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As a beginner plumber, getting the right plumbing tools will make your job easier and increase your productivity. You’ll be able to handle more projects and gain more experience as you go on.

The toilet, bath, washing machine and drainage are all things that cause issues to homeowners every day, month and year. And unless you want to call the plumber all the time and spend some cash, you’d do well to learn some important fixes, and get the tools you need to carry them out.

Here in this article are 22 of the most important plumbing tools you should have as beginner or a homeowner who wants to take care of some of these challenges at home.

Fortunately, plumbers mostly use hand tools and not a lot of machinery, so you won’t have to spend a lot to get any of these tools.

1. Nipple extractor

nipple extractor
plumbing nipple extractor

This is one of the most useful tool you should have if you’re a plumber or even a simple homeowner.

With this ½ inch Nipple extractor, you have a very useful tool for extracting or removing broken pipe nipples and fittings from galvanized or gas piping.

It’s great for removing broken shower arm threads. Simply place the nipple extractor in the broken pipe. Use something to tap it a few times to sink it in a little and set the teeth. Then use a wrench in a counter-clockwise motion to remove it from the pipe.

2. Portable self-igniting gas welding torch

portable self-igniting gas welding torch

Every plumber needs this in his toolbox. It’s a portable self-igniting gas welding torch you can use for carrying out heat soldering tasks, heat treating, brazing large diameter copper pipes, thawing pipes, removing tile and paint and even melting gold/silver and other metals.

Apart from plumbing, you’ll find it useful for air condition installation and repair, automobile repair and body works, and other DIY home improvement projects and crafts at home.

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3. Adjustable wrench

adjustable wrench
adjustable wrench for plumbing

With this adjustable wrench by Proferred Tools, you don’t have to buy a whole set of wrenches of different sizes for your plumbing projects.

It features a super-thin head design that allows you to use it in limited and narrow spaces conveniently. It’s ideal for plumbing, air condition installation and repair, and automotive projects.

4. Copper pipe and tubing cutter

copper pipe and tubing cutter

Plumbers make use of different types of pipes, which means you’ll need a way to cut these pipes. Pipe and tube cutters allow you to do this easily.

This cutter by Ridgid is designed to cut both hard and soft copper, aluminum and brass pipes and tubings.

It’s designed with a ratchet hand to allow you cut with it even in tight and confined spaces.

5. Cartridge puller

cartridge puller
cartridge puller for plumbing

Leaky faucets are one of the common problems every homeowner faces. If you want to repair the leak by yourself, then you have to install a new cartridge. This cartridge puller helps you remove or pull out old or damaged cartridges so that you can install a new one to close the leak and save water.

6. Pipe crimping tool

pipe crimping tool

Crimping metal pipes allows you to slip one end of the pipe or tube into another end, making them fit tight and snug. A pipe crimping tool is a must have if you really want to call yourself a plumber, or if you want to take care of the plumbing projects in your home.

7. Tectite 69 Push-To-Connect Fittings Removal Tool

Tectite 69PFRT
push to connect fittings remover tool

This steel constructed push-to-connect fittings removal tool does what the name says it does. It’s a very good tool for easy removal of push-to-connect fittings.

8. Faucet and sink wrench

faucet and sink wrench

This simple faucet and sink wrench might not look like much, but I believe it’s a must-have tool that will really make your job as a plumber easier.

Especially when installing faucets and sinks. It allows you to fasten and remove hard-to-reach mounting nuts on sinks, faucets, sprayers and ball cocks, and makes everything easy due to its miniature size.

9. Straight pipe wrench set

plumbing straight pipe wrench

Talking about plumbing tools, I’m not sure you can call yourself a plumber without this one in your toolbox. A straight pipe wrench is suitable for any kind of pipe work and it’s definitely a must-have tool every plumber should have.

Having a set of different sizes is recommended so you can choose the wrench according to the size and type of pipe you’re working with.

10. Offset hex wrench

offset hex wrench

A wrench is one of the most common plumbing tools you’ll find with any plumber. As a plumber, you’re going to have to get different type of wrenches for your projects. One of them is this offset hex wrench.

