unique gift ideas for a craftsman

The holiday season is a period of giving and receiving gifts from different loved ones. If you know someone who is a craftsman, then it would be wise to get them something related to their craft.

Do you know about a tool on their wish list or one they often talk about? Or do you notice them frequently borrowing one of their tools from a neighbor or a fellow tradesman? If yes is the answer, then you have a perfect gift them.

Time to surprise the Craftsman in your life. Whether they’re a woodworker, a metalworker, a plumber, an automobile mechanic, an electrician, a landscaper or a handyman, there are certain tools you can get them that will make their eyes light up.

And take note, anytime they use this tool, you’ll always come to their mind even if you’re not there. They’ll always remember you for it, especially if it’s a tool they use on a daily basis.

Even if you think they has all the tools they needs, trust me when I say, you can never have too many tools when you’re a Craftsman. The more tools you have, the better it is. They’ll appreciate any little addition to their tool arsenal no matter how small you think it is.

There’s one more thing you should take note of if you know a tradesman and you really want your gift to leave a huge impression on them. They usually have a favorite tool brand, such as Milwaukee, Dewalt, Makita, Craftsman, Bosch and so on. Try to find out their favorite brand, and buy them a specific tool from that brand. They’ll know you went to great lengths to find out what they like in order to give them the best.

With that said, here are some ideas for you to choose from, if you don’t know what to get them this holiday season.

A Custom Craftsman T-Shirt

custom craftsman t-shirt

Gift them a custom T-shirt about their craft and that will show them that you appreciate and love their craft just as they do, and that you support them.

It’s like a wearing the Jersey of your favorite player or team. It shows your support. You can customize it will their logo and slogan to make it really stand out and special.

Suitable Work Gloves

work gloves

Work gloves are essential for most crafts and projects around the home. Woodworkers, mechanics, gardeners, electricians and more wear gloves on a daily basis during their projects.

As a result of these, these gloves usually wear out in time. Gifting the craftsman in your life a new pair of work gloves will definitely be well received as it’s a very useful accessory they need during their projects.

Tool Organizer / Toolbox

a tool organizer

A tool organizer is an amazing gift you can give to any craftsman or handyman you know. Especially if you happen to be very close and you notice their tools are not properly stored.

Gifting them a tool organizer will show them you care about them and will also help them store their tools better. Storing tools in a tool organizer also makes them last longer since they have their own dedicated space that will protect them from mishandling.

It also keeps your workshop tidy, and your tools within arms reach any time you need them. You no longer have to look for a particular tool all over your shop, because you already know where it is in the organizer / storage.

A Tool Belt

tool belt

Seeing your craftsman or handyman with a worn-out tool belt? Why not gift them a new one? That will certainly put a smile on their face, and make their day.

Tool belts are mostly worn around the waist to keep commonly used tools like hammers, pliers, power drills, screwdrivers and other hand tools close by on the job.

They’re usually made to last, but you can only use one for so long before you might need another one. So, it’s a very useful gift you can give to any craftsman you know.

A Cordless Drill

cordless drill

The cordless drill is every craftsman’s go-to tool. Whether you’re a woodworker, a plumber, an electrician, a home remodeler, or even a gardener, you’ll always need a good cordless drill.

It can be used to drill holes, fasten screws or loosen them. It’s will make a very good gift for any tradesman you know. Even if they already have one, they use. Remember, tools can never be tool much for us.

Wrench Set

wrench set

There are different types of wrenches you can gift a craftsman, especially automobile mechanics. That means you’ll have to do your research and find out the ones they use on a regular basis, and you can buy a set of that one for them.

It will really make their day, and you’ll know it’s something they’ll always remember you for.

A Screwdriver Set

screwdriver set

Most tradesmen, especially electricians use screwdrivers on a daily basis for your projects. When you gift one a new screwdriver set, you’ll surely put a smile on their face, and most importantly show them that you care about them and their chosen profession.

A New Set of Pliers

plier set

For any craftsman or tradesman, a good set of pliers will always come in very handy in most situations. They’re also mostly used by electricians to strip wires, hold wires, cut them, attach wires, bend low gauge metals, grip small objects like nuts and so on.

Gifting a good set to an electrician will sure be a nice thing to do this holiday season.

New Spare Batteries for Cordless Tools

spare cordless tool batteries

Cordless tools are very common today in every workshop or jobsite. If you know any tradesman, it’s pretty easy to tell that they have a few of those.

Go through their toolbox / tool organizer or visit any jobsite and you’ll find them, attached to their toolbelt or hanging on rafters.

One thing common with every cordless tool is that they all make use of batteries. These batteries provide the juice or power that runs these tools.

Gifting a craftsman you know a pair of batteries for his cordless units will surely receive much appreciation and will sure help them in their project.

Just make sure to do your research and check the brand and types of batteries they use first before proceeding with the purchase.



A multi-tool as the name implies is a tool designed with different attachments for carrying out different tasks.

There’re different types of multitools you can present as a gift that special handyman you know. There’s an oscillating multitool which is a power tool with different types of attachments for cutting, sanding, scraping and on.

There’s also a pocket multitool which looks like a small plier with knife, screwdriver, bottle opener, a can opener, plier, hole puncher, 4x bits, hexagon sleeve and a few other functions.

It’s a small foldable piece of accessory that’s very useful in most situations whether you want to cut a rope, loosen a screw, twist or strip a wire.

Both the power tool unit and the foldable pocket unit are great gifts you can give to any craftsman.

Work Boots

work boots

If their shoes are worn out or wearing out, gift them a new pair. Hard hats and safety boots are mandatory in most jobsites, so what better gift than a new pair of such boots. No matter their trade, a good quality work boot presented as a gift to any tradesperson will not go unappreciated.

Work boots protect the soles and feet of woodworkers, mechanics, electricians, plumbers, gardeners, landscapers from sharp objects, electric shock and other hazards on jobsites. They’re very essential personal protective equipment required on any jobsite, and hence I believe it’s a perfect gift you can give to anyone who engages in any of the jobs mentioned above.

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