. No cords, means you can walk around the car freely with the polisher still intact, no cords dragging you back and all. It’s a very important tool you should add to your collection if you’re a car detailer.

Cordless Electric Scissors

electric scissors

If you’ve ever had the chance to use any of these motor operated cordless scissors, using a normal scissors will forever feel like a mundane task afterwards.

The one shown above is called the ZipSnip. It’s produced by Worx, but several other tool brands produce similar models you can choose from.


Worx battery powered tools

This 20V JawSaw made by Worx is not your average tree prunner. It’s like a chainsaw with jaws covering the chain to make it very safe for use just by anyone.

With it, you can cut and prune branches as thick as 4 inches in diameter without breaking a sweat. It lubricates itself automatically. You just have to add oil to the oil compartment, and it has an oil level indicator to keep you aware of the oil level.

Turn the most demanding yard cleanup into a fun acitivity with this 20V battery powered JawSaw.

Portable Shop Vac

battery powered shop vac

With a 2 gallon tank wet/dry capacity, a 7-8 feet hose and powerful suction to take care of all your shop cleanup needs, this portable battery powered shop vac will take care of all your shop cleaning need.

It’s one of the best portable battery powered tools you can get for both your home and shop cleaning needs.

Cordless fan

dewalt battery powered jobsite fan

If you need to cool down on the jobsite, this Dewalt 20V Max cordless fan is one of the best options you can go for.

It’s both corded and cordless, which means you can power it with a Dewalt battery or use an extension cord to get it running.

Cordless drill

bosch PS32-02 cordless drill

For me, a cordless drill usually takes first place when it comes to battery powered tools, because there’re just so many uses for this little guy, especially since it’s battery powered.

And with a few drill accessories at your disposal, you can accomplish a mountain of tasks easily and efficiently with a cordless power drill.

Battery Powered Jigsaw

battery powered makita jigsaw

Ever used a corded jigsaw to cut curves in wood? If you have, then you’d know the curves can sometimes get in the way as you move the jigsaw blade along the curve, especially when cutting really complicated curves.

With a battery powered jigsaw, like the Makita 18V lithium ion cordless jigsaw, you get to cut through that curve without worrying about any wire getting in your way.

Battery Powered Blower

dewalt cordless blower

Do you want a gas powered leaf blower that requires a lot of maintenance to keep the engine running? Or do you need a corded electric leaf blower with its messy wires? Or a battery powered one like this Dewalt DCBL720B above that allows you to work free without any fuel consumption wires or strings attached?

Well, I usually don’t like strings attached.

Cordless Sander

random orbital sander

I love DIY woodworking projects, but I don’t really look forward to the sanding aspect. But with a cordless random orbital sander like this Milwakee, sanding is a lot easier to carry out.

Weed Trimmer

EGO Power+ cordless string trimmer

Ever used a gas weed trimmer? If you have, then you know how annoying the sound it makes is. Yes, it’s very powerful, but the noise is just so annoying.

Using it a residential area may attract some unneeded attention to yourself. With a cordless battery powered trimmer like this EGO Power+ 56 Volts string trimmer, you get to trim those weeds without all the noise and without angering your neighbors.

Cordless Hot Glue Gun

ryobi battery powered tools

Who need a corded glue gun when you can get a cordless one? You can use this Ryobi P305 One+ battery powered glue gun to handle all your projects that require hot glue.

Cordless framing and finish nailers

Paslode battery powered framing nailer

If you use nail guns, then you already know how much they make your DIY projects easier. You don’t have to swing hammers all day, with the danger of hammering your hand or even missing the nail and putting a dent on your work.

porter cable cordless finish nailer

Pneumatic nailers however, require you to deal with air compressor hoses, which is not fun. With cordless framing and finish nailers, you get the job done without worrying about getting air compressors or the messy hoses that come with them.

If you want to get a cordless framing nailer, the Paslode 905700 XP is definitely one you won’t regret getting.

As for a finish nailer, Porter Cables 18 gauge 20 Volts cordless brad nailer is a top performer you can go for.

Cordless Circular saw

Skil battery powered circular saw

If you love carrying out DIY projects, you should strongly think about getting a cordless circular saw. You’d thank me later.

The Skil PWRCore 20 V brushless circular saw and the Dewlat Flexvolt 60V brushless circular saw are two of the best cordless tools you can go for if you’re looking for a circular saw to carry out your woodworking projects.

Cordless Chainsaw

battery powered chainsaw

The noise, the fumes and the required maintenance are what makes owning and operating a gas powered chainsaw not very desirable, especially for a simple homeowner just looking to take care of a few trees and trees around the home.

But with a cordless, battery-powered chainsaw, there’s none of all that baggage. There’re no fumes, no engine noise apart from the one from the cutting action itself, and there’s little to no maintenance needed to keep it working in good condition.

Cordless Power Cutter

power cutter

Power cutters are ideal for cutting a variety of materials from thick metal sheets to concrete and hard bricks.

Most of them however are powered by gas engines, which are not very quiet, produce lots of fumes and requires lots of maintenance at the end of the day.

A battery powered power cutter like this Makita XEC01PT1 will be a great tool addition to any contractor’s toolbox, because with it, all the hassle of operating a gas powered one is totally out of the equation.

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