It’s provides multi-sided and secure grip on all hex nuts, unions, valve packing nuts, square nuts and pipes.

11. Telescoping basin wrench

telescoping basin wrench

The telescoping basin wrench from RIDGID is a very useful tool for plumbers, applicable for under-sink repairs and installations. The handle telescopes so you can adjust the length to suit your application.

12. Internal pvc pipe cutter

internal pvc pipe cutter

This internal pvc pipe cutter works with any electric drill to help you cut pipes that can’t be cut with any other means due to their inaccessible location.

When other normal pipe cutting tools don’t work, this is the tool you turn to. It’s used for cutting internal pvc, CPVC, ABS and other types of pipes.

You might not need it all the time, but when you finally do, no other tool can replace it. So, it’s important you have one of these, neatly kept in your toolbox.

13. Jam-Bar Toilet Bolt lock wrench

jam-bar toilet bolt wrench

Corrosion and other elements including human error can make it almost impossible to remove toilets and tanks as the bolt starts to spin when you try to loosen it.

With this Jam-Bar bolt and lock wrench, you can hold the bold in place without it spinning while you remove the nut. It’s a very useful tool every plumber will surely appreciate.

14. Adjustable plumbing pliers

adjustable plumbing pliers

This single adjustable plumbing plier can replace your whole set of pliers. You can adjust the size of the V-jaws which allow you to grip and clamp different sizes of nuts, bolts, pipes, fasteners and fittings without slipping.

15. Automatic cordless drain clog remover

automatic cordless drain clog remover

Every homeowner needs a drain clog remover like this one, because drains clog up all the time, and if you don’t have the tool to clear the clog, you’re going to have to call a plumber to help you with it.

With this automatic cordless drain clog remover, you don’t have to wait hours and even days for a plumber to clear your drain.

It’s ideal for clearing all types of drains including kitchen sinks, bathroom, show, downspouts and bathtubs.

16. Power drill

power drill

Without doubt, a power drill is an essential tool every craftsman needs in his toolbox. There’ll always be the need to drill holes and drive screws. With a good power drill (preferably cordless) in your hands, you’ll be able to take care of such needs during your plumbing projects.

17. Right angle drill

right angle drill

Right angle drills or 90 degree drills allow you to drill holes in between studs and joists. They allow you to drill holes in difficult to access spaces.

When carrying out the plumbing of a new home, it’s important to have one by your side to drill all the necessary holes for pipes to pass through. It’s an essential drill for electricians and plumbers.

Two good right angle drills you can check out for this type of work is the Dewalt stud and joist drill and Milwaukee’s hole hawg and super hawg drills.

18. Hole saw

hole saw

Hole saws are for cutting holes. You pair them with suitable power drills and right angle drills for cutting holes through metal, pvc, wood and other type of materials during building construction and also for metal fabrication.

19. Thread seal tape

thread seal tape

This is commonly known as plumbers tape, Teflon tape or PTFE tape. It’s a polytetrafluoroethylene film tape plumbers normally use for sealing pipe threads to prevent water leak. You should have this with you if you want to handle any plumbing repair or installation.

20. Hack saw

hack saw

Hack saws just like reciprocating saws help cut through different types of pipes. You can cut through metal pipes quite easily using a  hack saw.

21. Reciprocating saw

reciprocating saw

A reciprocating saw is a multi-purpose saw you can use to cut different type of materials during your plumbing projects, provided you equip it with the right type of blade.

You can cut steel pipes, pvc and other type of pipes easily with it.

22. Wireless Endoscope inspection snake camera

endoscope inspection snake camera

A wireless endoscope like this one from DEPSTECH is a very good inspection tool you can use to access and even repair damage in confined places such as curved holes and pipes. For instance, you can use it to inspect the inside of your sink if it stops working to check what’s blocking the pipeline. It’s applicable for air condition repairs and other home improvement projects where you have to access or inspect a very tight space.

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