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Every home needs care and attention to keep it in good condition. Whether it is inhabited or not, things always seems to fall apart one way or the other after some time. There are clogs, cracks, dirt, discoloration and so on.

That’s why, as a homeowner, it’s important to have some home repair products handy, because even though it’s always advisable to call a professional to carry out fixes around the home, not all issues really require you to call a pro to get the job done. Sometimes, the DIY approach is faster, easier and less expensive.

For instance, if the toilet or sink gets clogged, you just need to get a toilet plunger to unclog the toilet or get a drain auger to unclog the sink.

If your room needs a fresh coat of paint, you don’t really need to call a pro painter to paint it for you if you know your way around a brush and roller or a paint sprayer.

All these are repairs and renovations you can carry out by yourself if you have the right home repair products and tools available.

Here in this article, we’ve listed some important home repair products you should have if you’re interested in the DIY approach of taking care of some of the issues or repairs needed in your home.

1. Pre-Mixed Concrete Patch

pre-mixed concrete patch

If you have a concrete driveway, walkway or floor anywhere around your home, every now and then, there’ll be cracks on it that needs to be repaired.

Cracks on concrete needs to be repaired as soon as possible because a small crack can continue to widen and lead to a much larger damage if it’s not taken care of.

That’s why having this pre-mixed concrete patch at home is important. It can be used to for repairing small spalls and cracks on concrete with a resulting tough and durable finish.

It dries up to a light to medium gray concrete color, so it wouldn’t look so different from the remaining surface.

It can be used for both interior and exterior applications, and can be cleaned with water once it’s dried up. So keep one of these in the house, just in case you have one of these cracks on your concrete or masonry surfaces.

2. Small Hole Repair Kit

small hole repair kit

Sometimes, when trying to hang wall frames, curtains hanging shelves and so on, you end up with too many holes than you need on your dry wall.

Now, leaving these holes like that without filling them up or repairing them won’t really look good for the appearance of your home.

Of course you can always call a professional home remodeler to help fill up these holes, but come on, these are just small holes you can fill up by yourself.

Having a small hole repair kit can help you do this with ease. One of the best ones I’ve seen is the 3M small hole repair it.

It comes with an 8 fluid ounce tub of primer enhanced spackling compound, a 4 inch self-adhesive patch a 3 inch putty knife and a sanding pad which is all you need to get any hole repaired properly.

This works very well for holes up to 3 inches in diameter, like holes left by nails and small drill bits. It’s one of the best home repair products I think every homeowner should have tucked away in the garage.

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3. Shower Sink and Tub Fiberglass Repair Kit

sink and tub fiberglass repair kit

Ever had a crack, hole or scratches in your bathtub, sink basin, toilet or bathroom tiles and thought about replacing it with a brand new one?

Well, one option is to replace it with a brand new one, but there is another better option that does not involve spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars to replace your bathtub, sink and so on.

All you need is a sink and bub repair kit like the one shown above. It comes with 2 gels in 2 different containers labeled A and B, a scraper, a wood stick, disposable gloves, 2 toothpick, and 2 sandpaper pads.

To apply it, all you have to do is mix the 2 gels A and B, add a dye according to the color of your bathroom fixture, apply the mixture to the hole or crack, smooth it up, use the sandpaper to polish it, and it’s done.

Once applied, there’s no need to add paint to the surface provided the right color of gel dye is added initially. It totally non-toxic, water resistant and will stop any leaks in the fixture.

4. Tub and Sink Refinishing Kit

tub and sink refinishing kit

Have you ever moved into a new apartment building and discovered that the bathtub and sink are in really bad shape with discoloration and paint peelings all over.

If you try to replace the whole thing, it’s going to cost you a lot. Instead, I’d advise you apply a good tub and sink refinishing kit on the tub or sink.

There many tub and sink refinishing kit out there, but I’d be plane with you, most of them are not going to get the job done to your satisfaction.

If I should recommend anyone, I’d recommend the Ekopel 2K refinishing kit made in the USA. It adheres to any type of bathtub whether it’s made of ceramic, fiberglass, steel or cast iron.

The kit comes with every tool needed to get the job done including foam rollers, covers, and scooper. Also, there’re step by step demo videos and instructions to help you get the perfect result.

