6 Clever Cordless Drill Uses You Can Try At Home

6 clever cordless drill uses you should try at home

Last updated on May 25th, 2020 at 03:42 pm

Has it ever occurred to you that you could do more than just drill holes with your cordless drill? If not, then gear up for these 6 clever cordless drill uses you can try at home.

A cordless drill is one power tool that is pretty common among homeowners, weekend warriors and even professional craftsmen.

It’s an adjustable chuck attached to a spinning motor. That means, you can attach anything to this chuck and make it spin. That’s why it has so many uses.

A cordless drill is also very portable. You can take it with you wherever you want. It’s also pretty cheap. You can get a cordless drill for as low as 40 bucks, and even 30 bucks if you search thoroughly online and in your local hardware shops.

If you’re a professional craftsman, you probably know a lot about cordless drills and their numerous uses. But if you’re just a beginner woodworker or home owner who’s still learning, you’ll surely learn a few more cordless drill tricks from this post.

Here are 6 clever cordless drill uses you can try today

Here’s the first one.

1. Mix Paint, Concrete and Grout

If you already have a cordless drill in hand, you don’t really need to go buy some special type of paint mixer if you want to mix paint for a small project.

With a paint mixing bit fitted to your cordless drill, you can mix your paint to get the color you want. There are mixing bits for concrete, gout, and thinset all you can attach to your cordless drill to help you complete your project.

2. Make hidden joints by combining a cordless drill with a procket-screw jig

If you like to build furniture, jewelry boxes and picture frames in your spare time, then you might want to forgo the biscuit jointer and get a pocket screw jig which you can combine with your cordless drill to make amazing hidden joints for your projects.

Kreg makes wonderful pocket hole jigs you can use with your cordless drill to help you build amazing furniture employing the use of standard wood screws to make hidden joints for assembling your furniture pieces.

3. Make a power pepper mill

Ever thought about getting your standard pepper mill to work faster, maybe make more pepper for a family dinner?

Well, if you think your pepper mill is too slow, you can gear things up. Just unscrew the top of your pepper mill to expose the drive shaft.

Attach the drive shaft to the chuck of your cordless drill, and get that mill spinning and milling more pepper like it has never done before.

Take care not to brake it though.

4. Sand irregular shapes

For sanding projects, I usually favor my random orbital sander because it just produces the smoothest of finishes for me.

The downside is, a random orbital sander or palm sander don’t sand curves or irregular shapes. Only flat surfaces.

If you want to sand curved or irregular shapes, you can always go for an oscillating spindle sander. But if you have a cordless drill, and you don’t have a spindle sander, just get a sanding drum, attach it to your cordless drill and you’ll be fine.

5. Twist steel cables and wires uniformly

If you ever tried to twist wires and steel cables maybe to hang items from your basement or garage ceiling, then you’ll know that trying to twist them by hand is very time consuming.

To get the wires twisted in a fraction of the time, just attach the ends to your cordless drill chuck and pull the drill trigger. You’ll end up with a fine uniformly twisted wire.

6. Remove rust from household items

If you have some rusty household items, trying to get the rust of them by hand can be painstaking and time consuming.

Just attach a brush bit to your cordless drill and use it to brush off the rust from any rusty household item you may have.


A cordless drill is one tool I personally cannot do without. Like I said earlier, it’s a chuck attached to a spinning motor and there are many things you can do with it.

For now, try these cordless drill uses mentioned in this article if you’ve never tried them before.

Do you think I left something out. Let me know in the comment section below.

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