5. Leather Tape

leather tape

Bring your favorite furniture back to life with this leather tape. Sometimes, pets and kids might leave holes and scratches on your leather chair, couch or sofa.

With this leather tape, you can cover up those holes and scratches in little to no time, without calling a pro to get the job done. It’s a very simple and easy to use home repair product every homeowner should have.

6. Plasti Dip

plasti dip home repair product

Protect any items in your home from unwanted corrosion, weathering and moisture with this Plasti dip. It can be applied on tool handles and other metal items to prevent corrosion.

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7. Citri Strip Paint Remover

citri strip paint remover

Avoid using harsh and nasty smelling chemicals to strip away paint in your home. Instead, use this Citristrip paint and varnish stripping gel. It safe to use indoors and will not leave any unpleasant odor in your home.

8. Nature’s AirSponge Ordor Absorber

airsponge odor remover

Ever had some lingering ordor in your home that you just can’t eliminate even with all the cleaning efforts you’ve put into your home?

Opening this Nature’s Airsponge odor absorber in your home will help eliminate that odor and get that fresh crisp air back into your home.

9. Rug Grips

rug grip

Rugs can make your room feel warm and cozy, but if they keep slipping under your feet and folding up, they can pose a safety hazard in your home and even form a mess.

With these X-protector grippers, you can get your rugs to stick to the floor and prevent it from moving or curling up at the corners.

10. KILZ Stain-Blocking Primer

stain blocking primer

If you want to repaint your room or home by yourself, you need to make sure you prepare the room carefully before applying the paint.

Part of that preparation involves priming the walls you want to paint. Covering stains on your walls can be very difficult especially with a light paint.

But with a primer like the KILZ stain blocking primer applied on your walls, you can paint over any stains and no matter how pronounced they are.

Your walls will be as good as new.

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11. Liquid Rubber Polyurethane Deck Sealant

liquid rubber polyurethane deck sealant

Do you have a weathered deck to restore? Apply this water repellent and water resistant polyurethane deck sealant to your deck or patio walkway and you’d never have to worry about it again for up to 5 years.

It can be applied to different types of decks like wooden deck, concrete and even composite decking. It comes in different colors so you can match the correct color of your deck.

12. Gorilla Tape

gorilla tape

If you’ve ever made use of Gorilla glue, you’ll know it creates a very strong bond. You can repair most leaks in different types of materials such as camping tents with this ultra-strong and reinforced gorilla tape.

13. Plastic Razor Blades

plastic razor scrappers

Try these plastic razor blades and you will rarely need a metal razor. They don’t corrode and they don’t scratch delicate surfaces like tile and glass.

They’re used for scraping away grime, paint splatters, excess caulking sealant and so on from surfaces.

14. Drain King

drain king

Attach this drain king to your clogged drain, and you’ll never need harmful chemicals or call a handyman again to unclog your drain. It’s one home repair product I believe everyone can do with.

15. Drain Auger

tacklife drain auger

If you want to clean any clogged drain like your kitchen drain, bathtub, showers and utility sinks, a drain auger is one of the best tools for the job.

It consist of a flexible motorised shaft with a coiled springy end that tangles with any foreign materials inside the drain so they can be pulled out with ease.

This one by Tacklife is an automatic battery powered model with up to 560 revolutions per minute and a high torque that helps unclog even the worst kept drains.

16. Pest Control Steel Wool

pest control steel wool

Keep unwanted pests such as rats, mice and cockroaches from intruding into your home with this Xcluder rodent control steel wool fill fabric.

Just install it into any holes and crevices of your home, and it’ll keep any pest from entering.

17. Wood Finish Stain Marker

wood finish stain marker

Got a scratch on your wooden coffee table? Don’t fret over it. Just get a wood finish stain marker like this one with a color that matches your coffee table.

Use it to touch up the scratch. It’ll dry up quickly and no one will ever know it was scratched.

18. Clog Remover Snake

diy home repair products

No matter the amount of harsh chemicals you dump into your drain, there are some clogs you just can’t get to give way.

Especially when you have hairs and all sorts of materials in there. Instead of wasting time and money dumping chemicals in there, make use of this clog remover snake to remove any type of clog in your drain.

No matter how stubborn and resistant to chemicals that clog is, this clog remover wand or snake will get water flowing freely through your drain as quickly as possible.

It’s one DIY home repair tool that surely comes handy every once in a while.

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